12/26/2002 - Added three new pieces of artwork.

12/20/2002 - Added similiar information about Splatterhouse 3.

12/19/2002 - Added some information about a possible debug menu in Splatterhouse 2

12/18/2002 - Added two new pieces of artwork, including a comic strip from WM's own Rob. And also edited a link or two.

12/13/2002 - More new artwork...

12/06/2002 - Added a new piece of artwork.

11/25/2002 - Replaced Rob's Splatterhouse: Patient 6504 fanfic with an updated version. Updated the info about the Splatterhouse Pinball table.

11/06/2002 - Added two new pieces to the Artwork section...

10/31/2002 - Happy Halloween from West Mansion... Plus, we've got some new stuff in the... well... Miscellaneous Stuff section... Including a funny Flash movie and a preview of a Splatterhouse pinball table...

10/15/2002 - Added some new artwork, a new wallpaper and a print ad for Splatterhouse 2

9/26/2002 - Added a new piece about Splatterhouse 3 being involved in Joe Lieberman's witch hunt.

9/25/2002 - Huge Update. We've redesigned the Artwork section, added a new mp3 to the music section, added some new media to both the Arcade and Splatterhouse 2 sections, and finally added a wierd-ass Flah animation to the Miscellaneous Stuff section.

9/06/2002 - Added some new pieces of trivia (Including one on the existence of Splatterhouse porno movies). And a new note about the non-existence of the Splatterhouse 2 arcade game.

8/19/2002 - We've added a few new pieces of trivia. I just want to apologize to both Juno and Dogmeat for not including their trivia facts sooner... I know that they've both been waiting for some time to have these included, and I do apologize for my oversight.

8/16/2002 - We've finally added the Splatterhouse 3 sprites, and new bit of "Stuff", and some more fan art.

8/10/2002 - Added a ton of Fan Art, a ton of new Miscellaneous Stuff, and a new bit in the Trivia section about a Rick Lookalike in Kid Chameleon.

7/31/2002 - Added some "Nintendo Power"-style Level Maps to the Arcade section, and two SH wallpapers to the Artwork section.

7/22/2002 - First, we've got a new piece of Fan Fiction. Next, I'm pleased to announce the Biggy Man World Tour. Stay tuned for future updates...

7/17/2002 - Added a pic of a Promotional Splatterhouse Halloween bag to the Miscellaneous Stuff section.

7/12/2002 - Added a new pic of the Splatterhouse LCD game.

7/09/2002 - Added some new info concerning differences bewteen the US and foriegn versions of Splatterhouse 3 (and some additional screenshots of SH3). And added a new link in the Emulation section.

6/28/2002 - Added a new piece of Fan Art.

6/26/2002 - Added a Masked Jennifer skin for the PC game Freedom Force to Miscellaneous Stuff.

6/25/2002 - Happy Birthday, West Mansion! The site is one year old today!

6/22/2002 - Huge update! Added many new pieces of fan art, three new pieces of fan fiction, and a D&D version of the Terror Mask to Miscellaneous Stuff.

6/08/2002 - Added two new pieces of Fan Art, and some new tips and tricks for Splatterhouse 3

5/23/2002 - Added a new piece of Fan Art, and news from KISSman83 about new background music for his Splatterhouse film.

5/21/2002 - Updated some of the FAQ's, some info on Splatterhouse emulation, and added two new pieces of Fan Art

5/13/2002 - Added a new link and a new piece of fan fiction

5/08/2002 - From David Walford:

I was looking for SH3 again on Ebay and saw there was another handheld game. This one has no box or instructions, but the seller does international shipping. I'm going to place a bid on it myself but I thought you might be interested to know if you knew any other SH fans who are looking for one. The link is below:


4/30/2002 - This just in - I got an email recently from Mike DiBella. He's trying to locate people who want to make a Splatterhouse movie! Here's what he has to say about it:

I am a 26 year old Horror movie Fan from Syracuse, N.Y. who is looking for a way to contact other "Splatterhouse" fans from either my area or the North East.       

My objective is to film a "Splatterhouse"movie.

This movie would be true to the game, as it should be and I want to do this movie right that is why I am searching for other Splatterhouse fans (like myself) who would like to se a "Splatterhouse" movie and who would like to take part in this project.

I am looking for anyone, whether it be people with camcorders, musical talent, production studio experience, actors, special effects knowhow, etc. Not professionals, just fans looking to make a great horror movie.

If anyone's interested, contact Mike at madman3x6@yahoo.com

4/30/2002 - Took all the info about Splatterhouse SE off of the main page and put it in Miscellaneous.

4/17/2002 - Added a new piece of Fan Art.

4/15/2002 - Added an update about a fan-made Splatterhouse fighting game (using the MUGEN engine) to the Miscellaneous Stuff page and a note about the translation of the Splatterhouse: WG ROM to its page.

4/12/2002 - Added new screens (red mask and all) of the U.S. TG-16 version.

3/17/2002 - Added a new piece of fan art.

3/11/2002 - Updated the progress of the Splatterhouse 3 character page. Updated and Added to the Links page. And added a new message from Rob.

3/02/2002 - Added a new code for the arcade version.

2/27/2002 - Added a niew piece of fan fiction, Bad Memories By Guy

2/18/2002 - A new piece of trivia regarding Kid Dracula...

2/12/2002 - Added some new emulation links.

2/08/2002 - Added a new piece of fan art.

2/04/2002 - Rob has offered us a parting gift, a fan fic story that he has written, Patient #6504.

2/03/2002 - Added a new piece of fan fiction and a new piece of fan art. And some bad news from Rob. Added a new link to another of Rob's game sites, The Ghoul Realm.

1/15/2002 - Added a few new Walkthroughs to the FAQ's section.

1/01/2002 - Happy New Year from West Mansion. Added another new piece of fan fiction. Splatterhouse 4 by Victor Schreck.


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