Splatterhouse Japanese arcade flyer Front view (courtesy of The Arcade Flyer Archive)
Japanese arcade flyer Back view (courtesy of The Arcade Flyer Archive)
From the Namco Archives namco01.png The artwork used on the PC Engine and handheld games
namco02.png West Mansion
namco03.png The Terror Mask
namco04.png The Splatterhouse logo
namco05.png Rick Taylor with shotgun
namco06.png A Deadman
namco07.png Rick shortly before regaining consciousness
namco08.png Rick battling the Evil Cross
namco09.png A Nobu (crawling slug)
namco10.png Rick demonstrating the jump and slide kick
namco11.png Rick and Jennifer approaching West Mansion
namco12.png Master Dead and the Revival Dead
namco13.png Biggy Man
namco14.png Rick throwing a harpoon
namco15.png Rick carrying a 2x4
namco16.png Rick punching a zombie dog
namco17.png The infamous Dr. West "Fufufu" pic. Note: to our knowledge, this is the only time the classic West has ever been depicted in official Namco artwork.
namco18.png Rick performing a low kick
namco19.png Rick punching
namco20.png Rick performing a low kick
namco21.png Rick performing a slide kick
namco22.png Rick jumping
namco23.png Master Dead, aka the Necromancer
Splatterhouse 2 namoff6.jpg Splatterhouse 2 cover
  namoff7.jpg Rick Taylor, Splatterhouse 2
  rick2.jpg B&W version of the above pic
  namoff8.jpg Another Splatterhouse 2 pic
  namoff9.jpg Great Splatterhouse 2 collage
  namoff10.jpg Rick vs. the Level 1 boss
  namoff11.jpg Rick vs. a sludge monster
  rick1.jpg B&W version of the above pic
mansion1.jpg B&W shot of Mueller Mansion
Splatterhouse 3 namoff12.jpg Rick Taylor, Splatterhouse 3
  namoff13.jpg Mutant Rick
  namoff14.jpg Mutant Rick's power move
  namoff15.jpg Mutant Rick bodyslamming a monster
Splatterhouse (2010)
Dave Wilkins June '08 EGM cover Rick's first appearance
  October '08 Play Magazine cover Tribute to Splatterhouse's intermission screens
  October '09 Play Magazine cover Rick triumphant!
  Rick facing off against zombies Rick facing off against zombies
  New York ComicCon poster 2009 First poster
  San Diego ComicCon poster 2009 Second poster; tribute to the Japanese Splatterhouse Part 2 cover
  San Diego ComicCon poster 2010 Third poster
  Fangoria #295 cover The first videogame to appear on Fangoria's cover!
  E3 2010 banner Rick and a chainsaw
  Revolver ad artwork Rick and a shotgun
  "Fun With a Chainsaw" Rick burying a chainsaw in something's neck
  "Open wide and say OUCH!" Rick vs. Clawface
  Jennifer First look at redesign; white dress replaced w/ jeans, sneakers & tshirt
  Biggy Man Second pass at Biggy Man redesign; inspired by Rob's suggestions
Miscellaneous Namco promo art Rick Taylor Character render
  Rick in Berserker Mode Character render
  Jennifer Willis Character render
  Dr. Henry West Character render
  Morlock Character render
  Foot Soldier Character render
  Beast Character render
  Brute Character render
  The Splatterhouse logo Artwork by Jake Davies of Rocking Creative.
BottleRocket era concept art BottleRocket's new look Rick w/ BottleRocket logo
  Concept #1 "Demon Cathedral"
  Concept #2 Carnival
  Concept #3 Wrecked Cathedral
Roger Robinson: BR era concepts Rick Two views of Rick
  Dr. West West, full body + profile
  "BigFattyMan" Saran wrap around head, autopsy scar, chains
  Screaming Mimi Complete with runes (?)
  Manipede Creature composed of zombies
  The Agressor Tentacled demon
  Sentinel Bizarre three-legged creature
  Golem-Familiar Rock monster
  Demon Footsoldier Looks very medieval
  Thief Strange creature w/ transparent bubble back
  Summoner Possible replacement for Master Dead?
  The Portal Portal to Hell opened by the Summoner
Chris Legaspi: BR era concepts Split personalities Legaspi was told this design was "too Ghost Rider"
  Rick in action Axe, spears through chest
  Rick, after the slaughter In a pool of blood and bones
  Rick in action again Smashing some kind of tentacled creature
  Rick ripping something apart Blood and guts everywhere
  Rick on the prowl Stance resembles an ape
  Early Mask designs Six Terror Mask concepts
  Another early Mask design Seventh concept
  Spider Demon Wearing tattered white dress: possible Jennifer demon redesign?
  Demon Commander Tattered cape, spiked limbs, Giger-esque head


Katie Rick Artwork by my daughter Katie (five years old at the time it was drawn)
Rick and Jennifer Artwork by my daughter Katie (six years old at the time it was drawn)
Leona Rick Artwork by my oldest daughter Leona (seven years old at the time it was drawn). Guest starring Capcom's Strider Hiryu.
V-Alis Jennifer and the Mask Ever wonder what Jennifer would look like if the Mask chose her in Splatterhouse instead of Rick?
Masked Again "A sort of threatening/tracking/resting/about-to-pounce pose for her, with a very bent lead pipe just being picked up in her right hand. Again, I'd say the pose is slightly 'feral' (cat-like?), as that's what comes to mind with how I'd picture Jennifer in comparison to Rick (Masked, I mean)...Rick's the indestructible wall o' pain, lumbering (well, not so much in SH3) and/or apparently gorilla-like (according to the EGM article for 'SH4') style. I'd see Jen's 'style' being more lithe, quick slashing/bashing...yet of course still strong as hell (again, 'feral' is the best word that comes to mind)."
Quite a kick... "This one's a bit of an action shot, I'd say. Tried to draw something dynamic, and it's definitely got a bit of perspective to the view. Basically, with my envisioned style for Masked Jen (if she actually in one of the games), she'd be a bit of a 'shredder' with her claws when in close...and quite a 'kicker' when at range (well, take a look at her sprite in game ...I'd say she's got a LOT of range that'd be augmented with El Masko). So, here's a pic of her taking out a tall DeadMan with a rather high rising/hopping kick ...and I mean 'taking the top off' by that (thank Rob for the suggestion). Her rising foot literally snapped the sucker's head off on the way up, sending it spinning with a geyser of gore already bursting from the stump."
Masked Jennifer Shreds Biggy Man, part 1 "Her nails/talons have already sliced through Biggy's left arm and she's in the process of crushing/breaking/shredding through his (its?) left leg. Apparently, Jen's so fast that the chainsaw-arm and its assorted chunks haven't even hit the floor yet."
Masked Jennifer Shreds Biggy Man, part 2 "With a leg off, Biggy goes down. Jennifer immediately gets nasty and grabs the severed, wiggling chainsaw arm from the ground. Standing over the monster, she quickly plunges the still-splurting bladed-limb into Biggy Man's chest for a little visceral spray as she splits his torso. She also slams one foot on his head merely to 'keep him down', but moreso has shoved her bare heel down so hard into his 'bag' that she literally crunches his head."
WHAT THE HELL TOOK YOU SO LONG?!?!?! "A humorous, kinda Valetine's related Splatterhouse fanart. After Rick rescues Jennifer in SH2, I'd imagine they'd have a romantic 'thank you so much for rescuing me' scene sometime after he destroyed the Death Crystal or killed the Hideous Pantheon (bosses 7 and 8 in the game respectively). Surely Jen would jump into his arms in gratitude, right? Or...might she jump literally on top of Rick, grab him by the collar to lift his head, and scream the above line at him? Hey, it wasn't me that took fifteen continues to get past Stage 7-1..."
Relaxing Jen Jen, looking quite relaxed. She deserves a break, don't you think?
V_Jen2.jpg First in a series of 3D Jen pics.
V_FrightJen2.jpg 3D Jen, startled by something. What startled her? We're not sure.
V_CrystalJen.jpg AWESOME 3D rendition of Jen encased in crystal, from Splatterhouse 2.
VoidJen.jpg 3D rendition of Jen's first appearance in Splatterhouse 2.
CouchJen.jpg Jennifer, WAKE UP NOW!!!
PrimeOp primeop_rick.jpg One awesome b&w picture of Rick.
primerickcolor.jpg Same awesome pic as above, but now in color!
Adrian Mims splatterhouse_am.jpg Adrian's awesome idea for a new cover for the original Splatterhouse.
  biggie.jpg Biggy... Biggy Man.
  worm.jpg A boreworm.
  zombiesummoner.jpg The Necromancer.
  splatetrzombie.jpg A Zombie.
Sal aka thedarkcloak TDC_rickvswestmansion.jpg "This artwork is not to be reposted elsewhere without my permission, please do not use this artwork for t-shirts, prints, etc. Any trespassers will be forcefed boreworms with cheerios so that they could become zombie mutant fodder for Rick and his Terror Mask. Thanks! Splatterhouse and all associated video games, characters, etc. are © Namco"
Sgraff deathnoid_rick_sgraff.png A fantastic sketch of a Deathnoid and a different take on the Terror Mask.
metamorl_sgraff.png The first-ever piece of Metamorl fanart, and it's awesome.
sgraff_boreworm.png Scientific diagram of a boreworm & larva.
sgraff_deadman.png Portrait of a deadman.
sgraff_masterdead.png Master Dead.
sgraff_drwest.jpg Dr. West.
sgraff_biggyman.png Biggy Man.
Sean Moore Biggy Man "This is a piece I recently did depicting the monstrous Biggy Man."
The West Mansion Awesome pic of Rick slashing a monster while Biggy Man waits for his turn, and... Mario's in the background? Keep reading.
Mock EGM cover And now you know WHY Mario's in the background. This is the first piece of art we've received commemorating the Wii VC release of Splatterhouse.
DougSQ Splatterhouse/DougSQ Awesome pic of the main characters of the series.
beginnings_DougSQ.jpg Splatterhouse beginnings.
chuckporn terror_mask_complete.gif One badass picture of the Mask.
"Splatterhouse Zero" A piece of art inspired by the story for the defunct Splatterhouse Project
The Meat Cleaver "This is a meat cleaver that I own. It is 36 inches long with a 15 inch blade, It weighs 10 lbs maybe more. It's called a carcass splitter and it was made in the late 1800s. It also has the number 13 stamped on the blade. Original wood. The corpse I bought in '97."
The Meat Cleaver, comic style "Just another pic that I tuned into comic art. Kinda."
Rick "Rick is fresh from the battle."
Demon Jennifer: WARNING! NSFW! "Well kinda nude, but only hot if you're a necrophiliac. Some wounds but not all monster-ish."
corpsemonger An original creation "It's sort of a pastiche of some of the themes the classic SH monster designs have featured, the weird fetal details of the hanging creatures, the swollen-headed, skeletal, crawling features several of the different monsters had....glossed over with the translucent purple color the giant wall-face boss from SH 2 had."
A Splatterhouse 1 zombie "Here's my dusted-off interpretation of a classic SH zombie, done in pen & ink and colored on Irfanview (hence the weird outline). I fell in love with the twisted ectoplasm purple, so I used it again. Enjoy!"
Anonymous Rick_lane.jpg Rick with cleaver, in pencil.
  Super_Rick.jpg Pencil drawing of Rick
  Chainsaw_Rick.jpg Rick with a chainsaw, pencil
  Biggy Man! Biggy man, in color...
Tim Meder Jr. Rick X "This picture is a concept I came up with after seeing the Jason X movie, and I wondered what the Terror Mask would look like if it were brought back to life by nanotechnology. Thus we have Rick X."
  dottedrick.jpg Well done likeness of Rick.
  mutantrick3.jpg HUGE (816 x 1162) drawing of Mutant Rick. EXCELLENT!
  sh2finalboss.jpg HUGE (816 x 1162) drawing of SH2 Final Boss. EXCELLENT
  BiggyStrut.jpg Biggy Man... what more can be said?
Ryan Genno shimage1.jpg Rick, the Mask, and the Ghosts...
Michael Fowler RICK_01.jpg An especially buff Rick, in pencil...
John-Paul Gorgoroso choppas.gif Biggy Man... in pencil
Rick vs Chainsaw Hands A pencil sketch of Rick battling Biggy Man...
  choppassmall.gif smaller, colored version of above pic..
Andrew Ballard BW_Rick.jpg Honestly, just what the hell is this?
  RickwithBrokenMask.jpg Rick with a broken mask on a fire background.
  Rick_With_Mask.jpg Head shot of Rick wearing the Mask
  Christmas_Pic.jpg A Very Splatterhouse Christmas
Eric Wisner Splatt3.jpg The Mask on a red background
Digital painting of West Mansion
  WM_mist.jpg Similar to above, with added spooky mist effect
Victor Schreck "The Mask" or "You Need Me, Rick" A cool drawing of the Mask.
Carrion Reek Rick Pencil sketch of Rick.
Z0MBIE1313 Rick w/ Monster Rick takes a cue from Ashley J. Williams.
KaseyKreeper Rick Versus Jason 1 Rick and Jason (from Friday the 13th) face-to-face.
  Rick Versus Jason 2 The fight begins...
  Splatterhouse 2 Stage 2 Boss A sketch (on blue) of the Stage 2 boss from Splatterhouse 2...
  TG-16 Rick TG-16 Rick with Golden Cleaver
  Splatterhouse 2 Rick Rick with Splatterhouse 2 mask
  Screaming Mimi Color sketch of screaming mimi
  Boreworm "Hi-ho! Kermit thee Boreworm here!"
Andrés Borghi Rick Pencil sketch of Rick w/ Biggy Man and other creatures in background...
Eduardo Nakamura Three Ricks Sketch of Rick from Splatterhouse, Splatterhouse: WG, and Mutated Rick from Splatterhouse 3...
  ednaksplatterhouse.jpg Rick. Jennifer. The Mask.
Kat Rick by Kat Ink sketch of Rick...
Seeyou Auntie Rick
Pencil and Ink sketch of Rick...
  Biggy Man Pencil and Ink sketch of Biggy Man...
David Le Vack slash.jpg Sketch of Rick...
Oliver Lee Arce SH01.jpg sketch of Rick vs. Biggy Man
  SH02.jpg The Three Faces of Rick
  SH03.jpg Biggy Man and two versions of Rick
Strange Demon rickvsstage2.jpg Rick battling the Splatterhouse 2 Stage 2 boss.

Tanner White sh.jpg A collage of iconic Splatterhouse images.
  3ricks.JPG The many faces of Rick.
  bye.jpg A farewell to Rob, sent in when he (temporarily) stepped down as webmaster on 4/21/2004.
Le-chan splatter.jpg It's a picture from SH3 of Rick holding Jen and reaching out to touch her face after level 1 (permitted you don't make it quite in time to completely save her).
Jake Bell rick1evilmask.jpg Awesome portrait of Rick...
Rafael Ocasio rafbiggy.gif More Biggy Man...
Kyle Rogers Shouse_monster_fanart.jpg Rick... RICK!!! What happened?!
  David_mask.jpg Color sketch of David wearing the mask.
  Necromancer.jpg Ink sketch of the Necromancer
  slaughterhouse.jpg Welcome to the murder shed.
cock rot! splatterhousemontage.jpg Montage of Splatterhouse Images...
Lim Guo Liang mega-rick2.jpg An EXCELLENT color drawing of Mega Rick from SH3
  lg-bagman.jpg "I dub it Bagman, reimagined. Backstory is a simple one, an executed chainsaw criminal. (based on the idea that brown outfits were Hong Kong's prisoner's dress code, hence the number, and the bag on his head and noose)"
Sol rick_msk.jpg Mutated Rick...
Jay SplatterhouseRickSketchjay.jpg "What I had in mind when I made this sketch was, if Namco made a fighting game with some of their characters from their arcade games and fighting games, and put them all together in one big 3D fighter, this is what I imagine he'd look like. I aimed for a dark look with this pic, and added an upside down cross to his mask to show that its definitely an evil mask, yet Rick's using it to save Jennifer yet again."
Ronnie Jurado ricktaylorrjur.JPG
Rick, circa Splatterhouse 3
Alex Poindexter CSZombie1.jpg Cool B&W pic of everyone's favorite monster
Philip Mansfield paperrick.jpg Rick made out of paper
violentrick.jpg Rick... Violent Rick
biggyandrick.jpg Rick and... taa daa! Biggy Man!
sh1endbosspaper.jpg The last boss of Splatterhouse 1 in paper
Kat! Rick_Taylor.jpg B&W pic of Rick
Rick_Taylor_Color.jpg Color pic of Rick
Rick_Bat_Kat.jpg Rick holding a bloody baseball bat
Gav Gav_RickUnleashed.jpg Awesome pic of Rick about to chuck the cinderblock at some of his more memorable opponents
Manu Vimahi Very_mean_Rick__.JPG Rick in a very pissed off moment.
  Dead_or_Alive.JPG What the hell IS that thing?!
  Fatality.JPG Rick takes a cue from Mortal Kombat
  Wolver-Rick.JPG Rick using Wolverine's claws.
evildead2099 MS Paint Rick MS Paint version of Rick
Jessica Rose SplatterHouse_JR.jpg Pencil sketch of Rick vs Screaming Mimi...
"Poor Judgment" Cleanse_with_Fire.png "Dr. Mueller's assistant, Jack, purges another one of the Evil One's minions from this world."
  Purify_with_Fire.png "Jack disposing the captured specimens after the good doctors demise. A more serious attempt at rendering Jack this time. "
Demon Jennifer
The Demon Jennifer, 'nuff said.

Evil Sleep and the Nightmares
Rick vs. Evil Sleep.
Alan Danczyk Splatterhouse-01.jpg
SH2-Rick destroys Dr. Mueller.
  Splatterhouse-02.jpg SH2-Rick Vs Head Snake.
  Splatterhouse-03.jpg SH2-Rick Vs Black Crystal
  Splatterhouse-04.jpg SH-Rick confronts fake Jennifer
  Splatterhouse-05.jpg SH2-Rick defeats Bugbrain (1st form)
  Splatterhouse-06.jpg SH2-Dr. Mueller taunts Rick.
  Splatterhouse-07.jpg SH3-Ending
  Splatterhouse-08.jpg SH-Mirror Rick, 2nd time.
  Splatterhouse-09.jpg SH3-Rick Vs little Boreworm.
  Splatterhouse-10.jpg SH2-Dr. Mueller's first taunt.
  Splatterhouse-11.jpg SH-Rick fighting fake Jennifer.
  Splatterhouse-12.jpg SH3-MegaRick.
  Splatterhouse-13.jpg SH-Light Chapel.
  Splatterhouse-14.jpg SH-Rick Vs Biggy Man.
  Splatterhouse-15.jpg SH3- Rick Vs Evil One.
  Splatterhouse-16.jpg SH3-Rick Vs 3rd boss. (2nd form.)
  Splatterhouse-17.jpg SH3-Rick Taylor.
  Splatterhouse-18.jpg SH2-Intro.
  Splatterhouse-19.jpg SH2-Ending.
  Splatterhouse-20.jpg SH2-Poster.
  Splatterhouse-21.jpg SH-Prelude.
  Splatterhouse-22.jpg SH4?-Profiles.
  Splatterhouse-23.jpg SH4?-David finds The Mask.
  Splatterhouse-24.jpg SH4?-Ending. [Note: Top is Jen and Rick, bottom is David and Liz (his girlfriend.)]
  Splatterhouse-25.jpg SH4?-Poster.
  Splatterhouse-26.jpg SH4?-David going nuts.
  Splatterhouse-27.jpg SH4?- Hey Skully!
  Splatterhouse-28.jpg SH4?-David sneaking out.
back_2.png "I threw together two backgrounds from some snapshots I took. one is of the three Rick's relaxing by the beach and the other is the whole good vs. evil battle type thing."
Leon Stiglich RICK1.png "Rick just after 'splatting' a monster."
Jonathan Hitchcock Splatterhouse Bosses "This drawing I did has all the bosses from the game, and a character I made(center)."
Rick "I decided to send you another piece. This time it only has rick, the terror mask, the evil one, and jennifer."
Rick "Can you beleive they're making a new Splatterhouse? It just came out of nowhere! To celebrate I drew this picture of Rick in my own style."
Lee Tatlock Rick Rick
SD Rick SD Rick
Diego Berlanga Splatterhouse 4 concept design "This is a sample of a design for Splatterhouse 4 Fan Art... (Check out the new mask, hehe...)."
Chris Pic #1 Custom Splatterhouse hat
Pic #2 Another view
Pic #2 One more view
Axemunger Rick vs. Biggy "Here is a pic of my favourite Splatterhouse boss attacking Rick."
Vlygar Splatterhouse logo revamp #1 The fleshy logo
Splatterhouse logo revamp #2 The color burn logo
Kate Glasheen Rick An original piece with an interesting background image.
Rick 20th An original piece celebrating the twentieth anniversary.
Rick with a scythe Rick wielding a scythe. That'd be a nice addition to the arsenal.
F.I.A A picture with a story to it Once, there was a story teller who came to a town. No children in the town ever had such entertainment so they are overjoyed. Enjoying the warm attention, the storyteller sat by the fountain, and ready to tell his tale to those children. "Far away from this place, there lived a girl. In a town named Nezined. Little was she, she was a cheerful one with blonde hair. Everyone lived there liked her. In a trip to the woods together with her family, she suddenly found herself lost. No one to hear her voices, she wandered about, till she came to a sheep. Small was it, the girl soon found out that it had a crippled hind leg. In a bush nearby, a wolf suddenly jumped out, hunger in its eyes. Death overruled her reasoning, that she ran by herself, leaving the crippled sheep behind. Enduring pain, the sheep tried to escape, but soon the wolf pounced, and ate it.
Behind the scenes of "the photo shoot" Weeping voices soon heard among the children. Irritated parents started to yell at the storyteller for such cruel story. Not knowing what to do, the storyteller decided to expand the story. "Rushing towards the woods, the girl fell to a pit, inside there monsters beyond imagination. Apparently the crippled sheep was actually a demon in disguise. Realizing that the girl has nothing but selfishness, he commanded the demons to devour her." Of course, this angered the townsfolk more. Punishment was sure to be swift, but what happened next startled them. Every children soon applauded for the death of the girl. No one ever knew where the storyteller went, as he vanished all of the sudden...
Cartoongore Biggy Man "I the artist Cartoongore would like to submit this simple but fun splatterhouse fanart of biggyman/chainsaw zombie i have no idea what is the official name i made it with 100% done with MSPAINT"
Sr. Lan Belmont lan_belmont_fate.jpg Fate.
Kirk rick_kirkart.jpg Rick.
Carlos Messuti messuti_splatterhouse.jpg A collage.
messuti_biggy.jpg Biggy Man.
messuti_boss.jpg Splatterhouse 3 1st boss.
messuti_mutante.jpg Splatterhouse 3 creature.
messuti_zombie.jpg A zombie.
gaetano125 gaetano_splatterhouse.jpg Rick and Jennifer.
phycosmiley phycosmiley_rick.bmp Profile of Rick.
larryhazard larryhazard_rick.gif Rick.
Taiya001 taiya_rick.jpg Rick.
taiya001_02.jpg Jennifer.
Brent Cochran Sketch_Jennifer_Escape.jpg "Jennifer desperately carving out her own escape route"
Simone Pirina simone_monster_1.jpg Portrait of a Hell Guardian before losing its head.
simone_monster_2.jpg ...and there goes the head.
simone_the_evil.jpg The Evil One.
simone_the_evil_final.jpg The Evil One, final version.
Sommo Ansem sommo_ansem_splat.jpg Rick, looking skater punk-esque.
Pavlov Yuri pavlov_yuri_splat.jpg Rick, as seen in Splatterhouse '10.


Rob The Great Debate Splatterhouse vs. Resident Evil. Like there's a doubt who'd win! (Made with Stripcreator)
Splatterhouse ...for the ATARI 2600?! Made using Adrian's awesome cover redesign and the Atari 2600 Label Maker
serjio Masks are tasty! Yum.
RickPaint1.gif Rick!
  RickPaint2.gif Now with an additional beefy arm!
  Battle of the Beefy Arms! Three armed Rick vs... TROGDOR!!!
  Under Construction <-- That says it all.
  Hey, Stickly Rickly, are you asking for a challeeeeeeenge?! Under Construction vs... STINKOMAN!!!
5thman Splatterhouse 2 Portal Gag LOOK OUT!
  pacman.png wakka wakka wakka
  phantobg.png Super Splatterhouse Bros. 2?!
Manu Vimahi Holiday_Rick.JPG Rick in Hawaii, Terror Mask and all.
  Rick_or_Treat.JPG Rick or Treat!
RavenReaper sh2humor.gif Some Splatterhouse-branded humor
  "Splatterball" Rick plays baseball....
  "On Second Thought" An amusing Splatterhouse comic...
Joey_AKA_LD theteddy.gif Comic featuring the teddy bear...
  SHcrossover1.gif Crossover comic, part 1
  SHcrossover2.gif Crossover comic, part 2
  SHcrossover3.gif Crossover comic, part 3
Jason Miller Scariest Splatterhouse Pic Ever! Splatterhouse if Joe Lieberman gets his way...
saunaman Happyhouse concept art! "Oh guys have fun on this new image of the game!!! syringes just think that it is now West´s hot sauna in the house!? YES this game is really great picture!!! How so many graphics that are always developing exciting!?? I always had a good game Spatterhouse And I like the sauna and bear..... now these things together Wests home!!! DRINKING can be a hot sauna ohhhhh boy!"
Morris Splatterhouse Comic A humorous Rick and Jen comic.
David Stefanik Rick Has To Go Rick has to go, what else can be said?
Zack Kotzer S.C.A.R.Y But is it truly scary?
clint.off@libero.it BiggyManSecret.jpg What lies beneath Biggy's bag?
  SplatterFAME.jpg Rick goes to the FAME series' academy with his old foes as judges.
Tanner White namcostrip.jpg Rick asks Namco for a new Splatterhouse game.
  hangover.jpg *hic*
Mr. Johnson cp1.gif Damn Blockbuster Video and their crappy equipment!
  comicpage2g.gif Never mind the Genesis, what's in the mail?
  comicpage3g.gif OUCHOUCHOUCH!
Daimera sh-splort.gif "Whoops, my hand slipped!"
Kyle Rogers biggybeach.jpg Biggy Man enjoys a day at the beach.
William Law bman1.jpg "Rumor has it this was supposed to be the original nWo until Hogan got his way, like always."
  bnixon.jpg "Biggy Man was always a political activist, instrumental in the Watergate hearings."
"Poor Judgment" Harry_and_Rick.PNG "Harry Mason from Silent Hill and Rick from Splatterhouse form a partnership with similar goals."
  PH_and_Biggie.png "Pyramid Head and Biggie Man share a moment together. "
Julien Cerda-Pino Rick_killed.GIF Um...
  Rick_killed_2.GIF ...okay.
Shawn Vazquez Splatterhouse_Scrap.jpg A parody of this ad.
MEK Erik WhereMyShoes.jpg A comic addressing one of the most baffling things about the Splatterhouse games: where the hell did Rick's shoes go?
Rodrigo Shin SHStanLeeRemix.jpg Be here next month for THIS MAN, THIS BIGGY MAN!


Mark Patraw
SP3_boreworm.jpg Homemade SH3 Boreworm model, from his website.
  SP3_phantom.jpg Homemade SH3 Phantom model, from his website.
  SP3_teddy.jpg Homemade SH3 Teddy Bear model, from his website.
SPL_splatter.jpg Splatterhouse toys! Rick, Boreworm room playset and accessories!
SP3.hh.jpg Splatterhouse toys! Hellhound from Splatterhouse 3 plus accessories!
Jon Lewis jonlewis_rickfig1.jpg Custom Rick action figure. "I wanted to submit my two versions of Rick. Both are fully poseable and can be put in a verity of poses. V1 has cloth shirt and pants. I made him out of a wrestling figure. The clothes also come wrestling figures. The head comes from a friday the 13 figure dremeled to fit and still move on the figure. I painted the clothes and the skin. I replaced the boots with bare feet."
jonlewis_rickfig2.jpg Custom Rick action figure #2. "V2 is also a wrestling figure with a head from a friday 13 figure dremeled to fit and still move on the figure. The shotgun is from a random toy. I took a pain brush and flicked paint at it to get the "freshly splattered" look. I shaded his clothes by dry brushing different colours on top of each other. I replaced the boots with bare feet."
Necrosopher Biggy Man miniature Photograph of Biggy Man sculpture
  Biggy Man Miniature 2 Different angle of above sculpture...
  Rick Miniature (Unpainted) Unpainted version of Rick sculpture...
  Rick Miniature (Painted) Above sculpture, painted and at a different camera angle...
  Rick vs. Biggy Man Miniature Posed potograph of the two above sculptures...
Simone Pirina Rick (2010) figure "i'm an italian of splatterhouse fan, i like to sent you a photo of my custom figure work, i've maked powered rick with a revoltech figures"


KISSman83 Splatterhouse Movie Poster Poster for the proposed Splatterhouse fan film.
Chainsaw Zombie SH_Poster.jpg

"This is a poster I did for a Hollywood Splatterhouse movie, if they were ever to do one. I tried to give it an 'old timey horror movie'; look like the posters you see from the '50s and '60s. I think Ethan Embry would make a great Rick and the only person that should be allowed to direct is Sam Raimi. I also turned the image of Rick with the Terror Mask into a sort of ghostly image. Woulden't want to completly give away his look before people even see the movie."

Mike DiBella Movie Poster Splatterhouse: The Movie Poster
M Guy


splatmoviepost2.jpg "I noticed you guys seemed to be in need of a movie poster that would work a bit better, so, given that I enjoy your site quite a lot, I took a little spare time and threw one together. Nothing fancy, just a lot of Photoshoppery on stock photos and such. Keep up the good work."
Ernie teaserposter3.jpg Movie poster #3. "Welcome home... October 2004"
Claas Scholz splatterhouse_poster.jpg Splatterhouse movie poster...
ShoHazuki RickSFA.gif Rick - Street Fighter Alpha style!
FelineNine Rick and Mask (Animated) Animated GIF of a MUGEN version of Rick...
Lee "The Claw" Bentley, Jr. plasticwraprick.jpg Rick... encased in plastic wrap (?)
Anonymous rickaction.gif 3-D Rick w/ action poses....
Mr. Johnson rickani1.gif Extended Rick Animations
  rickani2.png More Rick Animations...
silentenigma sh_arcade_ost_fake.jpg Fake cover for arcade OST.
sh3ost_fake.jpg Fake cover for SH3 OST.
SonicSpeeder18 doubleslaughter.jpg Mockup cover of the nonexistent DS game Splatterhouse: Double Slaughter.
Buapo Splatterhouse Marquee Homemade Splatterhouse Arcade Marquee
Valtry mask_magic_gathering.jpg "I made a Magic: The Gathering (the famous collectible card game from Wizards of the Coast) card for the (in)famous Terror Mask we all love."
Shadic Alucard yugioh_mask.jpg "I Have Make 3 Yu-Gi-Oh Card With Splatterhouse."
yugioh_ricktaylor.jpg "Mayby Is Noting Special, But I Think Its Cool."
yugioh_ultimaterick.jpg "If They Were Real Cards, There Will Be The Ultimate Cards In The Galaxy."


Shock Studios Splatterhouse by Shock Studios An awesome poster.
The Terror Mask Shock Studio's Terror Mask
Mutated Terror Mask Shock Studio's Mutated Terror Mask
Szopieraj Szopieraj's Terror Mask The Mask: Construction photo after 2nd coat of fiberglass resin.
Szopieraj's Terror Mask 2 The Mask: Construction photo after 1st coat of paint.
Szopieraj's Mask in action Photograph: Mansion 1st floor
Szopieraj's Mask in action 2 Photograph: Mansion 1st floor
Szopieraj's Mask in action 3 Photograph: Rick filled with rage, ascends to the 2nd floor
John-Paul Gorgoroso mask-shoppin.jpg
" While messing around with my crappy Jason mask, I noticed it could be the US version of the Terror Mask for SH1 when recolored"
Wes rickmeetyouthere.jpg Live Action Photograph w/ caption: "Go to the house, Rick! I will meet you there.."
  ricksaveher.jpg Live Action Photograph w/ caption: "She didn't have to die, Rick, We can still save her...."
  flames.gif Live Action Photograph
Ronnie Jurado ricktaylor.jpg "I dressed as rick for halloween and wanted y'all to post it please. It took me forever to make the mask."
Shin Lunaar shinlunaar_rick.jpg It was a bit of an average pose, but I was posing all day, walking around with my fingers curled like that, just waiting to creep someone out enough to take my picture. But NOBODY recognized the mask. I was mistaken for Jason Vorhees and Ichigo from Bleach (WTF) numerous times.
webmaster@kickhit.com kickhit_rick.jpg Rick mask for halloween.
Aaron aaron_rick.jpg I used the Splatterhouse 3 style Mask combined with the green clothing from Splatterhouse 1 & 2, and I wore some boots since I didn't want to go walking around barefoot like Rick does....
aaron_rickclose.JPG The blood was some cherry syrup base, which worked really well and stayed nice and sticky and shiny for days.
aaron_rickstick.jpg My Terror Mask was made by modifying a $2 Wal-Mart mask with modeling clay, tape, and spraypaint....
aaron_rickstick2.jpg The outfit was made by modifying a chemical hazard suit that I got cheap from ebay (it even came with a gas mask which I used for a costume a few years back).
aaron_rickstick3.jpg And of course, I wore a name tag so that people wouldn't mistake me for that lame Jason character.....
aaron_rickt.jpg .....


Artist Description Size
Cobra Wallpaper based on Original Japanese Ad 800*600 | 1024*768
  Rick w/ West Mansion in Background 800*600 | 1024*768
Kat Collage of SH2 images Splatterhouse 2 Wallpaper
Seeyou Auntie Biggy Man Wallpaper 800*600
Amitrius17 Another based on Japanese Ad 800*600 | 1024*768
  Rick and West Mansion (from Official Artwork) 800*600 | 1024*768
  Rick and West Mansion (from Official Artwork) with starry background 800*600 | 1024*768
An Arab Splatterhouse fan Splatterhouse 3 Wallpaper Splatterhouse 3 Wallpaper


Splatterhouse Comic Wallpaper 800*600
Siccx Degree of HellRazor Productions
Wallpaper based on this piece of artwork 1024 * 768
Francisco Romero de la Torre It´s one of the great moments of the arcade game: the birth of the main character, from Rick to a possesed antihero. 800*600
Matheo13 Splatterhouse 2 Matheo13 wallpaper
chuckporn "This is for the return of Splatterhouse." Splatterhouse Desktop
Double L "I have been playing around with Photoshop and came up with a SH wallpaper. It's not much but... meh." "Some places are born bad..."
Simone Pirina "I've also created a desktop wallpaper with the new bloody logo from the next video games" The new Mask (2010)
"I sent it with and without splatterhouse written, maybe someone can to please him!!" The new Mask, with the new logo.
KaizerG1 "I am submitting a custom wallpaper (attached) I made for the new Splatterhouse game, based on one of their promotional pictures. The .jpeg is in 1440x900 resolution, the colors have been slightly edited, and I have changed the 'coming 2009' at the bottom to 'coming 2010.'" The new Mask (2010)


Noi-Gren jp02_1.jpg "help me kill me thank you good bye"
Artist on Pixiv jp01_01.jpg An awesome Wanpaku Graffiti collage
jp01_02.jpg Rick and a lovestruck Biggy
jp01_03.jpg A singing sludge monster...
jp01_06.jpg There's that persimmon again.
jp01_07.jpg Aww, Biggy's so cute.
jp01_08.jpg Jen loves her itty-bitty Rick.
jp01_13.jpg More Wanpaku Graffiti art.
Artist on Pixiv jp01_04.jpg Rick, Jen and a persimmon?
jp01_05.jpg Jennifer
jp01_14.jpg First in a series of 20th anniversary pics.
jp01_17.jpg Another 20th anniversary pic.
jp01_18.jpg Yet another 20th anniversary pic.
jp02_2.jpg And yet another 20th anniversary pic.
Artist on Pixiv jp01_09.jpg Rick in silhouette.
bohyou.vis.ne.jp jp01_10.jpg ...Bohnyouhouse?
Rakugaki Chat jp01_11.png Rick, circa Splatterhouse Part 2.
Artist on Pixiv jp01_12.jpg Is that Jennifer or Alice?
Artist on Pixiv jp01_15.jpg Splatterhouse vs. Darkstalkers.
jp02_3.jpg An awesome Splatterhouse collage.
Unknown artist jp01_16.jpg These Jokers have traded their skulls for microphones.
Unknown artist jp01_19.jpg Rick vs. Demon Jen."Please, Kill Me!!"
Artist on Pixiv jp01_20.jpg Rick and... ???
Namco Retrogame Characard jp01_21.png Possibly an official Namco card. Can anyone confirm this?
Ukiyobanashi jp01_22.jpg Rick.
Unknown artist jp01_23.jpg Rick poking a Nobu with a stick.
Artist website jp01_24.jpg Mirror Rick attacks!
jp01_25.jpg Rick vs. Evil Cross.
jp01_26.jpg Bloody tears.
jp01_27.jpg Rick demonstrating the "shotgun swap" trick.
jp01_28.jpg Rick vs. a boreworm.
Unknown artist jp01_29.jpg The Giant Boreworm exploding.
Artist website jp01_30.jpg Rick, waiting for the bus?
jp01_31.jpg Three Ricks waiting for the bus. Apparently some kind of Japanese meme.
jp03_1.jpg SPLATTER! "2005.SUMMER"
jp03_2.jpg Comic panel 1
jp03_3.jpg Comic panel 2
jp03_4.jpg Comic panel 3
Unknown artist jp01_32.jpg A "decoration" from Splatterhouse.
Unknown artist jp01_33.jpg Hell Chaos.
Unknown artist jp01_34.jpg Charge!!!
Unknown artist jp01_35.png The killing machine at work.
Unknown artist jp01_36.jpg The Demon Jen fight begins.
Unknown artist jp01_37.png A Joker.
Unknown artist jp01_38.jpg Demon Jen.
Unknown artist jp01_39.png "Regan" from Wanpaku Graffiti.
Unknown artist jp01_40.png Goodbye, Jennifer...
Unknown artist chibi-ricks.jpg The many faces of Rick, super deformed.
dont_chop_boreworm.gif Rick from SH1 scolding Rick from WG for chopping up a boreworm...

If you have any original Splatterhouse-related artwork, fan fiction, or anything for that matter, please feel free to send it to us for publication here at West Mansion.