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Splatterhouse Japanese arcade flyer Front view (courtesy of The Arcade Flyer Archive)
Japanese arcade flyer Back view (courtesy of The Arcade Flyer Archive)
Courtesy of Takashi Oda arcade_art1.jpg Preliminary sketches for the arcade game - animation
arcade_art2.jpg Preliminary sketches for the arcade game - Rick design
From the Namco Archives namco01.png The artwork used on the PC Engine and handheld games
namco02.png West Mansion
namco03.png The Terror Mask
namco04.png The Splatterhouse logo
namco05.png Rick Taylor with shotgun
namco06.png A Deadman
namco07.png Rick shortly before regaining consciousness
namco08.png Rick battling the Evil Cross
namco09.png A Nobu (crawling slug)
namco10.png Rick demonstrating the jump and slide kick
namco11.png Rick and Jennifer approaching West Mansion
namco12.png Master Dead and the Revival Dead
namco13.png Biggy Man
namco14.png Rick throwing a harpoon
namco15.png Rick carrying a 2x4
namco16.png Rick punching a zombie dog
namco17.png The infamous Dr. West "Fufufu" pic. Note: to our knowledge, this is the only time the classic West has ever been depicted in official Namco artwork.
namco18.png Rick performing a low kick
namco19.png Rick punching
namco20.png Rick performing a low kick
namco21.png Rick performing a slide kick
namco22.png Rick jumping
namco23.png Master Dead, aka the Necromancer
Splatterhouse 2 namoff6.jpg Splatterhouse 2 cover
  namoff7.jpg Rick Taylor, Splatterhouse 2
  rick2.jpg B&W version of the above pic
  namoff8.jpg Another Splatterhouse 2 pic
  namoff9.jpg Great Splatterhouse 2 collage
  namoff10.jpg Rick vs. the Level 1 boss
  namoff11.jpg Rick vs. a sludge monster
  rick1.jpg B&W version of the above pic
mansion1.jpg B&W shot of Mueller Mansion
Splatterhouse 3 namoff12.jpg Rick Taylor, Splatterhouse 3
  namoff13.jpg Mutant Rick
  namoff14.jpg Mutant Rick's power move
  namoff15.jpg Mutant Rick bodyslamming a monster
Cancelled Wanpaku Graffiti sequel wg2_cover.jpg Possible cover art
wg2_chara.jpg Character portraits
Cancelled Splatterhouse (2003) reboot sh2003_chara1.jpg Possible Rick redesign
sh2003_chara2.jpg Possible Jennifer redesign
sh2003_chara3.jpg Rick in action
sh2003_chara4.jpg Possible Rick redesign
Splatterhouse (2010, mobile phone) splashscreen.jpg Splash screen artwork
Splatterhouse (2010)
Dave Wilkins June '08 EGM cover Rick's first appearance
  October '08 Play Magazine cover Tribute to Splatterhouse's intermission screens
  October '09 Play Magazine cover Rick triumphant!
  Rick facing off against zombies Rick facing off against zombies
  New York ComicCon poster 2009 First poster
  San Diego ComicCon poster 2009 Second poster; tribute to the Japanese Splatterhouse Part 2 cover
  San Diego ComicCon poster 2010 Third poster
  Fangoria #295 cover The first videogame to appear on Fangoria's cover!
  E3 2010 banner Rick and a chainsaw
  Revolver ad artwork Rick and a shotgun
  Alternate Revolver artwork Rick and a shotgun #2
  "Fun With a Chainsaw" Rick burying a chainsaw in something's neck
  "Open wide and say OUCH!" Rick vs. Clawface
  "Rip 'em apart!" "I was boarding out the 'supers' or 'Ultra' kills. Each one was different. We were dropping out the backgrounds to keep the player in the moment." - Dave Wilkins
  Jennifer First look at redesign; white dress replaced w/ jeans, sneakers & tshirt
  Biggy Man Second pass at Biggy Man redesign; inspired by Rob's suggestions
  Nazi zombies Nazi zombies from the cut Nazi Arctic Base stage.
  Zombie clown #1 Zombie clown w/ balloon and spiked bat.
  Zombie clown #2 Fat zombie clown w/ mallet for arm.
  Zombie clown #3 Zombie clown jester.
  Zombie Viking A zombie Viking. No idea where this would have gone.
  Zombie Conquistador A zombie conquistador. Would likely have been used in the cut Lost Islands stage.
Miscellaneous Namco artwork The Splatterhouse logo Artwork by Jake Davies of Rocking Creative.
  Rick Taylor Character render
  Rick in Berserker Mode Character render
  Jennifer Willis Character render
  Dr. Henry West Character render
  Biggy Man Character render
  Deadman Character render
  Morlock Character render
  Foot Soldier Character render
  Beast Character render
  Brute Character render
  Teratoid Character render
  Painting #1 Portrait of Dr. West and Leonora
  Painting #2 Portrait of a young Dr. West
  Painting #3 Portrait of one of Dr. West's relatives
Alvin Chung: random environments West Mansion Lobby #1 A look at one angle of the lobby.
  West Mansion Lobby #2 A look at another angle of the lobby.
  Slaughterhouse fan #1 Floor fan in the slaughterhouse.
  Slaughterhouse fan #2 Another look at the floor fan in the slaughterhouse.
  Lab One of Dr. West's labs.
  Slaughterhouse Start Slaughterhouse entrance.
  Tea Hall Reminiscent of the original arcade flyer.
  Offering Room A skull-shaped altar. Reminiscent of Hell Chaos.
BottleRocket era concept art BottleRocket's new look Rick w/ BottleRocket logo
  Concept #1 "Demon Cathedral"
  Concept #2 "Carnival"
  Concept #3 "Wrecked Cathedral"
  Concept #4 "Altar"
  Concept #5 "Chapel Interior"
  Concept #6 "Funhouse"/Mardi Gras Queen
  Concept #7 "Mirror Rick's Lair"
  Concept #8 "Island"
  Concept #9 "Slaughterhouse"
  Concept #10 "Kraken Vine"
  Concept #11 "Vines - Mansion Interior"
  Concept #12 "Signs from the original carnival layout. A few survived."
  Concept #13 "The tarps originally meant for the carnival. Still used in the June beta before being replaced with the rather out of place ones based off the clown zombie concept art. Yeah it was awesome but really just seemed odd to hang up."
  Concept #14 Sentinel
  Size comparison chart Every character from the Bottlerocket era, from smallest to largest.
Simon Bisely: BR era concepts Rick Referred to as the "splat-package" by the fanbase.
Roger Robinson: BR era concepts Rick Two views of Rick
  Dr. West West, full body + profile
  "BigFattyMan" Saran wrap around head, autopsy scar, chains
  Screaming Mimi Complete with runes (?)
  Manipede Creature composed of zombies
  The Agressor Tentacled demon
  Sentinel Bizarre three-legged creature
  Golem-Familiar Rock monster
  Demon Footsoldier Looks very medieval
  Thief Strange creature w/ transparent bubble back
  Summoner Possible replacement for Master Dead?
  The Portal Portal to Hell opened by the Summoner
Chris Legaspi: BR era concepts Split personalities Legaspi was told this design was "too Ghost Rider"
  Rick in action Axe, spears through chest
  Rick, after the slaughter In a pool of blood and bones
  Rick in action again Smashing some kind of tentacled creature
  Rick ripping something apart Blood and guts everywhere
  Rick on the prowl Stance resembles an ape
  Early Mask designs Six Terror Mask concepts
  Another early Mask design Seventh concept
  Spider Demon Wearing tattered white dress: possible Jennifer demon redesign?
  Demon Commander Tattered cape, spiked limbs, Giger-esque head
  Stairs: ground floor Ground floor/back stairs
  Stair elements #1 Back stairs/deco element
  Stari elements #2 Back stairs/deco elements #2
Jeff Merghart: BR era concepts Rick & The Terror Mask Early concepts for Rick and the Mask.
  Dr. West Early concept for Dr. West.
  Fish People Early Mermen concept.
  Clowns Early clown concepts.
  Fetuses Hideous fleshpiles and...
  Spitter/Sucker/Bloater ...eldritch abominations.
  Manipede One of the earliest announced characters.
  Womanipede Its female equivalent.
  Clawface Another of the earliest announced characters.
  Summoner Possible Master Dead replacement.
  Furniture Boss Note the giant skull that didn't make the final cut.
  Robo-Ape Early design (and name) for Experiment 765.
  Biggy Heads Bagless Biggy Man head concepts.
  Cthulu-thing Exactly what the name says.
  Quthulu The creature that eventually became Lord Thule before being scrapped.
  Body Boss Eventually evolved into the released game's final boss.
  Mansion Notes Details some of the Mansion's decor.
  Chandeliers and sconces Detailed look at... well, chandeliers and sconces.
  Mansion Columns Concepts for interior support columns.
  Mardi Gras Queen Haunted riverboat.
  Ferris Wheel Demonic ferris wheel.
  Creole Carousel Demonic carousel.
  Le Shwing du Mort Possessed swing ride.
  "Swamp Buggy" bumper cars Haunted bumper cars.
  Carnival props Various proposed carnival props.
  Carnival games Various proposed carnival games.
  Backstage Freak Show #1 Various freak show props.
  Backstage Freak Show #2 Overhead view of the freak show.
  Devil's Backbone: ride entrance In color!
  Devil's Backbone: ride details A closer look at some of the things that make up the ride.
Alvin Chung: BR era concepts Furnace hallway Concept art for the furnaces in the slaughterhouse.
  Head Impalement Concept for head impalement puzzle.
  Head Impalement Puzzle Second concept for head impalement puzzle.
  Lobby/Hall Wrecked hallway lobby.
  Meat Grinder Meat grinder concept plus real-world examples.
  Necro Control Necro brute tank & control.
  Necro Language Explains areas involving the cut necro feature.
  Spitter Room Concept for room containing "spitter" enemy.
  Heart Boss Concept for Heart boss.
  Stomach Concept for stomach room.

If you have any original Splatterhouse-related artwork, fan fiction, or anything for that matter, please feel free to send it to us at gradiusone[at]yahoo[dot]com for publication here.