Miscellaneous Stuff

Here lies the oddities of the Splatterhouse universe. Stuff that doesn't fit into the other categories.

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Official items (promos, etc.):


Terror Mask

A Terror Mask for your Rick Halloween costume! Info on it from Gruesome Rick:

"Okay, the Splatterhouse Mask is by far the most difficult Splatterhouse item to obtain. I have had much trouble getting it and I had to pay a lot of money to own it. It's the perfect collectible novelty item for Splatterhouse fans. I wear the mask whenever I play a Splatterhouse game, it adds great atmosphere and fun to playing the game. The Mask was made shortly after Splatterhouse's arcade debut in Japan. Namco licensed the release of the mask, so it is an official Splatterhouse product. It is called a J-Pop Mask, as in Japanese Popular Culture. Splatterhouse fans in Japan probably got a real kick out of having their own official Terror Masks. I'm glad I could get mine."

Rick Key Chain

Rick on a key chain, enough said (alternate pics of the keyring here and here). Info on it from Gruesome Rick:

"The Splatterhouse Keychain is also an official Namco item that Namco released after Splatterhouse's Arcade Debut. Another fine novelty item for Splatterhouse lovers."

Various Gachapons: Wonder Festival & more

These Japanese exclusives had very limited runs and are extremely pricey these days. Wonder Festival 2014, Wonder Festival 2015, Wonder Festival 2019, Wonder Festival 2020 and two others.

Takashi Oda: Wonder Festival 2022

Takashi Oda, character designer for the original arcade game, sculpted some new pieces for the 2022 Wonder Festival: Biggy Man (top, right, left, chainsaws), an Egg Oba, and the Nobu (single, group).


NEC Promotional items

NEC gave away or sold these items as part of the Splatterhouse promotional campaign in 1990. Among them were a Halloween candy bag, stickers, a Halloween tip guide, neon shoelaces and two cardboard masks: Terror Mask and Hell Chaos (mask pics courtesy of Sean Kelly). Cheney Szopieraj has contributed better scans of the stickers and the Halloween tip guide.

syphic contributed new pics of the Halloween bag (front and back), the shoelaces, the stickers, the carboard masks (front and back) and a nice group shot of them all together.

Turbografx-16 Splatterhouse T-Shirt

An item offered for sale by NEC in the Turbo Catalog. Additional pictures of the shirt courtesy of Marty Keating, thanks to Adam and Jessica of People Play Games in Chicago, IL. Pic #1, pic #2, pic #3 and pic #4.

Splatterhouse 2009 T-Shirt

Sold at the 2009 NY ComicCon (scan courtesy of Marty Keating).

Splatterhouse 2010 T-Shirt

Given away at the New England Metal & Hardcore Festival XII in Worcester, MA. on April 23-24, 2010.

Splatterhouse E3 2010 T-Shirt

Given away at the 2010 E3 in Los Angeles, CA. on June 15-17, 2010.

Splatterhouse SDCC T-Shirt

Sold at the 2010 San Diego ComicCon. All scans courtesy of Marty Keating. Pic #2, pic #3 and pic #4. The warning on the back should look familiar, if you know your Splatterhouse history. Also included with the shirt was a note from Dr. West himself.

Splatterhouse speakers

The last known promo item to be given out before the game's release were Splatterhouse-branded speakers. See the box they came in here, here, and here.

Unbox Industries toys

Starting in 2019, Unbox Industries began releasing Splatterhouse toys. Multiple versions of Rick, Demon Jennifer, Biggy Man, Deadmen and Water Dead were released, along with Hell Chaos and a Nobu. I personally don't have any of those toys (way too expensive for me), but turbocr1ck3t does, and he sent me a lot of pictures of nearly the entire set! Check them out above.

Also, as of 11/27/21, Unbox Industries began the first wave of preorders for their first toy in their upcoming Splatterhouse 2 line: Rick, with the skull version of the Terror Mask. Check it out here, here, here, and here.

turbocr1ck3t grabbed a Splatterhouse 2 Rick, and sent me a bunch of pictures, including comparisons with the Rick from the original Splatterhouse line. Check those out here.

turbocr1ck3t sent in pictures of the pink Rick variant from the original Splatterhouse line. Check those out here.

turbocr1ck3t has sent in pictures of the translucent Hell Chaos, which include a side-by-side comparison with the original version. Check those out here.

Here are pictures of the Hell Chaos sculpted by Takashi Oda from the original Splatterhouse line, courtesy of the man himself: side view, size, ???!