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Disclaimer fun!


It has been said that the original arcade Splatterhouse had a parental advisory disclaimer on it, but no confirmed proof of that exists. It is also rumored that the arcade game was limited to a Japanese release only. This too is unconfirmed, but highly unlikely, as people have claimed to have seen and/or played the game at various locations in the U.S. (myself included: Universal Studios Florida, 1991).

The Turbografx-16 version contained a small warning on the front of the box. This warning read as follows: "The horrifying theme of this game may be inappropriate for young children... and cowards."

Splatterhouse 2:

The U.S. box cover had a similar warning. It read: "Warning: This game contains scenes depicting graphic violence which may not be suitable for younger players."

Splatterhouse 3:

The U.S. box cover also carried the same warning as 2, but also had one of Sega's (short lived) game ratings on the cover as well; in this case, MA-13.

Read the instructions!

Splatterhouse 2:

In the instruction manual of the U.S. version, Dr. Mueller states the following:

"Screaming Mimi: Fascinating creature. There seems to be several types leaping about the woods. They all emit a piercing scream. Jack and I have set several traps to attempt to capture one for closer study."

In the game, you can see that Mueller and Jack were successful in their efforts: the Screaming Mimis that they captured are all encased in tubes on level 5-3.

Gone but not forgotten?

From Gruesome Rick:

I just thought I'd give you a scan of a rather unique Splatterhouse treat I just found.  It's a Japanese Manga based on Namco characters, including Rick of Splatterhouse. Rick is on top of that Japanese Girl's head

Smash Court Tennis 2/Anna Kournikova Tennis: PS1 - Japan/Europe - 1996

In the Exhibition mode a Splatterhouse building can be seen in the background.

Gunbalina/Point Blank 3: Arcade/PS1 - Japan/USA - 2000/2001

Rick does make a cameo appearance in Point Blank 3 along with several other famous Namco characters, as shown here (that's Rick there in the lower left hand corner).

Rick in Point Blank 3

Kaze no Klonoa 2/Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil: PS2 - Japan/USA/Europe - 2001

There's a level in Klonoa 2 (PS2) where part of it is a tribute to Splatterhouse. In the amusement park level in the funhouse, there's a room where there's objects flying around of their own volition. Just put a big creepy painting of an eyeball there and you got the poltergeist room of Splatterhouse 1!

Namco X Capcom: PS2 - Japan - 2005

Although Rick (or any other Splatterhouse character) does not appear in the Japan-only game Namco X Capcom, there is an item whose title, when translated, means "Mask Of Rick." However, if Rick did appear in Namco X Capcom, he might look like this: (courtesy of SHOH @ Level-Zero)

Tekken: Dark Resurrection: PSP - Japan/USA/Europe - 2006

From the Wikipedia Splatterhouse article: "...the Terror Mask (named here "Splatter Mask") can be purchased as an accessory for Craig Marduk. The mask resembles its appearance in Splatterhouse 1 (a hockeymask rather than a skull) and emits an animated purple aura of evil."

From Brick McBurly: (Here are) pics of the 'Splatter Mask' in action in Tekken: Dark Resurrection. It was nice that the creators gave it to a guy that can pass for "Monster Rick', and as you see in the pics, you can plug his name in as well. Pic 1 is the 'purchase' screen-the others show the 'Haunted Mansion' level, which could easily pass as the Splatterhouse. Finally, there's a pic of 'Rick/Craig' charging the camera, which ended up with a cool multiple exposure of the mask (sorry about the pic quality-I shot these all straight off my PSP screen)."

pic #1 pic #2 pic #3 pic #4 pic #5

Mysterious Bob sent in the following high-quality pics:

pic #1 pic #2 pic #3 pic #4

Technic Beat: PS2 - Japan/USA - 2002/2004

This rhythm game features a digital hardcore remix of Splatterhouse 1's first stage music (with a portion of stage 2's music thrown in for good measure). Thanks to both Captain Yashiro and Risingzan for the info. Download the mp3 here.

The Complete Sounds of Katamari: music CD - Japan - 2005

Disc 2 of The Complete Sounds of Katamari contains a vocal arrangement of the song "Sento Nel Core", which is the end credit music from the original Splatterhouse. Download the mp3 here (thanks to Earl Green for the mp3).

Family Tennis Advance: GBA - Japan - 2002

This tennis game was developed by Natsume for Namco, and was not released outside Japan. Rick is among the many classic Namco characters that appear in-game. View the official site here. For the record, the list of characters is as follows: Alice (Marchen Maze), Bravoman, Hitomi Yoshito, Taira no Kagekiyo (Genpei Toma Den), Valkyrie (Valkyrie no Boken), Klonoa, Heihachi Mishima (Tekken), Gil (The Tower of Druaga), Ki (The Tower of Druaga), Susumu Hori [Taizo Hori's, aka Dig Dug's, son] (Mr. Driller), Anna Hottenmeyer (Mr. Driller), WadaDon (Taiko: Drum Master), Wonder Momo, Pino (Toy Pop), Rick Taylor and Pac-Man. Thanks to Sgraff on the forum for the heads-up and the character list.

Tales of Eternia/Tales of Destiny II: PlayStation - Japan/NA - 2000/2001

Rick appears in the Aifread's Tomb dungeon to bar the player from advancing through certain doorways. Thanks to Sgraff on the forum for the pic.