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HorrorHound Magazine #14, Nov./Dec. 2008: Rabid Gamer: Splatterhouse: The Original Video Game Bad Boy by Rob Strangman with Jon St. Pierre and Derek Dandurand: Cover Page 28 Page 29 Page 30

Lost in Translation: The Splatterhouse Series by Rodrigo Shin and Felipe "Dios": Wanpaku Grafitti/Splatterhouse/Splatterhouse 2/Splatterhouse 3

Disclaimer fun!


It has been said that the original arcade Splatterhouse had a parental advisory disclaimer on it, but no confirmed proof of that exists. It is also rumored that the arcade game was limited to a Japanese release only. This too is unconfirmed, but highly unlikely, as people have claimed to have seen and/or played the game at various locations in the U.S. (myself included: Universal Studios Florida, 1991).

The Turbografx-16 version contained a small warning on the front of the box. This warning read as follows: "The horrifying theme of this game may be inappropriate for young children... and cowards."

Splatterhouse 2:

The U.S. box cover had a similar warning. It read: "Warning: This game contains scenes depicting graphic violence which may not be suitable for younger players."

Splatterhouse 3:

The U.S. box cover also carried the same warning as 2, but also had one of Sega's (short lived) game ratings on the cover as well; in this case, MA-13.

Read the instructions!

Splatterhouse 2:

In the instruction manual of the U.S. version, Dr. Mueller states the following:

"Screaming Mimi: Fascinating creature. There seems to be several types leaping about the woods. They all emit a piercing scream. Jack and I have set several traps to attempt to capture one for closer study."

In the game, you can see that Mueller and Jack were successful in their efforts: the Screaming Mimis that they captured are all encased in tubes on level 5-3.

Gone but not forgotten?

From Gruesome Rick:

I just thought I'd give you a scan of a rather unique Splatterhouse treat I just found.  It's a Japanese Manga based on Namco characters, including Rick of Splatterhouse. Rick is on top of that Japanese Girl's head

Smash Court Tennis 2/Anna Kournikova Tennis: PS1 - Japan/Europe - 1996

In the Exhibition mode a Splatterhouse building can be seen in the background.

Gunbalina/Point Blank 3: Arcade/PS1 - Japan/USA - 2000/2001

Rick does make a cameo appearance in Point Blank 3 along with several other famous Namco characters, as shown here (that's Rick there in the lower left hand corner).

Rick in Point Blank 3

Kaze no Klonoa 2/Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil: PS2 - Japan/USA/Europe - 2001

There's a level in Klonoa 2 (PS2) where part of it is a tribute to Splatterhouse. In the amusement park level in the funhouse, there's a room where there's objects flying around of their own volition. Just put a big creepy painting of an eyeball there and you got the poltergeist room of Splatterhouse 1!

Namco X Capcom: PS2 - Japan - 2005

Although Rick (or any other Splatterhouse character) does not appear in the Japan-only game Namco X Capcom, there is an item whose title, when translated, means "Mask Of Rick." However, if Rick did appear in Namco X Capcom, he might look like this: (courtesy of SHOH @ Level-Zero)

Tekken: Dark Resurrection: PSP - Japan/USA/Europe - 2006

From the Wikipedia Splatterhouse article: "...the Terror Mask (named here "Splatter Mask") can be purchased as an accessory for Craig Marduk. The mask resembles its appearance in Splatterhouse 1 (a hockeymask rather than a skull) and emits an animated purple aura of evil."

From Brick McBurly: (Here are) pics of the 'Splatter Mask' in action in Tekken: Dark Resurrection. It was nice that the creators gave it to a guy that can pass for "Monster Rick', and as you see in the pics, you can plug his name in as well. Pic 1 is the 'purchase' screen-the others show the 'Haunted Mansion' level, which could easily pass as the Splatterhouse. Finally, there's a pic of 'Rick/Craig' charging the camera, which ended up with a cool multiple exposure of the mask (sorry about the pic quality-I shot these all straight off my PSP screen)."

pic #1 pic #2 pic #3 pic #4 pic #5

Mysterious Bob sent in the following high-quality pics:

pic #1 pic #2 pic #3 pic #4

Technic Beat: PS2 - Japan/USA - 2002/2004

This rhythm game features a digital hardcore remix of Splatterhouse 1's first stage music (with a portion of stage 2's music thrown in for good measure). Thanks to both Captain Yashiro and Risingzan for the info. Download the mp3 here.

The Complete Sounds of Katamari: music CD - Japan - 2005

Disc 2 of The Complete Sounds of Katamari contains a vocal arrangement of the song "Sento Nel Core", which is the end credit music from the original Splatterhouse. Download the mp3 here (thanks to Earl Green for the mp3).

Family Tennis Advance: GBA - Japan - 2002

This tennis game was developed by Natsume for Namco, and was not released outside Japan. Rick is among the many classic Namco characters that appear in-game. View the official site here. For the record, the list of characters is as follows: Alice (Marchen Maze), Bravoman, Hitomi Yoshito, Taira no Kagekiyo (Genpei Toma Den), Valkyrie (Valkyrie no Boken), Klonoa, Heihachi Mishima (Tekken), Gil (The Tower of Druaga), Ki (The Tower of Druaga), Susumu Hori [Taizo Hori's, aka Dig Dug's, son] (Mr. Driller), Anna Hottenmeyer (Mr. Driller), WadaDon (Taiko: Drum Master), Wonder Momo, Pino (Toy Pop), Rick Taylor and Pac-Man. Thanks to Sgraff on the forum for the heads-up and the character list.

Tales of Eternia/Tales of Destiny II: PlayStation - Japan/NA - 2000/2001

Rick appears in the Aifread's Tomb dungeon to bar the player from advancing through certain doorways. Thanks to Sgraff on the forum for the pic.

Definite and possible cinematic & literary inspirations:

The Friday the 13th series:

Splatterhouse's hero looks just like Jason Voorhees, but of course is just an average guy, college student Rick Taylor, wearing the "Terror Mask".

Evil Dead:

The disembodied hand seen in all of the Splatterhouse games seem to be a reference to the film Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn, in which the hero of the movie, Ash (played by Bruce Campbell), cuts off his own right hand with a chainsaw after it's infected by the evil awoken by the Necronomicon. The hand (now with a life of its own) goes after Ash and tries to kill him. The same scene is shown in the sequel, Army Of Darkness, even though the hand doesn't show up in the movie.


Supposedly the mansion in the original Splatterhouse is the mansion of Dr. Herbert West, from H.P. Lovecraft's Reanimator.

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure:

The "Hell Mask", also know as the "Terror Mask" or simply "The Mask", despite looking like a hockey mask, is intended to be an Mayan sacrificial mask, like the one in the anime/manga Jojo's Bizarre Adventure.

From Necrosopher:

I've found new stuff that links both the Evil Dead and Splatterhouse series. First, in both cases, the Mask/Necronomicon has been found by a scientist in ancient ruins.

Then, in the three Evil Dead movies, flying objects (poltergeists) are very important and deadly, like in Splatterhouse.

In Splatterhouse 1, Jennifer becomes a monster, and tries to kill the hero, like in The Evil Dead and Evil Dead 2.

In Splatterhouse 1, Rick must fight his image in the mirror, like Ash does in Evil Dead 2 and Army Of Darkness.

Rick and Ash both have a chainsaw and a shotgun as favourite weapons.

In Splatterhouse 2, blood floods the room while in the level with the undead fetus hanging from the roof. In Evil Dead 2, blood floods the whole room after Ash tries to kill his possessed hand.

Splatterhouse 3 has very similar stuff: there are horrible flying corpses covered by drapes in Splatterhouse 3, and there are arms with claws which go out of their mouth to grasp for Rick. At the end of The Evil Dead, after killing the zombies, the very same horrible hands come out of the corpses to grasp for Ash!

In Splatterhouse 3, as Jennifer is infected by the boreworm, some kind of black web spreads under her skin, which is the same visual effect as in The Evil Dead when the girl (perhaps she's also called Jennifer, I don't remember) turns into a zombie.

From Psychadelic Death:

I noticed something when looking over the characters for SH: WG...The clock and deer head look like they might be Evil Dead 2 parodies...

In Evil Dead 2, there's a clock that stops whenever something's going to happen. In one scene Ash has a mental breakdown where he sees everything in the house laughing. The first object that starts laughing is a deer head mounted on a wall, that's followed by lamps, bookshelves curtains and other inanimate objects laughing.

From Juno:

Another possible movie that may have influenced Splatterhouse. These are some trivia facts I wanted to add (tho not 100% sure):

The teethed slugs from the original Splatterhouse look identical to those from the monster/gore movie Deadly Spawn (1983). A lot more than say the baby alien that bursts out of chests (but the ones in Deadly Spawn were based on them).

From Dogmeat:

Here's a bit of info about a possible musical influence on Splatterhouse 3:

For any of you Splatterhouse music buffs, it may interest you to know that the music played during SH3 's opening demo (when the diamond spins endlessly) sounds incredibly similar to one of the songs that can be heard throughout the 1986 film Gothic.

Although I have always thought highly of the Splatterhouse score (particularly with regard to the second instalment of the series), I find it somewhat distressing to know how uncanny the music sounds in comparison to the music of Gothic . Seeing as how Gothic was published in the mid-80s, this may mean that yet another apparent factor of influence has been uncovered (unless the verbatim is all an unintentional coincidence).

From Chris Eisenlauer:

Chris has clued me in on another film that Splatterhouse may possibly have been based on - or, at the very least, Namco may have gotten the concept for the Mask from this film. Check it out and decide for yourself.

The Mask (1961)

Summary (from the IMDb) - A young archaeologist believes he is cursed by a mask that causes him to have weird nightmares and possibly to murder. Before committing suicide, he mails the mask to his psychiatrist, Dr. Barnes, who is soon plunged into the nightmare world of the mask. Summary written by Jeff Hole (jeffhole@aol.com)

From Lane Graff:

Here are some more possible cinematic inspiration for events and creatures throughout the series:

Here are some of the movies that (Namco) put in their (Splatterhouse) games. I cant prove that they are based off of these movies but if you look them up you'll probably agree with me.

The Burning - Splatterhouse: WG (the shadowy figures with the silverware in their hands).

The Dead Pit - Splatterhouse 2 (when Jennifer is held over the pit and hands reach out and grab her).

Zombi 3 - Splatterhouse (when you punch the large head demon guy and his head falls off and flies at you).

In Splatterhouse 2 the heads are tossed at Rick from the final boss come from different films. The one with its mouth gaping open is from The Fly (1986), the most human looking head with the wormy looking things is from From Beyond, and the one with the sagging eye is from The Toxic Avenger.

From Stu MacBride:

"As most people know, while Rick has the Mask on he looks just like Jason Voorhees from the Friday the 13th movies, but Jason doesn't wear a mask until Friday the 13th Part 3... in Part 2 Jason wears a bag over his head, just like "Biggy Man". Here is an image I made comparing the F13 characters to the Splatterhouse characters."

From Joe Drilling:

"...the Splatterhouse ads for the TG-16 version were a reference to ads for the original Last House on the Left, which stated "In order to keep from fainting, just keep repeating 'It's only a movie, only a movie, only a movie, only a movie (etc., etc.).'" Check it out here.

General WTF-ness:

Splatterhouse: The PORN movie?!?

Yep, you heard me right. There is a series of compilation flicks by Pleasure Productions that also go by the name Splatterhouse, but are no relation whatsoever to the games. As opposed to the sticky, red stuff that get splattered in the games; it's the sticky white stuff that gets splattered in the movies. That's it - pretty much four hours of sex scenes with money shots at the end of each. I haven't done a whole lot of research on them, but as far as I can tell these did come out before Namco published the original arcade Splatterhouse (I may be wrong about this, though), and some of the higher profile "older" (re: early to late 1980s) stars appear in them, like Seka, Ginger Lynn, Kim Alexis, Nina Hartley, Ona Zee and Ashlyn Gere. The highest number I saw listed in the series was #64, but given how porn companies release tapes in series like this, there's probably a lot more than that. So in case you happened to ever see these listed anywhere and were wondering what the deal with them was, now you know.

And no, we're not putting up any pictures of them here. Those you'll have to go out and get for yourself. ^_^

Splatterhouse 2 sampled by My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult

According to Stan Stepanic, the industrial band My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult has sampled Splatterhouse 2 several times, most notably in the song "Delicate Terror", which is track two on their 1993 album 13 Above The Night.

"Splatterhouse" by The Koffin Kats

From Brick McBurly: "The Koffin Kats on their 2006 CD Straying From The Pack have a song called 'Splatterhouse' (track 2) that references the games. I downloaded it from Amazon, and either my speakers are shot or it's damn near unintelligible!"

Splatterhouse 3 reference in Alien Abduction

From Robert Preziose: "In a movie called Alien Abduction,which is a really horrible movie not really even worth watching, there's a scene where the main star is being given a mental health test and she's being showed images on cardboard, one of the images is one of the characters from the splatterhouse games."

He sent me a screen capture shortly thereafter, and sure enough, look who shows up:

Splatterhouse 3 featured in the 1993 Violence In Video Games Senate Hearing

In 1993 Nintendo and Sega faced a U.S. Senate hearing on violence in video games. Led by Senator Joseph Lieberman (D - CT), this hearing focused on games like Mortal Kombat (multiplatform), Street Fighter II (multiplatform), and Night Trap (Sega CD). During the course of the hearing, one of the games brought up was none other than Splatterhouse 3, which had just been released. During the brief time it was discussed, this ad was brought up by Sen. Lieberman. The transcript is as follows:


Time: 126:54 - 129:04

Video Game Violence
Dec. 9, 1993

Senate Committee Governmental Affairs: Witnesses testified concerning violence in video games produced for Nintendo and Sega. Graphic scenes from a number of Sega games were shown throughout the hearing.

Sen. Joseph Lieberman: Okay, uh, again in terms of your emphasis on the ratings system, um, Attorney General Dan Lundgren of California who, uh, is also not one of your fans, uh, spoke with me the other day, and as you know he's been troubled by, uh, by the violence and graphic sex in the videogames. He, uh, discussed with me and sent me an ad from GamePro magazine. Now these involve Sega products, I see that it's placed by Namco. You'll have to tell me if you're responsible for it or not.

Sega of America representative Bill White: No we're not, I'm sorry, we're not.

Lieberman: Okay, let me just direct you, and I don't know what extent you have any ability to control this. At the top it says "He's back! Splatterhouse 3 for the Sega Genesis is the kind of game ratings systems were invented for." Now, and then it goes on at the bottom to advertise that it includes "deadly new weapons, six levels of monster bashing mayhem" and "killer special moves." Um, don't you agree that, uh, that that kind of advertisement makes a mockery of your rating system? By that I mean to say that the specific reference that this is the kind of game that rating systems were invented for.

White: I haven't seen this advertisement, Senator Lieberman, and we don't have control-

Lieberman: Well, you've got it now.

White: We don't have control over what-

Lieberman: No, I understand-

White: -an independent publisher would say about our system, nor would I believe the motion picture industry would have control over what an individual studio might say about the MPAA guidelines.

Lieberman: But wouldn't you agree just having seen it now that that makes a mockery out of your rating system? I can't believe that's what you want your independent producers to do with your rating system.

White: We want to go to the next step, Senator, and that's why we've worked around the clock over the last two weeks to establish an industry coalition, to work with your committee and the other members of Congress to develop an industry-wide system that will be more effective.

Lieberman: Okay, well there's a lot of work to do, um, my, to um, to put it mildly.

Splatterhouse: the pirate Famicom multicart?

Andrew Ballard recently brought this to my attention:

A pirate Famicom multicart with Splatterhouse artwork adorning it! However, according to Andrew there is no version of Splatterhouse on the cart, not even Wanpaku Grafitti. Odd. I wonder where the artwork came from, though... I've never seen it anywhere before. It's possible it originated in Japan, as Rick looks like he comes from the PC Engine game (note the white mask and golden cleaver). Perhaps it was from a game magazine in Japan, or from a piece of promotional material Namco created for the PCE game that has yet to surface.

Splatterhouse: The Metal Band!

There's now a death metal/grindgore band on the Razorback Records label that goes by the name Splatterhouse! The name is not a coincidence, either - the band has said that the Splatterhouse series has been an (subconscious) influence on them in the past, as both Jason Voorhees (guitars, bass, vocals) and Dr. Freudstein (vocals, lyrics) are fans of the games. If you like death metal and/or grindcore music, you may want to check them out! Visit their homepage here, and their MySpace page here. Also check out Razorback Record's homepage.

Interestingly, the cover for the recently released Splatterhouse/Gruesome Stuff Relish CD shows artwork that's very similar to one of the most memorable scenes from Splatterhouse 2. Check it out:

Interesting, eh?

Konami's tribute to Splatterhouse?

In Kid Dracula, by Konami for Gameboy, Rick makes a cameo appearance! He appears at the end of stage two, disturbed that Kid Dracula has intruded on his cabin in the woods. He pulls his axe out of a nearby tree and attacks. When he's close to defeat he jumps in the cabin, pulls out a shotgun and starts firing. He looks just like Rick does in Splatterhouse: Wanpaku Grafitti, even down to using the same two weapons you get in the game! Check out the pic below to see what I mean.

Granted, it could be that this is actually supposed to be Jason Voorhees, but I don't recall him ever using a shotgun in any of the Friday the 13th movies. For all intents and purposes, I consider this to be Konami's little nod to Splatterhouse. And in that spirit, I present a little piece of artwork created from the above screenshot:

Kid Chameleon: Rick Lookalike?

From Andrew Ballard: "The Sega Genesis game Kid Chameleon featured a powerup that would turn Kid Chameleon into a Rick-like character. See the photographic evidence here."

Of course, it could also be argued that Sega took the inspiration for that form from the Friday the 13th films. We may never know for sure, so you'll just have to decide for yourself.

Capcom takes inspiration from Splatterhouse?

From Alex Poindexter: "I just got Resident Evil 4 for the Nintendo Gamecube and it has a lot of references to Splatterhouse. There is a big fish thing in the lake that you have to throw Harpoons at, and it looks like the monster on the last level of Splatterhouse 2! And the Zombies with the chainsaws have bags over their heads and look almost exactly like the Chainsaw zombie."