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Splatterhouse: The PORN movie?!?

Yep, you heard me right. There is a series of compilation flicks by Pleasure Productions that also go by the name Splatterhouse, but are no relation whatsoever to the games. As opposed to the sticky, red stuff that get splattered in the games; it's the sticky white stuff that gets splattered in the movies. That's it - pretty much four hours of sex scenes with money shots at the end of each. I haven't done a whole lot of research on them, but as far as I can tell these did come out before Namco published the original arcade Splatterhouse (I may be wrong about this, though), and some of the higher profile "older" (re: early to late 1980s) stars appear in them, like Seka, Ginger Lynn, Kim Alexis, Nina Hartley, Ona Zee and Ashlyn Gere. The highest number I saw listed in the series was #64, but given how porn companies release tapes in series like this, there's probably a lot more than that. So in case you happened to ever see these listed anywhere and were wondering what the deal with them was, now you know.

And no, we're not putting up any pictures of them here... except this one.

Splatterhouse in Hi-Score Girl

The arcade Splatterhouse turned up in the manga Hi-Score Girl some time ago. Take a look at the page here.

Splatterhouse: The Metal Band!

There's a death metal/grindgore band that goes by the name Splatterhouse! The name is not a coincidence, either - the band has said that the Splatterhouse series has been an (subconscious) influence on them in the past, as both Jason Voorhees (guitars, bass, vocals) and Dr. Freudstein (vocals, lyrics) are fans of the games. If you like death metal and/or grindcore music, you may want to check them out! Visit their Instagram page and Bandcamp page.

Interestingly, the cover for the Splatterhouse/Gruesome Stuff Relish CD shows artwork that's very similar to one of the most memorable scenes from Splatterhouse 2. Check it out:

Interesting, eh?

Splatterhouse 2 sampled by My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult

According to Stan Stepanic, the industrial band My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult has sampled Splatterhouse 2 several times, most notably in the song "Delicate Terror", which is track two on their 1993 album 13 Above The Night.

"Splatterhouse" by The Koffin Kats

From Brick McBurly: "The Koffin Kats on their 2006 CD Straying From The Pack have a song called 'Splatterhouse' (track 2) that references the games. I downloaded it from Amazon, and either my speakers are shot or it's damn near unintelligible!"

Splatterhouse 3 reference in Alien Abduction

From Robert Preziose: "In a movie called Alien Abduction,which is a really horrible movie not really even worth watching, there's a scene where the main star is being given a mental health test and she's being showed images on cardboard, one of the images is one of the characters from the splatterhouse games."

He sent me a screen capture shortly thereafter, and sure enough, look who shows up:

Splatterhouse 3 featured in the 1993 Violence In Video Games Senate Hearing

In 1993 Nintendo and Sega faced a U.S. Senate hearing on violence in video games. Led by Senator Joseph Lieberman (D - CT), this hearing focused on games like Mortal Kombat (multiplatform), Street Fighter II (multiplatform), and Night Trap (Sega CD). During the course of the hearing, one of the games brought up was none other than Splatterhouse 3, which had just been released. During the brief time it was discussed, this ad was brought up by Sen. Lieberman. The transcript is as follows:


Time: 126:54 - 129:04

Video Game Violence
Dec. 9, 1993

Senate Committee Governmental Affairs: Witnesses testified concerning violence in video games produced for Nintendo and Sega. Graphic scenes from a number of Sega games were shown throughout the hearing.

Sen. Joseph Lieberman: Okay, uh, again in terms of your emphasis on the ratings system, um, Attorney General Dan Lundgren of California who, uh, is also not one of your fans, uh, spoke with me the other day, and as you know he's been troubled by, uh, by the violence and graphic sex in the videogames. He, uh, discussed with me and sent me an ad from GamePro magazine. Now these involve Sega products, I see that it's placed by Namco. You'll have to tell me if you're responsible for it or not.

Sega of America representative Bill White: No we're not, I'm sorry, we're not.

Lieberman: Okay, let me just direct you, and I don't know what extent you have any ability to control this. At the top it says "He's back! Splatterhouse 3 for the Sega Genesis is the kind of game ratings systems were invented for." Now, and then it goes on at the bottom to advertise that it includes "deadly new weapons, six levels of monster bashing mayhem" and "killer special moves." Um, don't you agree that, uh, that that kind of advertisement makes a mockery of your rating system? By that I mean to say that the specific reference that this is the kind of game that rating systems were invented for.

White: I haven't seen this advertisement, Senator Lieberman, and we don't have control-

Lieberman: Well, you've got it now.

White: We don't have control over what-

Lieberman: No, I understand-

White: -an independent publisher would say about our system, nor would I believe the motion picture industry would have control over what an individual studio might say about the MPAA guidelines.

Lieberman: But wouldn't you agree just having seen it now that that makes a mockery out of your rating system? I can't believe that's what you want your independent producers to do with your rating system.

White: We want to go to the next step, Senator, and that's why we've worked around the clock over the last two weeks to establish an industry coalition, to work with your committee and the other members of Congress to develop an industry-wide system that will be more effective.

Lieberman: Okay, well there's a lot of work to do, um, my, to um, to put it mildly.

Splatterhouse: the pirate Famicom multicart?

Andrew Ballard brought this to my attention:

A pirate Famicom multicart with Splatterhouse artwork adorning it! However, according to Andrew there is no version of Splatterhouse on the cart, not even Wanpaku Grafitti. Odd. I wonder where the artwork came from, though... I've never seen it anywhere before. It's possible it originated in Japan, as Rick looks like he comes from the PC Engine game (note the white mask and golden cleaver). Perhaps it was from a game magazine in Japan, or from a piece of promotional material Namco created for the PCE game that has yet to surface.

Konami's tribute to Splatterhouse?

In Kid Dracula, by Konami for Gameboy, Rick makes a cameo appearance! He appears at the end of stage two, disturbed that Kid Dracula has intruded on his cabin in the woods. He pulls his axe out of a nearby tree and attacks. When he's close to defeat he jumps in the cabin, pulls out a shotgun and starts firing. He looks just like Rick does in Splatterhouse: Wanpaku Grafitti, even down to using the same two weapons you get in the game! Check out the pic below to see what I mean.

Granted, it could be that this is actually supposed to be Jason Voorhees, but I don't recall him ever using a shotgun in any of the Friday the 13th movies. For all intents and purposes, I consider this to be Konami's little nod to Splatterhouse. And in that spirit, I present a little piece of artwork created from the above screenshot:

Kid Chameleon: Rick Lookalike?

From Andrew Ballard: "The Sega Genesis game Kid Chameleon featured a powerup that would turn Kid Chameleon into a Rick-like character. See the photographic evidence here."

Of course, it could also be argued that Sega took the inspiration for that form from the Friday the 13th films. We may never know for sure, so you'll just have to decide for yourself.

Capcom takes inspiration from Splatterhouse?

From Alex Poindexter: "I just got Resident Evil 4 for the Nintendo Gamecube and it has a lot of references to Splatterhouse. There is a big fish thing in the lake that you have to throw Harpoons at, and it looks like the monster on the last level of Splatterhouse 2! And the Zombies with the chainsaws have bags over their heads and look almost exactly like the Chainsaw zombie."