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Here lies the oddities of the Splatterhouse universe. Stuff that doesn't fit into the other categories.

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Fan-made items:

Resin Splatterhouse keyrings

Made by Karry Strangman:

A set of resin Splatterhouse keyrings that were available for a limited time on Instagram.

| Molds | Unpainted | Painted | Finished SH 2010 keyring |

Boss Fight Pins

In 2021, Boss Fight Pins released a limited run of a set of Splatterhouse pins, in both regular and bloodstained variations. I have a set of the regular ones, but turbocr1ck3t has both, and he sent me pictures of both sets. Check them out above.

Splatterhouse 2 collectible pin/sticker set by Dead End Threads

This Splatterhouse 2 pin and sticker set was released in 2019. Take a look at it here and here (pics courtesy of Matt from Gun).

Splatterhouse Fun-Kin

This carvable Fun-Kin was gifted to me some time back. There's a signature and a 2016 date on the back, but I can't make out who signed it. You can see it here, both unlit and lit.

Sculf Rick 2010 custom figure

This fantastic figure of Rick, mid-Splatterkill, is currently available for sale at the Sculf online store. You can see it here: w/ background/front/left/back/right/overhead.

Team Splatterhouse Car for NASCAR Racing 3 (PC)

Preview Pic 1
Preview Pic 2

From Len:

"I had done race car paint jobs for my other sites, so I figured 'Why the hell not do one for Splatterhouse?'. So, here it is." Also check out Len's other Splatterhouse Racing pics (these cars not downloadable).

Masked Jennifer skin for Freedom Force (PC)

Preview Image

From Dark V-Alis:

This 1.1MB zip contains the skin for 'Masked Jennifer' for the PC title Freedom Force, in addition to the character mesh and keyframes (and the normal in-game skins). There's also an instruction file within there too. Feel free to ask (either on the Forum or via email) any questions if you have them. Enjoy. ^^

Rick for MUGEN by Andrés Borghi
Splatterhouse WinAMP skin by Andrés Borghi

Cobra Blade:

Here's a Splatterhouse creation of mine I made a few weeks ago. It was my first Robot Design for the game called RobotArena 2, and is inspired by Splatterhouse, not only by name, but also in appearance and weaponry.

Splatterhouse GTA3 Skin
From Cobra:

The Mask lives, with this Grand Theft Auto III skin I put together. I originally planned to make Rick but the whole bald head and bare feet just didn't work out because of the hairdo and shape of the feet. So instead I settled for just giving the Mask another victim. The Mask design is from Splatterhouse 3, and the clothes the victim wears are based on Rick's from the movie stills in Splatterhouse 3.

Splatterhouse GTA3 skin #2 From Jarrod Cox:

I made a gta3 skin of Rick thought u guys might like it to add to your Rick collection of stuff.

Splatterhouse GTA3 skin #3
From Wes

Splatterhouse Quake 2 skin
From Carrion Reek:

A Quake 2 Rick skin! (preview pic)

Another version of Rick for MUGEN:

Here's something that looks very promising. FelineNine has begun work on a version of Rick for MUGEN, a 2D fighting game engine that allows you to make your own fighting game. Here's what he has to say about his work in progress:

"Hi there. Thought I would show you how prototype Rick is coming along. Its an animated GIF of what I'm toying around with as his pre-fight stance. It needs more frames and tweaking of the timing. I've yet to add hand movement, blood dripping, and I'm also shooting for him flicking the blood at his opponent before the fight starts then putting his knife away."

Looks great so far, Feline! Keep checking back here for more info on this project as it becomes available!

Thanks to gundamfreak357 for letting me know about the project initially!

From J. Decker:

Well, I got bored at work and so I decided to translate the Terror Mask into 3rd Edition Dungeons & Dragons rules. I had to take a few liberties to make it work in a D&D setting, but I think it turned out rather well.


The Mask of the Power of the Seven Hells


This is a red mask carved of demon's bones. It resembles a tourtured humanoid face, screaming in pain. Upon donning this Mask, the wearer instantly falls unconcious for 1d4+1 hours. When s/he awakens, the wearer now has the following ability scores altered for as long as they wear the Mask: +10 Str, +10 Con, 3 Int, 3 Cha. In addition, the wearer can attack unarmed as a monk of the same level, but with their original attack bonus, and their natural AC is increased by 1 per 3 levels. The wearer instantly becomes Chaotic Evil, but will return to their original alignment once the mask is removed, and it is as if an atonement spell was automatically cast. The wearer is no longer proficient with any weapons or armor, and spellcasters can no longer cast spells. S/he may still wear magic items, such as rings, pendants, bracers, etc...

Once a week, the wearer must make a will save against DC 27 or suffer a permanent Wisdom drain of 1d3. In order to remove the mask the wearer must succeed at a will save (23). Upon a failed save, the wearer suffers -1 on Strength and Constitution, and -1d3+1 on Wisdom, then must wait another week to try again. If the wearer is reduced to 0 or lower Wisdom, then the Mask vanishes, and the wearer becomes a mindless automaton, retaining all abilities at the time, and serving the evil purposes of the evil demon who created it.

Splatterhouse Visual Pinball Table by megalast

Preview Pic 1
Preview Pic 2

Make Mutant Rick for WWE Smackdown: Shut Your Mouth (PS2)

from Tim Meder Jr.:

It's me Tim again, and I have the information on how to make Mutant Rick for WWE Smackdown: Shut Your Mouth (for PlayStation 2). I will indicate what you need according to the number each detail is listed as when you select it. Then I will indicate the color according to the two numbers that appear above the color bar, along with the number that indicates the right type of shade. I will also write them down in the same order you put them on.

Hair: 54 Color:-78, 74 Shade:-100

Mask: 91 Color:17, 29 Shade:-100

Face Accessories: 82 Color:100, 100 Shade:100

Mask: 88 Color:-100, 100 Shade:-100

Design, Face Pattern, Simple: 157 This needs to be postitioned over Rick's right eye socket Color:9, -100 Shade:0

Now make a copy of the previous face pattern and position it over the other eye socket

Face Paint:58 Color:-100, 100 Shade:-100

Pants, Blank:1 Color:19, -48 Shade:0

Design, Face Pattern, Simple: 158 Reduce three times, rotate once and place it over Rick's right eye socket, somwhere in the middle of the black circle. Color:100, 30 Shade:100

Make a copy of the previous pattern, rotate it two times and then place it over the other eye socket.

Design, Simple: 79 You can use this for extra detail by placing it all over Rick's body and using red and green for the colors. You don't need to use this, but it gives the impression he had just recently mutilated a bunch of Boreworms before the match.

Body, Skin: 2

Those are the details needed to create Mutant Rick. Now you need to use your own judgement on how you want to bulk up his body size. What you do need to do is go into the Cheeks category which I believe it is called and tilt his nose angle as far as it can go. Then reduce the length as far as it can go, then widen it enough to make it seem as though he has no nose at all. As far as moves go, I gave him SHOUTING 1 for his taunt, SHOOT WRESTLING 1 for fighting syle and Brock Lesnar's entrance. His ready moves should include KARATE SLIDE and a bunch of spin kicks. Some grapples I use are BODY PRESS DROP FOWARD, UNDERTAKER STRIKES, KANE LIFTING & TOSS, KANE CHOKE TOSS, LIFTING CHOKEHOLD, TRAPPING HEAD BUTTS just to name a few. One of his finishing moves that I gave him is the FINISHING PUNCH because it looks similar to normal Rick's punch combo from the third game. His normal combo is BOXING STRAIGHT PUNCH, OVERHAND CHOP, OVERHAND PUNCH 1. I'm not sure but I believe one of the first two of the combo may need to be switched to the other hand, the game will ask you if you want that particular strike to be used with the opposite hand of what is defaulted in the game. That is bascially it on how to make Mutant Rick and if you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me. I'll try to provide some pictures when I get a chance so you can see how my Rick turned out. I'm also in the process of trying to make Biggy Man, the Evil One from part 3, the level one boss from part 3, and those small guys with the big noses that first appear on the balcony of level two in part 3. I also made regular Rick from part 3, but he looked too cartoony and I'm in the process of fixing him up.

Make Rick for Mortal Kombat: Armageddon (PS2/Wii/XBox)

from kiernans@gawab.com:

1. Head

Old undead (red eyes)

2. Hair- Blonde slicked back

helmet- Hockey mask

Torso- Green tank top

Arms- wraps (slightly red)

Belt- rope

Pants- torn green jeans

boots- none

Weapon- Machete

special moves- voodooo trap, mysterious magic, banshee scream (or puke puddle!) and Aussie Bulldog.

Splatterhouse themes for cellphones

from Leatherface

"I've created a theme for Sony Ericsson z530i cellphone. It's joined in a zip file. Take a look if you have time. The theme to import in the cellphone is Splatterhouse.thm file. I send you 3 more files. If you want to see the look of the theme and haven't a Sony Ericsson cellphone, open the jpg file. And if you want to hear the ringstone and the message alert sound (still without a sony erisccon cellphone), just hear the 2 mp3 files. Level 1-1.mp3 is the ring signal and Mask.mp3 is the message alert. This theme which i have created is in my cellphone and i'm happy with. If anyone is interested, no problem! Same ringstone & message Alert. Send you 4 pictures : 1 to see the overall theme without the cellphone 3 for having starting image and screensaver in the cellphone. Import these pictures with bluetooth (like the the main theme) in the phone and after select for these pictures sreensaver or starting image in the cellphone options.For user to choose the picture he wants between the 3. They are in 128x160 for Sony Ericsson z530i."

zip file #1

zip file #2