Fan Fiction

Splatterhouse 4, a New Nightmare and a Return to the Old
By Victor Schreck

(this story is my idea of a good plot for Splatterhouse 4 if they ever create such a game)

This story is free to the public, but if anyone uses it give me credit, or at the very least if you're the person using you it don't claim that you wrote it.

September 13, 2002

Hello Journal. I feel the need to communicate with you again old friend. You and I both know you’re more a symbol of my sanity and a log of important happenings than a normal Journal, and we know that I only write in you if something has happened. And I feel something rather strange today Journal…

It’s been almost 10 years since the last major occurrence Journal. The things I’ve been through, the things I’ve seen… Let me tell you something Journal. Your life is never the same after you’ve felt a living, bleeding, rotting corpse; especially if the way you felt it was by pounding it to shit and getting your hands good and dirty with it’s gore. And then when you come to the realization that you no one else has ever done that and you may never do it again, your sanity snaps and you become a man desperately seeking peace and talking to a Journal as if you were writing a story and wanted an appreciative reader. And then it gets even worse when your mind is convinced that it just isn’t over, and may never be…

There’s usually occurrences that happen to foreshadow another coming of the terror. Bad dreams, strange desires, all caused by the Mask. That wretched, horrid, Mask. Granted, if it wasn’t for the Mask I never would’ve been able to destroy the threat, but the Mask is also what got me into that mess in the first place. Alright, technically it was my own fault. Jennifer and I never realized the harm in exploring an old house in hopes of finding out something about a famed parapsychologist, and now look where it’s left us. We’re both delusional and we both know we are, but it’s strange thinking the other is. I know my sanity is wrecked forever after fighting zombies, and I know that me wanting to tell the stories and record the happenings is just a meager attempt at calming my mind, yet I can’t imagine her being insane. Yet I know--I see her walking around the house, like a child in a doll house, so innocent and na´ve, pretending she’s in a perfectly normal place; but she’s been places even I probably couldn’t explain, and I can see her constantly shaking as she attempts to hold the face of sanity. Strangely David seems calm enough. But I often find him just sitting off and staring with a very stern look on his face. I often wonder if he isn’t as bad off as me and Jennifer.

But why should the three of us be so shaken up all the time? Why can’t we live normal lives, we’ve experienced almost ten years of calm! And I know why. Like I said earlier, my mind refuses to believe it is over, even if I haven’t been experiencing the general warning signs. Tonight I feel especially awkward. I haven’t experienced the signs, but a gut feeling tells me something is going to happen tonight. Tonight we may see a reappearance of the Mask. Tonight we may be running from our lives as I grab a cleaver and attempt to slay our tormentors. Tonight may be what makes or breaks our mental stability…

Tonight we sit here in our fabulous mansion in Connecticut. Tonight we sit on the second story lookout, my son and I. We sit in this place I bought long ago to escape the hassle of Wall Street, but was that the actual reason I bought it? After the second visit to the Splatterhouse, Jennifer and I didn’t even seem shaken by it, we were glad to be gone and I became a businessman. Supposedly the life of a businessman was stressful and I got a mansion in rural Connecticut to wind down. But I knew when I bought the mansion, I could feel the denial. I bought it for a showdown, a new Splatterhouse. I wasn’t escaping the stress of Wall Street, I was getting Wall Street far away from what was about to occur; I was keeping the country safe, because I had begun to feel the happenings and warning signs again. I could look at Jennifer and see she felt them too. We both looked at our sun and felt sorry for his innocence. We weren’t quite sure how to keep him safe, which was our primary concern. And then it happened, and unfortunately David was right there in the middle of it. Stopping the Evil One and protecting David were actually the same task it turned out. And then the Mask betrayed me, just as he had done in the first horrible trek. But then it was over, and since then we fell into denial again. But when I know that something’s going to happen again, it seems as if we were never in denial, rather, that we had been awaiting this moment all along. And now my son and I look out over the night horizon, waiting for something to happen…

(this next point in the story is Rick’s thought and dialogue, not him writing in the Journal)

Suddenly, it begins. A flash briefly fills the sky and the moon is eclipsed in that flash. When the light dissipates and we take our hands from over our eyes, we see the abomination. The Terror Mask has arrived.

“Hello Rick!” cackles the Mask, “Long time no see!”

“Yes,” said I, “this reunion’s been a long time coming. I’m not exactly happy to see this, but I am eager to finish this.”

“Oh Rick, you pretentious old fool! Do you really think I am here for you again?! If I were here for you, wouldn’t you have felt the signs again? Perhaps you should ask your son, the wonder boy, what dreams he has been having lately? Perhaps you should ask him why he always stares off in such deep concern? That’s right Rick, I am here for the boy. He has psychic powers as you know, and he has youth, while you are getting old and feeble. Oh yes, I know, you are only in your late thirties, but why compromise when I could get a new body with psychic powers to boot?! My supernatural powers combined with his psychic powers will create a super being, Rick, and my desire will finally be accomplished…”

With that the Mask glided in, expecting to just easily take my son. I wouldn’t let it happen. I wouldn’t let him take my son, and I wouldn’t let him achieve world domination…or world destruction…or universal destruction? The Mask’s full desires I may never know, but I knew I wouldn’t let him have it. He was being far too overzealous, expecting to just fly in and take my son. It was quite easy for me to rush in the way and let him take me instead.

“RICK YOU FOOL!” bellowed the Mask, “YOU WILL PAY FOR THIS!”

“Good luck Mask, but for now how about we just make the best of this. I guess if you’re here a swarm of zombies is on it’s way too, and with your help I shall destroy them, as usual, and then I’m gonna take you down into the basement, get a chainsaw or something and get rid of you once and for all.”

“That sounds all well and good on paper Rick, but I guess I’m going to have to day ‘good luck’ to you too Rick. For you see, even if you managed to defeat a horde of zombies with me again, how would you expect to remove me in order to destroy me? I always take myself off voluntarily, or I do it to inhabit another being and attempt to destroy you. You cannot remove me. If I let myself go, how do you expect to keep me down and destroy me? I’d just use the same transmission powers I used to get here to leave. EVEN IF you destroyed my physical persona, I am a Force Rick. You will never destroy what I am. Oh, and one last thing… I am now going to transmit me and you to the site of the old Splatterhouse and leave your son here to guard your house from zombies all by himself. Mwuu huu huu huu haa haa haa!”

And before I could react a whirlwind surrounded us and I found myself standing inside a dungeon in old West Mansion. Splatterhouse had been rebuilt, or rebuilt itself. I remember these dank halls too well. The rotting flesh on the walls, the stench of death lingering all around, the constant knowledge that something grotesque and dangerous is around every corner. This is the essence of Splatterhouse in its purest form. I have to get out somehow, I have to get home. I have to save Jennifer and David.

(this final point is David’s thoughts before the game begin)

The Mask seeks to destroy my family, and the world. It seeks to take me and make me its slave, its tool for achieving such destruction. It thinks we’re all just pawns who need it, but obviously it needs us, otherwise it would just destroy the world on its own. It thinks if Rick isn’t here the zombies will destroy my mother and our house, and take me back to the Mask where he may have me. But if he wants my psychic powers, they obviously must be good for offense…and perhaps defense as well? Yes, I think I may be able to use my powers to defend my home until Father returns, then we will destroy the Mask together.

(from this point the game begins as a dual game. You play as Rick attempting to get home and David defending the house until Rick can get home, then you fight the final battle…an interesting idea would be to have the gorefest of the usual Splatterhouse, but also to have some mystery/puzzle “how to get out” elements such as in the first Alone in the Dark game…anyways, this is my idea, hope you liked it)