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2001 Updates

12/22/2001 - Added a new piece of fan fiction. - Last Words by Chris Eisenlauer

12/20/2001 - Happy Holidays from West Mansion. In that spirt, we present a Splatterhouse Christmas Greeting from Andrew Ballard.

12/12/2001 - To answer what seems to be the most asked question about Splatterhouse 3, which is how to do Mutated Rick's power move, head over to the Splatterhouse 3 section and take a look.

11/15/2001 - Added a few new pics in the Splatterhouse 2 and FM Towns sections. Added a new piece of info (thanks to Gruesome Rick) about the meaning of Splatterhouse: Wanpaku Graffiti. And a new piece of trivia.

11/11/2001 - Added our first piece of fan fiction.

11/05/2001 - Courtesy of Steffen Zorn, w'eve added a few new scans to the Splatterhouse Handheld section.

10/30/2001 - Added some cool new Fan Art from V-Alis. Added some new screenshots from Splatterhouse 2 and Splatterhouse 3, courtesy of Victor Schreck. And also added some screens from the Arcade and Splatterhouse: WG versions.

10/21/2001 - Does the Fan Art ever stop? Never!

10/19/2001 - Added a boat-load of new Fan Art.

10/18/2001 - From me (Len), we get the Splatterhouse Winston Cup car for NASCAR Racing 3 added to the Miscellaneous Stuff section.

10/16/2001 - Added, from WIDRUM, a Splatterhouse add-on to NHL 2000 to our Miscellaneous Stuff section and a shot of the TurboChip for the Turbografx-16 version.

10/15/01 - Added a FAQ's & Walkthroughs section.

10/07/01 - More Fan Art and a new piece of info (From Daemon) on the FM Towns game.

9/27/01 - Discovered some new bits of Splatterhouse trivia (including some Evil Dead references). Also added a new piece of cool Fan Art (Rick - Street Fighter Alpha style! by ShoHazuki)

9/19/01 - Added a new piece of Fan Art.

9/11/01 - Added the Splatterhouse: WG and Splatterhouse 2 subsections to the Characters section. Added translated screens from the ending of Splatterhouse:WG.

9/10/01 - Added two new sections: an About the Site section to help you learn the history of our little website, and a Help Wanted section to let you know that you too can give us a hand with the site.

9/9/01 - Opened a new section dedicated to the Characters of Splatterhouse. Also added a link to our petition to request that Namco release a Splatterhouse compilation CD. And also added a scan (courtesy of Gruesome Rick) of a rather unique Splatterhouse treat, a Japanese Manga based on Namco characters including Rick.

9/6/01 - Added a ton of new screenshots to the Arcade section.

9/5/01 - Thanks to Gruesome Rick, we've added a photo of the Box, CD, and Manual of the FM Towns version. We've also made a minor change to the SH Handheld page.

9/2/01 - Some new news! Courtesy of Gruesome Rick of Rick's Splatterhouse Necropolis, we now have more info on both the FM Towns and handheld games! He's also given us info on both the Rick Keychain and Official Namco Terror Mask, both of which he owns. Many thanks to him for this new info (and thanks for the pics!)!

Also, added a scan of the Splatterhouse comic ad for the Turbografx-16

8/26/01 - Added some new info on the Famicom game.

8/19/01 - Added some new info about the TG-16 version.

8/14/01 - New Fan Art from Happypeepeehead.

8/13/01 - Opened the Emulation section. Added a new Link.

8/10/01 - New Music, New Links, New PC Engine Screens.

8/6/01 - Added new scans of print ads to the Splatterhouse (Turbografx-16 ) section. Found a Splatterhosue reference in Klonoa 2 (PS2)

8/3/01 - Added "Cathedral" (by Leopold McGininnis) to the music section. Added some new info about the Japanese PC Engine version.

7/31/01 - Added two new sections, a music section and a miscellaneous stuff section.

7/28/01 - Found out some bad news about the fate of the Splatterhouse 2 arcade game.

7/28/01 - Huge Update!. I've recently found out that West Mansion is not alone on the net. Plus, we've got scans of the Japanese Splatterhouse 3 box. Also, we FINALLY have some info on the FM Towns Marty version. (it's just the cover, but still... It's better than nothing!). Plus, An original japanese ad for Splatterhosue. And to cap it all off, more fan art.

7/27/01 - Even more new stuff! Added a Splatterhouse 3 Print Ad (courtesy of Sqoon) to the Splatterhouse 3 for the Genesis page.

7/26/01 - More updates! We've added a TON of new LINK TO WM.

7/25/01 - One day in our new home, and we've already got fan art.

7/24/01 - A date which will live in infamy. The new West Mansion goes live.

7/16/01 - Added scans of the Famicom box, manual, and stickers; the U.S. Splatterhouse 2 box cover and artwork from the manual, and better scans of the U.S. Splatterhouse 3 box cover.

FANTASTIC NEWS!!! Classicgaming.com has agreed to host the site! In the next couple of weeks the transfer should be complete, and we'll be at Classicgaming!

7/6/01 - Added a TON of new screenshots for Splatterhouse (arcade), as well as a scan of the European Splatterhouse 2 cover and the U.S. Splatterhouse 3 cover.

6/29/01 - Added screenshots, cabinet pics and specs on Splatterhouse (arcade), as well as system specs on the arcade Splatterhouse 2 (both courtesy of The Killer List Of Video Games). Also updated the Credits section and added a guestbook.

6/28/01 - Added my reviews of Splatterhouse (arcade and Turbo), Splatterhouse 2 and Splatterhouse 3, as well as adding the item list for 3. Also added a new bit of trivia.

6/27/01 - Added the stories and weapons from the instruction manuals for Splatterhouse (Turbo), Splatterhouse 2 and Splatterhouse 3. Also added stage passwords for Splatterhouse: WG.

6/25/01 - West Mansion brought online!