Splatterhouse: Wanpaku Graffiti

- Rick... super deformed!

- Jennifer's been captured by the Pumpkin King! Rick has to save her!

- The Mask. It's the cause of all of this supernatural craziness.

- The most common enemies in the game, first appearing on Stage 1... and both colored zombies can be dispatched with a single hit.

- These crosses fly off of their graves in Stage 1 and try to impale Rick. One hit and they're gone.

- These undead hounds attack Rick in Stage 1. Hit them once to destroy the body, then destroy the head when it comes after Rick.

- The miniboss of Stage 1. He dances around on his custom disco dance floor (in the middle of a graveyard, no less) with four zombies. Then he throws things at Rick as the zombies attack him. He can't be killed.

- These will o' the whisps first appear outside the house in Stage 1, and later again in Stage 6. One hit vaporizes them.

- These disembodied hands first appear in Stage 1, and have a tendency to throw plates at Rick. Kill them or avoid them.

- These books fly out of their bookshelf two at at a time in Stage 1. One hit will kill them.

- The boss of Stage 1, and obviously an parody of the film The Exorcist. Several hits to the head (which will come off of the body and attack) will destroy her.

- The Stage 1 boss attacks you with these... they can be temporarily stopped, but not destroyed.

- These spiders first appear on Stage 2, and then throughout the game after that. One hit kills them.

- These headless chickens pop out of an oven in Stage 2 and attack Rick. Two or three hits kill them.

- These butcher knifes attack you in Stage 2, along with the headless chickens. Defeat them, and you will move on.

- These infest the sewers of Stage 2. One hit kills them.

- First appearing in the sewer of Stage 2, these spiked things must be avoided, as they can't be killed. In later stages, they migrate to land.

- These mice infest the sewers of Stage 2. They look almost too cute to kill, but don't let their innocent looks fool you. One hit splats 'em into the wall.

- The boss of Stage 2. He attacks using little rats and strong wind that pushes Rick to the far end of the screen. One hit kills it, but watch out for the little guy he transforms into.

- These followers of the Pumpkin King first appear on Stage 3, and appear frequently throughout the rest of the game. One hit will decapitate them.

- These red roaches appear in Stage 3. One hit will kill them.

- There are two chainsaw rooms in the game - one in Stage 3 and one in Stage 7. They take one hit to destroy, but there's a lot of them.

- One of the minibosses of Stage 3, this woman lies there helplessly as her chest bursts open and dozens of spiders swarm out to attack Rick (in an obvious parody of the film Alien). When the spiders are gone, her chest heals up, then she gets up, yawns, and walks away.

- Another miniboss of Stage 3. He cannot be killed... and do NOT attack him or even go near him when you encounter him in Stage 7, whatever you do.

- The Wizard in Stage 3 attacks you with these. One hit destroys them, but they're very fast and not easy to hit.

- The form that the Wizard assumes. Several hits will kill him.

- Another film parody, this time of The Fly. When you encounter him at the end of Stage 3, he's sitting inside a matter transporter. Then a fly flies in with him the door closes, and... you know what happens next.

- The large fly is what the man and fly that are the boss of Stage 3 combine into. It attacks Rick with the smaller flies. Six or seven hits will destroy it.

- These Japanese demons swarm around the pagoda in Japan, and will climb the pagoda after Rick. One hit destroys them.

- These characters attack Rick in Japan by throwing teacups at him. One hit usually knocks them out.

- This woman gives you one of the two crystal balls you need to get the best ending. I pity her for what she has to go through before she gives it to Rick, though...

- The ghost only appears in Stage 4. Blast him with the shotgun to move on.

- These skeletons inhabit Stage 4's Diamond Lake. One blast from the shotgun or hit from the axe will kill them.

- A parody of the shark from the film Jaws, these guys will charge through Stage 4's Diamond Lake in an attempt to hurt Rick. Avoid them by jumping over them - they can't be killed.

- The boss of Stage 4. Often referred to as "the knife and fork demon". The first form fires at Rick, while the second form tries to stab him with his fork. Avoid the first form's fire, and concentrate on killing the second form.

- These bats fly around in varying patterns starting in Stage 5. In Stage 7, they pick Rick up and carry him around, then try to drop him in any pits that might be there. One hit will kill them.

- When Rick first encounters these guys, they're hanging from nooses in the forest of Stage 5. When Rick gets close to them, their bodies break off and run after him, while the heads start firing at him. One hit kills the body, but avoid the head, as it can't be killed.

- These paintings come to life in both Stage 5 and 7. Avoid them if you can - if you kill them, spirits will fly out and chase you, and it can't be killed.

- These buckets will fly off of their shelves and try to hit Rick on the head as they run by. Avoid them.

- The boss of Stage 5. The kid turns into the werewolf, then the werewolf attacks Rick with an attack he ripped off from the Masked Ninja, the last boss of Sega's Shinobi. Hit him when his shield is down.

- This is the thing that the Wizard will push Rick into in Stage 7 if you try to attack him. Once the Wizard pushes Rick in, there's no getting out... until Rick wakes up in a coffin several seconds later.

- These Egyptian heads inhabit the hidden pyramid in Stage 7. Avoid them.

- The Priestess is at the end of Stage 7's hidden pyramid. She gives you the other crystal ball needed to get the best ending... after practically giving Rick a lap dance.

- This possessed clock is found on Stage 7, and shoots its hands at Rick. It can't be destroyed.

- These skulls fly around in the "fire room" of Stage 7. One hit will shatter them.

- This trophy thinks it's hilarious when Rick is hurt in Stage 7's "fire room". To shut it up, hit it once.

- This possessed plunger is found in the restroom of Stage 7, and unclogs the toilet so that little turds with big eyes can attack you. One hit will kill it.

- The aforementioned turds that swarm out of the toilet after Rick. One hit will flush them.

- The Pumpkin King is the final boss of the game. Destroy him, and Jennifer is free!

- The director congratulates Rick at the end of the game, proclaiming "That was some damn fine acting! This'll be a great movie! Nice job!"