Splatterhouse 2

- Rick's new look. Note the now skull-like appearance of the Mask.

- The red zombies appear in the ruins of West Mansion (Stage 1), and the blue ones appear on the dock that the Leviathan smashes in Stage 4. These zombies can be dispatched by one punch or a steel pipe or boat oar to the head.

- More survivors from Splatterhouse, these Body Eaters inhabit the ruins of West Mansion, and will drop from the ceiling looking for a fresh meal... usually what few zombies are shambling around. Watch for the one that explodes from the chest of a zombie like a Facehugger from Alien.

- The boss of Stage 1. Several low kicks will defeat him... just watch out for his exploding stomach.

- The Screaming Mimis. First appearing in Stage 2, Rick encounters them repeatedly throughout the rest of the game. These zombies have a lethal punch and emit high pitched screams, hence the name. The green ones can be killed with one punch, the purple ones with two, and the pink ones with three.

- The boss of Stage 2. Several hits to his eyes will kill him.

- Every so often, the Stage 2 boss will open up his mouth and spit one of these at you. They must be avoided, as they cannot be killed.

- These attack Rick during the fight with Stage 2's boss. They come in patterns, and one punch will dispatch them.

- These fish jump out of the pools of water in Stage 3, and can be dispatched with one punch - but if they latch onto you, shake them off quickly!

- These hedge clippers attack you with the chainsaw in Stage 3's boss room. Knock them down first, then use them on the chainsaw.

- One of two items that attacks Rick in Stage 3's boss room (perhaps possessed by the Poltergeist from the first game?). Use the hedge clippers to knock it down, then grab it to use on the corpses that will fall from the ceiling.

- These hanging monstrosities attack Rick after the hedge clippers and chainsaw do in Stage 3's boss room. Use the chainsaw to carve them up, but watch out for their projectile vomit.

- After destroying the hanging corpses, this... thing smashes its way through the back wall of the Stage 3 boss room... then it just sits there. It does nothing. Two hits from the chainsaw will kill it (and cause a great bloody explosion that splatters your screen with blood).

- A huge octopus creature, the Leviathan first smashes it's way through the dock of Stage 4 to get to Rick, then in Stage 8, it chases Rick and Jennifer's boat as they make their escape. During the chase, use the spikes it throws at Rick against it... and aim for it's eye.

- These zombies infest the forest and underground passages of Stage 4. Sometimes they'll form from will o' the whisps, other times they'll just be walking around. It takes several punches to knock them down - and the ones that form from will o' the whisps can't be destroyed.

- The will o' the whisps that form the zombies in Stage 4's forest. They can't be killed.

- These little bastards try to grab Rick. If they do, you'll find that your controls are reversed... left becomes right, etc. Several punches will kill them.

- The boss of Stage 4. He has the same kind of slide kick as Rick, and once you knock him down once, he'll take his second form. It's very fast, but can be defeated by several low kicks.

- Vomiting ram's heads, hanging on the walls of Stage 5. Avoid the vomit - they can't be killed.

- Returning from Splatterhouse (and growing nice long red nails in between games, apparently), these hands chase Rick around and leap at him in Stage 5, but one hit will dispatch them.

- These sludge monsters first appear in Stage 5, and can only be killed by potassium bombs, which are in extremely short supply. Punch them to slow them down if Rick doesn't have a potassium bomb - but the can't be killed. They just reform and attack again.

- Stage 5's boss. Torch him with a potassium bomb or splatter his brains all over the floor with a single punch.

- The ghostly form of Jennifer that begs Rick for help at the beginning of Stage 6, before being pulled back into the void by...

- ...these long armed things. They can't be killed... in fact, you can't do anything to prevent them from taking Jennifer's spirit back to the Void.

- This is the boss of Stage 6. The small parts will attack you first, then the heads and finally the snake creature itself. Follow the patterns of each part and you'll be okay.

- Jennifer's trapped! Break the crystal by punching it to free her.

- These lightning balls surround the crystal that Jennifer is imprisoned in, and fly at you while being chased by the huge evil creature. Punch them or avoid them at all costs.

- It's Jennifer! The real thing, not the fake that assaulted Rick in Splatterhouse.

- RUN! This huge creature will chase you while throwing lightning balls at Rick and can't be destroyed.

- The final boss. He is not easy to kill... prepare for a fairly tough battle. Try to learn his pattern... it'll save you.

- These heads are thrown at Rick by the last boss and must be either punched or avoided.