The Handheld Game

Publisher: Varie
Developer: Namco
Year: 1988
Screen: LCD
Powered by: 2 AA Batteries
Model #: LCD-113

Review by Gruesome Rick

I'm going to review this game since I finally have it in my hands, it's a Handheld game like any of the Tiger handhelds you may have played as a kid only of a better quality, but a Handheld nonetheless.

However, the really special thing about this Handheld is that it's Splatterhouse! I was really impressed, it was actually entertaining. It has creepy Splatterhouse music playing before the start of each stage, just like in the real game, and of course creepy level music once the game starts which was really good and original. You have three lives only they are represented by Tombstones instead of Beating Hearts or Terror Masks as in the previous games. I'm glad that Tombstones were chosen instead since it makes the game more original and not just a simple handheld port of the Arcade game. Each level is composed of three stages on a single screen, you begin in a room with shelves and the object of the game is to avoid things coming from behind you whether it's a flying knife, or a possessed hand crawling on the ground, Rick must jump over it. There's also ladders flying directly towards you which I figured Rick couldn't avoid but it seems to just pass overhead. Rick is armed with his Hatchet and must attack the monsters coming towards him. You can move up to each level just by surviving the oncoming elements in the first level just like in the real Splatterhouse. Eventually you'll come to a ladder and you can move onto the next level of the screen by pressing Jump by the ladder.

On the first level of the stage is a room with shelves, and it's nothing but bats as enemies and knives to jump over. If you're used to playing Handheld games (which I am not), you will know that you need to strike the monster before it gets near your area or you lose the game. The same goes for dodging oncoming things from behind, you have to jump over it before it comes near you or you lose the game.

Once you see the ladder to the second part you get to go outside, I really like this part because it has the same puking demons tied on ropes that fall out of the trees. You have to avoid them while jumping over the possessed crawling hands from behind.

The top and final stage is the classic boss from Splatterhouse, the monster with a bag over his head and chainsaws for hands. You have to fight him in order to rescue Jennifer who is right behind him screaming (in text) "HELP!"

The more stages you progress in the game the harder it will get of course, more enemies to attack and more items to dodge at a single time. I'm not very good at these handheld games and I'm going to practice with this Splatterhouse game since it is Splatterhouse. I hope that eventually I can get up the 3rd Level and fight the Chainsaw man and rescue Jennifer at least once.

Overall I think this is a great collectible item for any Splatterhouse fan such as myself. It is a really great addition to my collection. I'm so happy to have it, I know if I was able to have the Handheld as a kid when I was obsessed with the Splatterhouse Arcade game, I'd really get a kick out of it. But I'm already loving it now as a huge fan of Splatterhouse from childhood into adulthood. I'll always love it. :)


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(courtesy of Steffen Zorn)
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