Publisher: Ving Co., Ltd.
Developer: Namco
Year: 1992
Platform: FM Towns

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A port of the original Splatterhouse was released for the FM Towns PC in Japan by Ving in 1992. Ving is (or was) a Japanese company that seemed to specialize in licensing arcade titles, then porting them to different systems (the only other Ving game I've personally seen was a Japanese PlayStation port of Taito's classic Night Striker). Not much else is known about them, unfortunately... but if you have any info on Ving, send it here, because frankly, I'd like to know more about them.

From Gruesome Rick:

The Splatterhouse FM TOWNS game is a CD game made for the FM TOWNS Japanese Computer. Ordinarily, you would have to install the Splatterhouse game to a FM TOWNS Computer to play the game. However, a system in Japan called the FM TOWNS MARTY allows FM TOWNS PC games to be played as game discs like any popular game system like a Sega Saturn or Playstation.

So you have a choice of either buying a Japanese Computer or a Japanese System to play the Splatterhouse FM TOWNS (or any other FM TOWNS game) which are very hard to find and expensive. But it is really worth it. Unbelievably, the Splatterhouse FM TOWNS game is an Arcade Port of the first Splatterhouse and it is Arcade Perfect right down to the graphics and sound. It is just like the Arcade.

It's an excellent alternative to owning the actual Arcade Game Cabinet which I've heard runs about $6000 dollars since it's a very collectible vintage arcade game.

But the Splatterhouse FM TOWNS game is not easy to find whatsoever, I got lucky with mine - I hardly spent any money at all for it. But most of the time the Splatterhouse FM TOWNS game soars to prices above a 100 dollars. I have seen it appear on eBay once and it was quite competitive, it appears sometimes on Japanese sites but now I don't even see it come up at all just like the Splatterhouse Handheld. Whatever you have to go through to get the game it is worth it. This is the best home version of the Arcade Splatterhouse ever.


From Daemon:

There are minimal differences, but they're "extras". They are:
- Multiple screen modes (Hi-Res, Lo-Res, Wide, etc)
- A few extra sound effects

From Sergio Ferrari:

...you can see that Splatterhouse is the "Vol. 13" of the Towns games, just like the movie Friday the 13th and Rick Taylor wear a mask like Jason Voorhees... It is just a coincidence? I don't think so. :)

I finally found a difference between the Arcade version and the Towns version: The arcade version have much color depth, but its very difficult to see. Looking at the green bar up and down on the screen (when are displayed the score, the remaining life, the
item carried and the energy) you will see a little difference in color shading, also in the water section on level 2 the shading of the water in arcade version, is better than the Towns version but it's a little thing. :)

I hope that my information are useful for you and all the Splatterhouse fans.