Fan Fiction

Bad Memories
By Guy

This is a fic about Rick's memories of his experiences in Splatterhouse. Its from his point of view and its kind of short.

Every time I wake up in the morning, I think I'm in that house. I wish I could sit up and open my eyes to see the sun shining through my bedroom window. I want to look over and see Jennifer, my loving wife sound asleep. But instead, I open my eyes and see a ravaged room with old boarded-up windows. When I look beside me I see a rotting zombie that I just hacked to pieces with my blood-stained cleaver. The image sticks in my head until I blink. It is then I see what I hoped for the first time. Damn that house, damn that mask

I get up from bed and stretch a little, trying to shake the evil visions out of my head. I still get those urges. I look out the window, and all I see is that damned house. That mansion where my nightmares began to haunt me forever. I turn around and see Jennifer laying on the bed. My right hand begins to shake, the mask urges me to chop her into pieces. I see her body rotting, skin falling off her body into big lumps on the bed. I look beside me and see a bloody cleaver. I reach for it, but then the vision disappears and its only my comb. I know I'm going crazy, I just don't want to scare Jennifer, or my son. I look at the person I am supposed to be in the mirror. I see me, but only from the neck down. I see the mask, fused to my face. I can see red burning through the eyeholes, that mask was nothing but evil.

I open my closet door, but instead of my gray hooded sweatshirt, I see one of those chubby corpses hanging by a noose. The green ooze flowing from his grinning mouth. I pause for a moment and watch this disgusting visual, then suddenly a long, red slimy worm bursts out from the thing's stomach. It lunges at my face. I feel no pain, the mask only laughs. It laughs so loud, it makes my ears bleed. But blood is the only thing I see through the eyeholes of that cursed thing.

I step out of my room, trying to rid myself of the menace in my brain. When I enter the hallway, I look down and see an endless corridor of death. Corpses and human body parts are scattered throughout the hall. Where doors are supposed to be are prison bars, holding back some of the bizarre creatures and freaks of this horrid domain. I look forward and see a demonic creature stumbling towards me, the only thing on it's mind is death. I look around but there is nothing I can defend myself with, my arms are immobile, I'm helpless. I close my eyes and wish for it to go away. When nothing happens, I slowly re-open them. I see my little boy with that worried look in his eyes that he gives me every day.

"Daddy, are you okay?"

No son, daddy is not okay. But just to make you feel better, I'm still alive so that must mean I'm okay.

I want this nightmare to end. I want the dreams and visions to stop. I walk into the kitchen and see a hell beast hacking up a piece of raw meat from a mutilated corpse. It turns to me and grins menacingly. Holding the knife towards me, pointing out that I will be next. I turn around to run the other direction.

"Honey? Are you feeling all right?

I turn back around to see Jennifer, cutting up some vegetables for our evening dinner. How many times do I have to answer that damned question a day? I'll never give them a truthful answer, I will just always say yes, to give them a sense of false security that daddy is okay.

Every time I breathe, I can only hear it being filtered through that mask. I'm not wearing it, but the deep tone of my breathing sounds like I am. The mask still talk to me, even though it's long gone. Every day and night I hear it, taunting me, trying to persuade me to return to my old habits.

Rick, let's play again

..your older life made you much happier ..

.blood is the only thing you desire .

.kill Rick, kill them all

Why? It was only supposed to be a college assignment for me and Jennifer to go study! Why did all this have to happen to me?? It's all because of that house! It's all because of that mask! Everyday those words echo in my mind. But all I hear, is the laughter of that mask.

..we chose you Rick .

..and you chose us ..

..you accepted our offer for blood ..

..it's your fault ..

..we will continue to haunt you Rick ..

..even in death ..

It was only a legend, a rumor. The creatures, the creations, the chaos. It was only supposed to be the mansion of the great parapsychologist Dr. West, nothing more! But, I guess I couldn't help but wonder

.why they called it Splatterhouse .