12/18/03 - Added two new pieces of fan art, a new fanfiction story, a new GTA III skin in Miscellaneous Stuff, and added new scans of the front and back cover of the FM Townes version.

11/13/03 - Due to circumstances beyond my control, I can no longer update my sites or even go online like I want to. Therefore, as of today, all of my sites - including this one - are on a semi-permanent hiatus. I myself will be virtually absent from the net from now on as well. I will still answer emails from time to time, but as far as any major updates to this or any of my other sites are concerned, don't expect any. It is my hope that I will be able to get my sites back up and running full speed at some point - but don't hold your breath waiting for that to happen. However, please enjoy my past work and feel free to comment on it - just don't expect an immediate reply if you do. Of course, Len may decide to post an update during this time, so the site may not be completely without new updates.

Thanks to all of you who have visited this site; you have my most sincere gratitude.

- Rob

11/10/2003 - An Update From Mike, on casting the Splatterhouse Movie...

I have recieved remarkable input from people wanting to be in my Splatterhouse Film, however everybody wants to play THE SAME
PART, "RICK TAYLOR"! Now, while Rick's popularity is understandable, I really need more people to contact me in regards to playing the OTHER ROLES that I have in this film!!!

The Roles that are currantly filled are #1. Rick Taylor, #2. Mutated Rick, #3. Dr.West, #4. The Mask (Voice Only).

The Roles that I need to fill A.S.A.P. are #1. The Biggy Man, #2. The Necromancer, #3. Tommy (Rick's Philandering Best Friend), #4. Skye (Jennifer's Gothic Roomamte), #5. Greg (The Lovable Loser of The Group) and last but certainly not least #6. Jennifer (Rick's Girlfriend). The parts of "Tommy", "Skye" & "Greg" are for the film's beginning only, while "The Biggy Man","Necromancer" & "Jennifer" roles will have very Large Parts in This Film!!!!

I will also gladly take E-mails from those who are interested in playing Zombies and/or Monsters or those who can build Giant Puppets (like those Full-Body Puppets that you saw at the more elaborate Puppet Shows as a child). The kind of Puppet that requires the operator to place both his arms through The Puppet's Arms and then walk around while perhaps using his or her arms to animate The Creature's jaws and/or Claws!!!!

I know that this is a HUGE FAVOR to ask of you, but, I simple cannot offer everyone THE SAME ROLES! I WILL however, give everyone who wants to be in This Film, A ROLE, in one form or another!!!!

The sooner that I can fill these roles, is the sooner that we can MAKE THIS MOVIE!!!!


contact Mike at madman3x6@yahoo.com

10/31/2003 - HAPPY HALLOWEEN from WEST MANSION! Added one new (really good) piece of fan art.

10/14/2003 - Added some new fan art (including one new wallpaper), and posted Chapter 5 of Splatterhouse: Dark Horizons.

9/17/2003 - Added one new piece of fan art, and added a bit of trivia about Splatterhouse: WG.

9/07/2003 - Small update today. Only one piece of fan art.

8/09/2003 - A new chapter of the Dark Horizons fanfic has been uploaded, a new link has been added, and a new award has been won.

7/29/2003 - Added a bit a trivia about "Splatterhouse: The Band". also added some new stuff.

7/20/2003 - Fixed a few things and added a poster to the movie page. Hey, every movie needs a poster, doesn't it?

7/14/2003 - Reorganized a few sections and added some new pieces of official art. West Mansion is also proud to win the "Living Dead Award for WebSite Greatness" from The Undead Web.

7/05/2003 - The section for Splatterhouse: The Movie is now open! Mike, thefilm's director and producer, has a request for help with the movie. Just check out that section and drop him a line if you feel that you can be of assistance to him. Also, we have manual scans of the PC Engine and Mega Drive games, courtesy of Patrick Haber, which can be found in their respective sections.

6/27/2003 - A HUGE update. New artwork. new fan fiction, new music, new info on Splatterhouse 2 & 3. Oh yeah, and a redesign of the links area.

6/04/2003 - Added a bunch of new Miscellaneous Stuff. Also added a few new pieces of info to the Arcade and Splatterhouse 2 pages.

5/29/2003 - Added more fan art.

5/08/2003 - Added more fan art, and added a new link.

I (Len) would also like to apologize to anyone that has been waiting for what seems like forever for me to post their material. I've had some hardware issues to overcome and have now finally resolved them. I'm very sorry it took so long and will try my best nevr to let it happen again.

3/25/2003 - Added new fan art.

3/05/2003 - Added a new piece of fan art.

2/13/2003 - Added a new piece of fan art.

2/11/2003 - Added some new animated GIF's to the Splatterhouse 3 section.

2/09/2003 - Added some new info on a new Splatterhouse game, fixed some missing credits, and added some scans of the manual to the Splatterhouse 2 section.

2/03/2003 - Added some new artwork, and fixed a couple of bad links.

1/24/2003 - Added a farewell (for now) note from Rob and a bunch of new artwork.

1/06/2003 - Got this bit of news from Andrew Ballard - check this out, everyone!


The new issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly (#163 Feb) contains the following bit in the Quartermann Rumors and Gossip section on page 58.

"New 3D Splatterhouse?

The Q's spies indicate that Namco is considering bringing back its Splatterhouse series of side-scrolling hack-em-ups for a 3D installment. Seems that Jason Voorhees-lookalike and main character Rick just can't move into a house without zombies knockin' at the door...."

Fantastic! Now let's convince Namco to make this a reality! Visit Namco's U.S. site at this address: http://www.namco.com/usa_index.html - they don't provide an email address on the site to send requests to, but in the Community section you can provide feedback on their different games via a survey form, and they do have a box for additional comments. I strongly advise anyone interested in seeing this sequel become a reality to tell Namco what they think using that additional comments box. I already have. ^_^

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