10/14/2004 - Len here with a small update and an announcement. First the small update. We've added a few new pieces of fanart.

Now for the announcement:

Rob here. This is goodbye... again. I'm heading back to Georgia, and as such, I'll be losing my net access for the foreseeable future. I will be returning, so you haven't seen the last of me. In the meantime, please send all site submissions to our new email address: splatterhouse@gmail.com. You can still contact Mike and Len at their respective addresses for questions about the site. You can even try to contact me at my address, but I can't guarantee when you'll get a response. Any site submissions in the future, be they fanart, fanfiction, music, special projects or whatever else, must be mailed to splatterhouse@gmail.com.

Anyway, until I return... so long!

9/17/04 - Rob here, with yet another update. This time there's a new piece of fanart and a scan of a Splatterhouse 3 review from Xs magazine (both provided by Gav), an interesting picture comparison in the Trivia section, and something I just rediscovered - an old Flash promo created for WM by a friend of mine, Pete Wilson. I've had this stored away for over two years now... glad I stumbled across it recently, so it can finally be shown to everyone. Find it in the Miscellaneous section.

9/16/04 - Rob here, everyone. For the first time in... well, longer than I can remember, there's been an update to the Music section! It's a big one, too. The entire soundtrack to Splatterhouse: Wanpaku Graffiti has been added, in mp3 form! On top of that, the entire soundtrack to Splatterhouse 3 has been added, in both wma and mp3 form! Many thanks to RickTaylor for contributing them. Also, V-Alis (or as like to call her, West Mansion's Official Jennifer Artist) has contributed three awesome new 3D pictures of Jennifer, which can be found in the Artwork section. If you like her work, why not stop by the forum and tell her so? She can usually be found in the Afterimage forum (she's one of the moderators there as well). While you're there, check out her other game-related artwork, which is just as good as her Jen art!

UPDATE: Len here. Added a couple of piece of fan art that had slipped through the cracks...

9/9/04 - A minor update: there's a new piece of fanart from V-Alis. We've got some more new stuff coming soon, so stay tuned...

8/30/04 - The new fanart I promised last time has been added, including a pic from Fysh, author of Splatterhouse: Dark Horizons. Speaking of which, Fysh hinted that there may be a new chapter coming soon, and I for one certainly can't wait to read it! Dammit, I want to know how it ends! ^_^

8/27/04 - There's a new piece of fanart from PrimeOp, and some new additional media in the both the Splatterhouse 2 and Splatterhouse 3 sections of The Games. More fanart will be added soon!

8/16/04 - Two new pieces of fanart have been added. More new stuff coming soon!

7/30/04 - Due to an error on our part, the cover pics for both the U.S. versions of Splatterhouse 2 and 3 were overwritten and erased. Luckily I was able to locate a backup of our Splatterhouse 3 cover pic, but the Splatterhouse 2 one remains MIA. If anyone out there can send me a nice big, clear scan of the cover to the U.S. Splatterhouse 2, with the file name sh2uscover, preferably saved as a jpg, please do, to axelay@ureach.com

- Rob


- Len

7/25/2004 - I have returned.

Yes, Rob is back. However, I'm not here to resume control of the site. Please continue to send submissions to either Len or Mike, please. I'm here to do some behind the scenes work, as well as some other miscellaneous things that need to be done, and as such, I'm only here on a limited basis. You can contact me to talk Splatterhouse all you want, but please don't send me any more site submissions (as much as I like receiving them, I'm in no shape to handle them like I used to). Eventually I may come back full time, but not for a while.

Of course, we do have new additions to make. There's a slew of new fanart (which reminds me, Philip Mansfield: if you read this, please resubmit your "last boss of SH1" piece, because I lost it in a hard drive crash), as well as - drumroll please - our first ever selection of screenshots from the FM Towns version of Splatterhouse (many thanks to Sergio Ferrari for providing those)! Check them out in the FM Towns section of The Games. We do have some more things to add, such as scans of magazine reviews that were provided to us, but we don't have time to add them in this update. Also, check out our new forum, now hosted on Invision. It's just like the old Third Moon on ezBoard, but about 10,000 times better.

One minor note - if you have any screenshots to send, please only send the pics you intend to, cropped properly (you know, without excess borders or your desktop in the pics). It's a minor thing, but it makes less work for us and helps get things done quicker.

Here's something else for all you artistic types out there - while we love getting pics of Rick and Biggy Man, we do have an awful lot of them. How about some of the characters that don't get a lot of attention? We get the occasional pics of characters like the Necromancer (SH1), the various bosses of the series, and Jennifer, to name a few, but not very many. How about trying your hand at some of them? I for one would like to see pics of the Boreworm (SH3), David (who we have yet to receive a single pic of), the "fly" boss (SH2), and maybe some of Drs. West and Mueller (we have no pics of them, either). I'd also love to see some more Jennifer pics (the only pic we have of Jen by herself so far is here), and some pics of the Mask itself (re: not attached to Rick's head) would also be nice. Maybe even a nice pic of any of the three mansions from the series... the sky's the limit.

It's good to be back.

5/15/2004 - File this under "just a rumor, for now": A Splatterhouse compilation for the PlayStation 2?

Just click on that link and scroll down until you get to the fourth rumor. Sounds interesting, don't you think? If this is true, then it means we may very well be seeing Splatterhouse on the PS2 very soon! However, there was no news on it whatsoever at E3, at least none that was reported. Until Namco officially releases info and/or screenshots, we're only treating this news as a rumor. Interestingly, there is now a listing on Amazon.co.uk for it.

Heh... maybe Namco finally took notice of our petition. ^_^

Also added some new fan art.

4/21/2004 - Hello again everyone, Rob here. I'm sorry to let you all know this, but I am stepping down as webmaster of WM, perhaps for good this time. Yes, I know I've taken sabbaticals in the past, but what's going on in my life right now is too serious and frankly doesn't leave me with time to be running any websites. All of my other sites (excluding zero signal, which is now closed), are now under new management, and this one is no different. I'd like to introduce Mike, who will be taking over from now on. Mike is also now in charge of my OPCFG site too, and if you have any questions, submissions or anything for either site, you can email him at opcfg@yahoo.com. Of course, Len will still be here as well, making sure the site stays on course and above all, alive.

However, if anyone still wants to contact me, you can email me at axelay@ureach.com - but don't be surprised if quite some time goes by before you get a reply. Any and all site submissions from now on should be sent to either Mike or Len.

It's been fun, everyone. Who knows? Perhaps I will be back someday...

3/15/2004 - There's a new piece of artwork in the Artwork section, and a new wallpaper there as well, and Chapter 8 of Nate's fanfic Splatterhouse: Das Kind des Erbes has been posted.

You may have noticed a couple of missing links on the main page - that's because the Splatterhouse: The Movie link and the Biggy Man World Tour 2002-2003 sections have both been removed. The Biggy Man World Tour... well, to be blunt, that never went anywhere. It was a great idea, but there just weren't any contributions, save the first two created by William, the guy that came up with the idea, and one from Fysh. The pics from that section have been moved to the Artwork section, so if you still want to see them, that's where they'll be.

Splatterhouse: The Movie, on the other hand - everything looked great there, but for the longest time I had heard nothing about the film... no status reports or anything at all until just recently. I just received an email from Mike, the producer/director... in it he states that the film has been officially canceled, and he stated the numerous reasons that he's decided to shut down the production. While I won't go into exactly what they are, I will say that after reading them, it is for the best, as much as I (and I'm sure all of you) would have liked to seen it. Ironically enough, the new piece of artwork that was posted is a new and improved Movie poster (the original movie poster has also been moved to Artwork, in case you want to see it). Oh well. Maybe Mike will be able to pick it up again someday, but as of right now the film is officially dead.

However, despite the bad news (and lack of updates), there is a new idea that's been brewing for a while. What would YOU like to see in a Special Edition version of the Splatterhouse trilogy? What kind of revisions or additions to the series would you want to include? New weapons? Branching pathways? More gore? Even more disgusting creatures, or maybe even new ones? Maybe something along these lines: additional weapons that could be accessed if you succeed in unlocking the 'arranged' version of the game by playing through its original edition... you get the idea. The sky's the limit here, so send your ideas to David at evildead2099@ureach.com - the best ones will be posted here in a future update. Just make sure you enter "Splatterhouse SE Ideas" as the subject heading.

Oh, and thanks to Arnold, several long-lost cheats for Splatterhouse: Wanpaku Graffiti have surfaced! Check them out in the WG section of The Games.

2/10/2004 - Added some new fan art, a new fanfiction story, and some new screen shots of Splatterhouse 2.


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