Das Kind des Erbes ch.8

The Evil One continued his march of the dead and tortured, all around him, and finally reaching the clearing he saw nothing but carnage.

Evil: Where are the screams of agony, the deaths of the humans and the mask returning to me? Surely, with our powerful creatures we would have succeeded by now.

Coming into view he saw that there were none of his ' children ' in sight, but rather, nothing but blood and corpses' body parts laying all over the place. Coming within the range of the property of the house now, he could clearly see all the body parts belonged to his creations, with the exception of Rick's body, pierced through the middle and lifeless on the ground in front of the house door.

Evil: Hahaha! A few casualties, but we've killed Richard and I wasn't even here to enjoy it. It would have been nice to do it myself, but good work Arexnid, where are you though?

David: ( from above ) You may have succeeded in killing my father, but you have NOT yet defeated your greatest enemy yet, and that is something you will not get to enjoy, st least not for long!

Evil: ( looking up to the balcony, following the voice ) Ah! I see you are still alive. ( Noticing the mask imbued into David's body and more powerful than ever, grimacing and slightly in fear ) Its been a long time boy.

David: Not long enough, and would a boy be able to do this to your creations? ( pointing to Arexnid's corpse on the ground )

Evil: HOW! How could such a novice be able to destroy my creation?!

David: That's not all. ( tosses Saeguaro's head down to the Evil One ) Eat up, you disgusting shit.



Jumping off the balcony high into the air, David stopped suddenly, hovering above the evil for just a split second before his body was engulfed in pure power and his energy only rose with the display. The Evil could feel his power rising rapidly and soon realized he had clearly underestimated the ramifications of letting the mask go.

Retreating to the direction of the house, he left some minions for David to keep held up in.

Evil: Impressive my boy, but here is not where I will meet my end, and not in this lifetime. If you want real repentance, you'll find me in my realm!

David: WAIT!

The Evil was gone now, passing quickly through the forest and past the treeline heading back to the house so he could get into his realm. David, realized this wouldn't be quick and simple. He returned once more to his room before leaving.

David: Alright, there are ghouls outside, i'm going to take care of them, and then I'm going after the Evil, PROMISE me you'll stay here. One death is enough, and i'm sure glad Chloe just left for vacation.

Jennifer: What do you think I'm supposed to do? Sit and wait while my only son goes off to some kind of hell and takes on this overlord of the dead? Rick did it twice and it never worked fully.

Rick: Even in death she rags on me, heh heh.

Jennifer: okay I heard THAT!

Rick: Shit, just kidding honey.

Jennifer: This isn't funny! This is morbid, my husband is stuck in a mask and my son is transformed BY the mask my husband is IN!

David: Mom if I don't do it, then the world is going to go under, and besides, I have dad, a veteran of kicking ass, to watch over me.

Rick: Besides, look at him! He's way more powerful than i ever was with the mask, he's all set.

Jennifer: Just, be careful and come back to me, you promise?

David: I promise.

Rick: Me too.

Jennifer: A....alright...get going...Kill that bastard.

David: Right!

Jennifer: I love you guys!

David: ( leaving ) we love you too!

Jumping off the balcony and landing deftly without a sound, David's rage once again flared as he saw more ghouls, a few even at the door trying to get in. He quickly shot over to them and dispatched them with his fists, grabbing them by the heads two at a time and crushing their skulls. The other ghouls by the yard and near the field behind were shambling forward. Running at a great speed, David blew past the first few with his arms out stretched, decapitating them. The next batch he saw he jumped high in the air over, and as he was right above them, threw his fingers out sending quick, clear bolts of energy piercing their skulls killing them instantly. He landed and was on his way, faster than before and more enraged with each monster he killed. Over the road and past the treeline, he ran fast, deep into the dark forest. It would normally take a while, but with his speed and agility it would take no longer than 10 minutes.

Only after about 5 minutes, David was deep into the forest and stopped to relocate the Evil's energy so he could follow directly to where he was. As he was stopped his concentration was broken by a tree tumbling quickly toward him and with no signs of stopping. David put his arms up in the air just in time to shield his body and the tree broke in half not budging David an inch. After the dust cleared he composed himself and promptly cursed.

David: Fuck!

Rick: Where the hell did that come from? I never knew of any of the Evil's enemies that inhabited the outside that were strong enough to hurl trees, normally it was just your average ghouls and mimis. Come to think of it, isn't it odd that there aren't any of them around?

David: Well, from what I can tell, they're all like this one.

( Pointing to a few messed up corpses ) Did someone make it here before us?

Rick: Shit, I don't think so. The only thing I knew that harassed other monsters of its own clan was....

A chainsaw was heard starting up in the near distance, followed by thunderous footsteps.

Rick: Shit shit shit! Run David run!! Fucking FAST!

David: I...well....okay..

Just as David moved from his spot the giant 15 foot Render landed in his spot with a giant swipe of his chainsaw.

David: Holy shit this is big and not so tasty!

Rick: I had to fight him once. This is no easy shit, even for you, this maniac is a fighting machine, he killed those zombies and mimis in probably under 12 seconds.

David: Oh for fuck's sake everything around here SUCKS!

Standing at 8 feet tall, David still looked dwarfed by the Render's massive height and muscle structure. The beast didn't bother waiting at all and continued his pursuit as David began to run. The monster was tall so its steps were big, but David was faster. Outrunning Render he escaped into a thick, dank forest area with no clearings.

David: Whew, well. That was demented.

Rick: Don't rest too long in once place, he never gives up until your dead.

Just as that was said A chainsaw somewhere VERY close was started up, almost right in David's ear. He got up from the tree he was resting on and looked around to see where it was coming from. Now getting a little afraid he couldn't see the menace, yet it sounded so close, nerved him. As he turned around, the tree he was resting on grabbed him by the left collar and lifted him up.

David: That wasn't no damn tree! ITS HIM!

Rick: No wait...What is going on here... he was too fast.

Just then, David is slammed into the ground harshly making a deep imprint into the ground and a tiny crater was left. Getting up, he realized the Render only had one chainsaw this time.


Just as David dodged to the side, Render appeared from above and once again swiped but missed, barely missing Gruesaro as well. The two large, ferocious lumber-jack like behemoths faced each other for a brief moment before both turned to David.

David: Oh shit.....This is fucking trouble!

Rick: This is too much! Two of them has got to be impossible to kill!

Gruesaro took his good arm and tried to punch David while Render advanced forward and made an overhead chop at David. Deflecting the punch and jumping high into the air before Render could sever him, he was safe for a moment, until he realized he was coming down again. Right before he landed Render kicked him back up into the air and David went soaring high and far, wincing in pain. After a short flight he landed on his back right in front of the mansion, about 40 feet from the door outside in the large clearing. Standing to his feet and getting more powerful as his anger and instant pain grew, instead of fearing, he decided to be brave.

Rick: They probably have weaknesses, you know david.

David; Well i'd like ot know them while i'm alive!

Rick: Hey i'm just getting used to being in this mask, as hellish as it is, it has its advantages. The one with two saws name is Render, the second one's name is Gruesaro.

David: I want physical weaknesses, not their social security numbers dammit!

Rick: I'm getting there! ..........I guess, just go for their heads.

David: I could have thought of that. I don't have any time, I know they're on there way.

Trees are heard snapping in the distance and roots are heard being torn from the ground like ripping flesh. The forest is black and not visible beyond the first line of trees. No movement can be made out at all, but the sounds were audible and getting closer very fast. The roaring of the chainsaw, if in a movie, would be very cheesy and funny, but because it was for real and on the other end of the chainsaws were gigantic lumbering beasts without flesh, made it seem like the movie was probably the most innocent thing in the world. Stuck out in the open, David began to panic a little. The chainsaws guttural roaring stopped without warning. David knew something was up.

David: It stopped. I'm not stupid, they must be planning something. They're huge and powerful, but they aren't stupid.

Rick: Yes, be on your highest alert. I can't sense them either.

From right in front of David, Render and Gruesaro walked out of the forest as if they has intentionally wanted to be spotted. This being very odd to David, he was cautious even just standing in front of these two. They very slowly walked up to David but something was different. They didn't walk as if they were about to rip him open and feast on him. They walked with demeanor and intentions without fighting. Stopping 5 feet from David, he hadn't moved from his spot. Gruesaro and Render both peered down with their heads as if they would see David clear as day. David, looking up between these two towers finally got a good look. Both of them were huge in stature and probably more muscular than they should be, even for their height. Everytime they moved their joints you could see the numerous muscles twitch and slide inbetween each other and shift as they worked together to create motion out of the huge tree trunks for arms and legs. The burlap sacks remained ominous and clandestine. The chainsaws lay dormant and Gruesaro's good hand constantly opened and closed as if he impatiently waited for something. David spoke.

David: What do we do now?

Gruesaro and Render looked at each other and then Gruesaro moved around David swiftly and took his good hand and extended it out towards the house's main doors, as if they were letting David freely access the interior of the house with a struggle at all. Confused and baffled, David just looked at the two with disbelief.

Rick: I don't understand. Do they hate the Evil One and want revenge?

David: Maybe it's possible. I don't blame them. ( looking at the two hesitantly and then speaking to them ) Well, if you insist, then I'll just go ahead. You aren't so bad after all.

Gruesaro let out a guttural moan of....somehow interpreted satisfaction and let David proceed towards the house. At the last moment before David took his second step though, Gruesaro put his massive hand on David's shoulder to stop him and have him look. Gruesaro gave him a nod and let him go. As David walked away he suddenly thought he heard laughter. Before he could turn around, Render had given him a large roundhouse kick to the small of the back, sending him, torso leading first, through the front doors splintering them completely into pieces, and as David slid on the ground face first he used his hands to propel himself up just in time to avoid the large chainsaw of Gruesaro trying to dismember him. Flipping back up to his feet, holding his back in pain, he cursed them.

David: You two are assholes after all.

Rick: I should have known. Let's not make this mistake again.

David: I agree, and I intend to fix my mistake right now with a lot of anger.

Reaching deep into the well of his soul and calling upon his psychic abilities once more, he let his power flare outwards in bright shades of blood red, crackling in their air with black lightning.

David: I show no mercy, although I know no other way. I won't surrender, so you die.

Exploding forward with great velocity, unseen to the human eye, he thrust his whole body, using his head, into the abdomen of Gruesaro sending him flying back out the entrance. Jumping after Gruesaro's flying body, he caught up to it with blinding speed and stopped just as Gruesaro began to arm back towards the ground. Focusing his radiating blood red energy into the palms of his hands he let his anger flow out of him and materialize as pure energy and struck Gruesaro hard in the torso and some even in the face. Rocketing him down hard and deep into the ground, the force of David's own attack had stopped his proceeding forward and actually made him move back a little before falling harmlessly to the ground. Render took one look at the slowly recovering Gruesaro and let out a large thunderous war cry. Rushing at David with the chainsaws making an X in front of him he, when upon reaching his destination, tried to slash David in two across the chest. Slashing nothing but air he caught David up in the air coming down at his face with his foot thrust outward. Deflecting the attack with the side of the saw, he continued his attack, first trying to slash but missing, and then kicking and connecting with David's arm, trying to block, and the force sending David far off to the left smashing into the foundation of the mansion. As David groggily recovered he saw Gruesaro standing next to Render, almost completely unharmed except for the bloodied flesh around his torso, which was burned away a few layers, profusely bleeding. His face was what made David take a step back. A demented, twisted up version of a girl's face. From what extential observation could deduce, a girl's face. With one eye completely battered shut and small, the other eye was profoundly larger and quite disgusting. Black pus foamed at the edges of the large eye, with a black coloring and a white pupil. A nose that was bent out of shape, as if broken every other weekend for 5 years. A wide mouth that took up half of it's face, littered with broken, rott ed green teeth, all misshaped and a lashing tongue that was black and filled with boils the size of regular human eyes. Gruesaro's mouth constantly closed and opened as if it was chewing on something, but everytime it opened its mouth, a green/brownish acidic liquid would spill out and burn a little of its skin, not that Gruesaro paid any mind. Before David could glare at Gruesaro's face any longer they both came up to David, this time with the intent to kill.

David: Fucking.......disgusting..( almost vomiting )

Rick: So that's what was behind that burlap sack the whole time.

Standing over David now, the two behemoths commenced their attacks. Gruesaro started first with a punch while Render almost simultaneously tried to kick. David ducked below and then as the coast was clear, jumped up between the two, using his left foot and pushing off Render's chest knocking him back a few steps, he took his left foot, from Render's chest and brought it around to Gruesaro's head, and proceeding around completing a 360 and connecting with his right heel to the head, and the last strike was a double fisted hammer strike to the top of the skull as he was descending to the ground. Instinctively ducking to avoid Render's saw, he outstretched both heels from his crouching position and thrusted them into Render's (supposed) ballsack. Doubling over in agony, Render let out a hideous groan and used his chainsaw to balance his weight on the ground.

David: The Render has nuts?

Gruesaro Recovered from his attack and started up his chainsaw and grew rampant with rage. He rushed at David, and stopped a few feet short. Gruesaro gave David an evil grin of some sorts and then its face contorted as if it was in some kind of unusual pain.

Rick: Attack it now!

David: Is it a good idea? he looks like he's going to.....

Just as David spoke, Gruesaro projectile vomited green substance at David at an alarming speed. Just barely missing his eyes and chest, David noticed another large bellow from behind him. Whipping around he saw Render standing, howling in pain as he noticed a smoking, burning stain on Render's crotch and torso area.

David: Damn........Sorry buddy, life sucks!

Flipping backwards over Gruesaro's unsuspecting head, He took his hand and placed it on Gruesaro's back and focused more energy directly from his palm into Gruesaro's back, forcing, and burning, him forward and toppling over into Render. Gruesaro fell into Render and his chainsaw dug deep into Render's left leg, creating muscles to get caught up in the chains and teeth and make it cough and sputter a little before continuing its hacking. Render, showered with pain, roared and flipped Gruesaro off of him forcefully, examining his wound and then looking at David with murderous intent. beginning to stand up, he was then sideswiped by the large Gruesaro. Both of them, fighting on the ground for control, revved up their saws and tried to hack each other. David tried to slyly get away, but as he made his move, they both noticed, and got up after him. Turning back around fully, David realized he needed to end this and end it fast.

Rick: With Render limping it slows him down a little, pull Gruesaro away and take it out first, then concentrate on Render, but don't rule him out, because they're smart this time, they think, and That's a bad thing.

Gruesaro took to running at David while Render limped along going as fast as he could with his left leg almost completely severed.

David: Look at that...The chainsaws hurt them really bad, maybe I can use that to my advantage.

David deftly dodged Gruesaro's first swipe and intentionally let himself be hit my Gruesaro's bare fist knocking him backwards and digging deep into the ground.

Rick: What are you doing?

David: Watch.

With David laying still on the ground, Gruesaro took a minute to observe to see if it was a trap. Render took the opportunity to stumble over and try to stab David with his saw. As Render moved and shifted his weight to lift his saw, David slid his feet under Render and tripped him up, kicking Render in his severed, exposed wound creating blood to gush out and Render to fall to the ground with a thunderous thud, roaring in pain. David Snapped back up just in time to avoid Gruesaro's monstrous stomp from above and came face to face with the sickly beast. David began to feel his power swell up again at the danger that his life was in. Gruesaro began another assault of heavy strikes with his bare arm and slashes with his saw, David avoided each like an expert, as if he'd known these techniques all his life. When he saw a clear opening, his plan moved into action without hesitation. David ran up Gruesaro's leg and up his chest, making Gruesaro pound his own chest with his bare arm trying to swat him away, but David pushed off his chest in time and up into the air. Coming back down quickly he thrust out both feet and kicked Gruesaro square in the face snapping its head back and causing it to fall over. The plan worked beautifully. Gruesaro landed nicely onto Render's still rotating saws and his saw arm was being severed by Render's own chainsaw. Before too much damage was dealt Gruesaro was able to stand up and try to continue to fight. That's exactly what David wanted. When Gruesaro attacked with his bare arm, as anticipated, David dodged around his saw arm's side and grabbed the saw arm by the shoulder and the forearm, and with a burst of power ripped the arm straight off, ripping muscles and hearing snapping tendons and blood vessels whipped him in the face with splattered blood. The bone finally dislocating from the shoulder and taking all the cartilage and tendons with it, blood sprayed like a fountain profusely from Gruesaro's stub. Taking the tendons and pulling select few, the chainsaw revved up to life an d David wielded the deadly saw. Gruesaro, who was trying to shake the pain never noticed David come from behind and bring the saw down into Gruesaro's collar bone, trying to hack right through the middle of the body. The chainsaw choked a few times and kicked back to life, sawing through all the bones and muscle, splattering sickly rancid blood everywhere. Halfway through Gruesaro's torso and onto the lower half, Gruesaro found the strength to lean what part of his body was left up and project sickly red and greenish acid vomit in the sky in hopes of hitting David. David bailed at the last possible moment, leaving Gruesaro to revel in the shower of death all by its self, slowly deteriorating into a pile of singed muscle and mass. David lumbered over to Render, lying on the ground helpless with a missing leg now.

David: No hard feelings, its just that you tried to kill me.

Render tried to attack with his saw but David moved out of the way and slashed the saw up Render's stomach and to his throat, spewing blood everywhere like a fountain. David knew it wasn't quite enough to kill him, so as the saw started to die he jumped high into the air above Render's body and began to build up force. As his jumping ascent was stopping at its altitude, he released his energy in alternating blasts from each hand down to the earth to pummel Render to death. Red streaks of sharp energy pierced through Render and to the ground, and with one final blast, he started to fall to earth, no energy to keep him hovering. By the time the dust had cleared from so much dirt being dug up, there was barely anything left from Render. A few pieces of his rawhide vest and the occasional chunk of flesh, muscle or bone. Blood painted the trees a new color and that was all there was left of the two behemoths.

David: As I said; I show no mercy, you know, I know no other way, so you die.

David turned and faced the dark tattered house, his eyes blaring a deep red and his fire grew inside him. It was time to go into that house. The one he was told never to go near.

The Splatterhouse called.