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Thanks to forum regular Haniwa Dogu for inspiring this page!

These are just some fun little semi-interactive bits the programmers of Splatterhouse 3 threw into the game. Have you found them all yet?

First Floor

The painting

First up is the painting. Somone at Namco Japan in the '90s was a fan of the 19th century Spanish painter Fransico Goya, apparently, because no less than three paintings in the mansion were painted by him. The first, the "Portrait of Doņa Isabel de Porcel", is on the first floor. Here's the location, marked on the map by the Mask:

As you enter, you see the painting:

But just move towards it, and...

"Saturno Devorando a Su Hijo/Saturn Devouring His Son"

The second Goya painting is also on the first floor. From Albert Sautter: "When running around the first floor, I noticed a bizarre painting in the background. I thought I had seen it before; turns out, its called "Saturno Devorando a Su Hijo/Saturn Devouring His Son". It was painted by Francisco Goya and it depicts the Roman Titan, Saturn, eating one of his children to avert the prophecy that one of them would rise up and destroy him. I've sent a screenshot along with the original image spliced into it. The original always gave me the creeps, makes sense to have it in SH...."

Here it is. First, the location:

And the painting itself. Click to enlarge.

There is a third Goya painting, "The Clothed Maja," on the third floor, although it's very small and the image has been flipped. There's also a NSFW variation of that painting, although that's one's not in the game.

The corpse

And now for the corpse that hides a heart. It's on the first floor, location as follows:

And here it is, still twitching away:

Rick's truck

Here it is. First, the location:

You just get to it by taking the yellow door immediately to the left of it. What's in there? A couple monsters and an extra life.

The room of falling Deadmen

Now this is a weird one. The location on the map:

When you enter this room, Deadmen literally start raining from the sky. Most of them splatter as soon as they hit the floor, but some survive to attack you.

Second Floor

The "abbatoir"

Moving along - the "abbatoir", as Haniwa refers to it:

Here's where it is:

As you enter, this is what you first see:

Then, almost imperceptibly, a hand drops down from the ceiling right above the door:

Then the whole corpse drops down:

Third Floor

The "piano ghost"

Now for the piano ghost. Just so you know what music she's playing, listen to track #10 in the sound test. The creepy organ. Here's her location:

Once you enter the room, this is what you see:

If you approach her, she turns into this:

and roars that horrible roar from the opening sequence as she flies away. It all happens very quickly, and as such that's the best shot of her transformation I could get.

Fifth Floor

The blue Rick "clone"

There is a blue Rick "clone" on this floor. Starting from this room that contains a pipe (the exact location of the pipe is marked):

And here's the pipe:

Now head to the right and go down. You'll end up here:

And here he is:

Kinda eerie, huh? You might expect him to attack you a la Mirror Rick from Splatterhouse, but no... this is just a warning from the Evil One. Go near him, and:

he just melts into the floor as the laughter sounds.

So, if you haven't found them yet, now you can go see them for yourself. Oh, and just because I felt like putting it here:

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