Splatterhouse 3

- Here's Rick yet again... this time completely charged with the power of the Mask. He can transform from his normal self into Mutant Rick, as shown here.

- These annoying zombies pester you throughout the game, and come in a variety of colors, as do most of the other enemies. Usually the darker the color, the stronger the creature is.

- These guys seem to be descended from the Screaming Mimis of Splatterhouse 2. Several well-placed punches will knock them down for good.

- This creature first appears near the end of the first floor, and will try to crush Rick in its powerful jaws.

- This is the boss of the first floor. After several hits, its head falls off, but he continues to attack, using an arm that he has inside what's left of his head. He shows up as a minor enemy on later floors.

- This annoying freak first shows up on the second floor. They are much more powerful than the regular zombies, and can be twice as difficult to kill.

- These boreworms that the Giant Boreworm attacks you with bear more than a passing resemblance to the Bodyeaters of Splatterhouse 1 and 2. They cannot be killed - they must be avoided.

- The Giant Boreworm, boss of the second floor, must be defeated before it can turn Jennifer into a mindless beast! It will attack Rick with the small boreworms, and after he knocks off its head, it will charge him.

- Another variety of zombie, this antlike bastard will go down after a few good solid punches and headbutts. BEWARE!!! This thing has a move that Rick had in the first two Splatterhouses - a sliding kick. Avoid it while it's sliding - or die.

- These doglike zombies are some of the easier zombies to kill, and more often than not drop items.

- The boss of the third floor. A spirit rises out of what you think is David, then posesses a teddy bear. The teddy itself is a pushover, but when the head falls off - watch out!

- To me, this phantom always seemed like it would be at home in the original Splatterhouse. Beat it up so that it drops it's cloak and hood - watch out for the arm! - and bash the head into nothing.

- These giant hands shoot up from the floor and do a massive amount of damage, so be careful when you see them coming.

- The boss of the fourth floor. The embryo egg is easy enough to kill, but the monster it forms will charge Rick and try to electrocute him.

- Finally! The Evil One, who was behind everything Rick and Jennifer have ever faced! Beat him until his body cracks, then finish him off - but watch out for the giant head that comes out of his chest.

- Finally the Mask declares its true intentions - it wants to take over the world, and Rick has been its pawn the whole time! First beat the body it forms from the remains of the Evil One, then be prepared to destroy the Mask itself. It all ends here...