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Publisher/Developer: Namco Bandai Games America
Release Date: 11/23/2010 (U.S.)/11/26/2010 (EU)
System: Sony PlayStation 3/Xbox 360

From the official site: "Metal heads, horror freaks and hardcore action gamers, unite!

"Rick Taylor and the Terror Mask are back, tearing, cutting and beating their way through inhuman abominations and hordes of the undead in a tale of love, mutilation and near-insanity.

"A wall of metal tunes underscores blood-soaked battles with massive bosses, brutal weapons, over-the-top gore and real-time regeneration. And while your ears are ringing, a new Splatterkill System lets you get your hands bloody!"

Official sites for Splatterhouse:


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Official reviews

1 to 10 ratings:

Planet Xbox 360 - 8.2/10
PlayStation Unlimited - 8.2/10
Atomic Gamer - 8/10
RipTen - 8/10
Awesomesauce Productions @ ScrewAttack - 8/10
Worthplaying - 7.5/10
Destructoid - 7.5/10
MS Xbox - 7.5/10
Pittsburgh Post Gazette - 7.5/10
Plasma Station - 7.3/10
Xboxliveaddicts - 7/10
Blistered Thumbs - 7/10
PALGN - 7/10
GameZone.com - 6.5/10
PSX Extreme - 6.2/10
GamerDork! - 6/10
Eurogamer - 6/10
The Telegraph - 6/10
ausgamers - 6/10
HonestGamers - 6/10
Videogamer.com - 6/10
Cheatmasters - 5/10
Metro.co.uk - 5/10
Resolution Magazine - 5/10
Gamespot - 4.5/10
IGN - 4/10
Gamereactor International - 4/10
bit-tech.net - 3/10

1 to 5 ratings:

Yahoo! UK - 4/5
Cheat Code Central - 3.9/5
Hollywood Chicago.com - 3/5
Gamernode - 2/5
G4 - 2/5

1 to 100 ratings:

The Gamer's Temple - 80/100
Extremegamer - 74/100
Game Over Online - 70/100
Xbox 360 Achievements - 60/100

1 to 5 stars:

The Guardian - 4/5
Slant Magazine - 3.5/5
GamePro - 3.5/5
Oh! Sick, Bro - 3.5/5
Giant Bomb - 3/5
Video Game Talk - 3/5
games.on.net - 3/5
The Escapist - 3/5
Joystiq - 2.5/5
Insomniac Entertainment - 2/5
CNET - 2/5

Non-numbered/starred ratings:

Strange Kids Club - 4 out of 5 Terror Masks
TQcast - 4 out of 5 Michelas! (yes, Splatterhouse got rated with beer)
Fangoria - 3 1/2 skulls out of 4
Diehard GameFAN - Final Score: GOOD GAME
Kotaku - Final score: BAD GAME
The Onion A.V. Club - B+
1up - C+
Game Guys - D+
Bloody Disgusting - "I absolutely recommend this game."
Marooners' Rock - "...a fun ride that can be enjoyed again and again. Be sure to try this bad boy out if you’re man enough."
GameBlurb - Verdict: Bargain Bin
The Escapist: Zero Punctuation - ??? (but he obviously thinks it sucks)

DLC reviews:

GamingBolt.com - 6.5/10


Old info & interviews from when BottleRocket Entertainment was developing the game:

Watch the first official trailer here.

Read the Diehard GameFAN interview with Dan Tovar and Mark W. Brown (7/7/2008) here.

Read the Sega-16 interview with Dan Tovar and Mark W. Brown (6/10/2008) here.

From IGN (5/29/2008):

Namco Bandai officially announced the next installment in the classic Splatterhouse franchise for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. This title, inspired by the 1988 arcade game of the same name, promises to combine horror with intense combat to deliver a game that "defies the boundaries of the traditional action category." The game is slated to release in 2009.

Along with the game announcement, Namco Bandai have supplied the world with a bit of the plot to Splatterhouse. The game follows Rick Taylor in his efforts to rescue his girlfriend, Jennifer, after she has disappeared in a mysterious mansion. That's when things go bad. Rick finds a mask that promises to give him the power to save his girlfriend and is "transformed into a juggernaut of pure violence and destruction." The story was created by comic book writer Gordon Rennie (Necronauts, Judge Dredd).

Splatterhouse boasts a combat system that gives players options ranging from combos, grapples and makeshift weapons to the reanimation of corpses to fight alongside Rick. It also promises to add a new level of exploration to the series by making Rick more agile than ever before.

Things go from nasty to gruesome with the new death and regeneration mechanic. As Rick is injured, it will be reflected visually on screen. Fall prey to the mansion's inhabitants and you'll be able to watch them begin to tear Rick limb from bloody limb. To come back, you'll have to call upon the Terror Mask to regenerate Rick's body in real-time as you watch bones and guts return to their proper places.

"Splatterhouse promises to deliver an experience full of the gore, hard-hitting action and gritty atmosphere that fans of the franchise expect," said Todd Thorson, Director of Marketing and Public Relations for Namco Bandai Games America, Inc. "Packed with plenty of surprise twists and gripping gameplay, this entirely new entry in the series is set to introduce the bloody saga of Rick and the Terror Mask to a new generation of gamers when it launches in 2009."