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From Arjak:

Go to the Options menu and select Rank B to get... 6 HEARTS PER LIFE!!!

From Miha Rinne:

It is nice to see someone dedicating so much time to Splatterhouse, I decided to help you out with a few bits. I completed the original arcade game for something like.. 120 times in the eighties, and now I bought the arcade board from ebay. This has made it possible for me to find out a few new tricks. I'm too lazy to write an actual faq, so I'll just list a few here. These are, I like to stress, for the arcade version, I cannot even guarantee that they would work in MAME. (Mame version didn't work properly anyway, the eggs and blue ghosts didnt move in mame as they should have) I will list these in no particular order. I use enemy names from turbo16 manual so you can have some reference.

-most important move to remember for is sliding kick (or tackling, as some call it)

-the way you do it easily is press jump, press down, and then press jump+punch at the same time. very easy to do, and lets you 'sweep' the floor before you.

-you can play the game with using no weapons, the only difference is that you can go bit faster on some levels. You have to do lots of sliding kicks

-if you use sliding kick close enough to to kill head zombie, you get close enough to its head to kick it, and when kicked; it flies off like a football, there is no real award for it except its fun to watch!

-you can shoot off the head of the giant slug; no additional score but looks nice, it flies very far.

-you can kill the chainsaw guy with 3-4 sliding kicks. Just do a sliding kick, when it jumps, jump and kick, take distance, make another sliding kick, etc. might take you 2 hearts though as his chainsaws are difficult to avoid. But looks nice if you want to impress people watching you ;)

-you can kill the inverted cross with 4-5 sliding kicks. Just remember to punch the heads off, so you wont jump into them

-for the 5th level, the best route is to go first up, then just forward and no falling down. gives you almost 10.000 points more though its also the most difficult.

-if you dont pick up weapons in level 2, you can see the head demon wave its hand to summon more zombies, then it runs away until it falls down the trapdoor at the end of the level.

maximum score I was able to have in the 80's was bit over 300.000. However, a recent entry at the http://www.aiva.emuita.it/gamest.php# (arcadia japanese highscorelist) caught my attention:


how was that possible? I emailed the guy who had compiled the list from japanese magazines between 1995-1999.

He replied:

Hello, I know the splatterhouse secret.

the score is possible, there is a trick that can by applied at the final stage boss. you must avoid all boss's hits for many minutes, then a spirit will came (boss2). the 2 boss must hit each others, this will cause their and our death. but you will earn 100.000 point and you can repeat the operation because when doing this you will receive an extra life. it's impossible to do an infinite score because after a maximum number of extralife received, or after doing a certain score you won't win no more extra lifes.

I tried it out; it did not go QUITE like it. Instead, you have to almost finish the last boss. Then you have to wait and avoid it hits for many minutes; very boring thing to do.. but the blue spirit does finally appear. Now, the spirit does NOT kill the boss, but you can kill the boss before the spirit kills you.. and you will get 100.000 and extra life!

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