Rick - Rick, the hero of the game. This is the main character in all of the Splatterhouse games.

- Deadmen are the most common enemies in the game, appearing in Stages 1, 2, and 3. The red ones can be dispatched with a single punch, but the green ones take two.

- These two, the Crucifixion Zombies and the Torture Zombies, appear to be part of the background in Stages 1 and 2, but when Rick nears them, they puke out pools of vomit that must be avoided. They cannot be killed. There is a third, the Skewered Zombies (not pictured), which is just a background character.

- The bat appears in both Stage 1 and Stage 4. This pesky creature will divebomb you from the ceiling, but one punch will dispatch it.

- Top-Heavy will continue to attack after his body has been destroyed... the head will fly after Rick until it either is punched or kicked or it runs into the ceiling (Stage 1 and 5).

- Body Eaters, otherwise known as Boreworms, attack like pirahna: en masse. They are usually found in rooms full of rotting meat (they're Stage 1's boss and they fill a room on Stage 5). One hit will kill them.

- The Hanging Dead appears in both Stage 2 and 3. In Stage 2 several of them try to drop down out of the ceiling on top of Rick, while in Stage 3 it shoots projectile vomit at Rick. One hit from a weapon usually kills it.

- These sludge monsters inhabit the sewers of Stage 2 and Stage 3. They rise from the water suddenly, sometimes several at a time. One hit will kill them.

- These strange spiked... things float along in the sewers. They also cannot be killed and must be avoided.

- These fall from the ceiling in Stage 2's Poltergeist room (which is the stage boss) before the actual attack commences. They can be knocked away with a punch or kick, but it's better to just avoid them.

- The chair is the first thing that attacks Rick in the Poltergeist room and takes several punches to smash, but several later appear in Stage 5, but at this point Rick should have a weapon and be able to take each chair out with one hit.

- The next items that attack you in the Poltergeist room. First one attacks you, then two more attack you at once. They're fairly easy to kill, once you establish a pattern.

- This is the last thing the poltergeist will actually possess and use to attack Rick in the Poltergeist room. It flies around the room very fast and tries to ram Rick, but several well aimed punches and kicks will knock it out of the air.

- Zombie dogs that appear on Stage 3. They devour the remains of the zombies that Rick blasts with his shotgun. It's best to avoid them rather than fight them.

- This monstrous hand will smash through the wooden bridge on Stage 3 and drag Rick into the sewer. It can be avoided, but not killed.

* - The bird will attack you in Stage 3, but is easily dispatched, much like the bat.

- The boss of Stage 3 (and my personal favorite boss from the whole series), Biggy Man will attack you with dual chainsaws. Several shotgun blasts will take him down.

* - A strange sluglike creature that attacks Rick in one section of Stage 4. Several low kicks will eliminate it.

- One of several slowly rotating blades that are on the floor in the first part of Stage 4. They cannot be destroyed.

- Mirror Rick attacks on both Stage 4 and 5. He bursts out of certain mirrors in both stages, and has the exact same attacks as Rick. Three hits will take him down.

- Evil Cross, the boss of Stage 4. In the U.S. Turbografx-16 game, it was replaced by an evil-looking blue head, rather than this, which is how it appears in both the arcade and PC Engine games. In either case, several hits with your weapon will destroy it - just be wary of the heads that attack Rick.

* * * - The decapitated heads that circle the Evil Cross. They will fly off on their own and attack Rick, but one hit will kill them.

- Disembodied hands that try to slap Rick, first appearing in Stage 5. They also taunt him from a distance. One punch or kick disposes of them. It's rumored that the Splatterhouse design team patterned them after Ash's possessed hand from the film Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn, but this has never been confirmed.

- Jokers are anime-style ghosts that appear in Stage 5. They carry skulls that they try to drop on Rick's head. A jump kick will usually destroy them.

- The face of a painting that rips itself off of the canvas and chases Rick in Stage 5. One punch will destroy her.

- Master Dead floats through a room in Stage 5, raising the dead with a motion of his hands and a strange chant, even the zombies that Rick has already knocked back down. It takes several jump kicks to kill him.

* - The Revival Dead are constantly reanimated by Master Dead. As long as he's still alive, they'll return to life no matter how many times Rick knocks them down. When Master Dead is destroyed, they go to their final rest.

- It's Jennifer! But what were those monsters doing to her?

- This is the demon that Jennifer transforms into (which is the boss of Stage 5). It's fairly difficult to kill... watch out for the extra long claws.

- The Egg Ovas only appear on Stage 6, and trust me - it's a good thing. If they aren't dealt with promptly, the screen will fill up with these little jumping bastards. One hit will kill them, but if one latches onto Rick, SHAKE IT OFF AS SOON AS YOU CAN. They'll drain your energy very quickly.

- The boss of Stage 6, Mother. This is where the monsters spawn from, and is the heart of West Mansion. This is probably the most difficult boss to defeat, as it keeps spawning monsters during the fight.

- Fire demons that appear on Stage 7. The jump toward Rick in set patterns and cannot be killed.

- These flaming logs roll towards Rick in Stage 7. They must be avoided as they can't be destroyed.

- Hell Chaos is the final boss of the game (Stage 7). Its decaying head will rise out of the ground, and he'll attempt to grab Rick with his rotting hands. He also throws rocks in the air as well, which injure Rick.

- The mysterious face that rises out of the ground when the final boss is killed. No one knows what it is, or where it came from, but it's been speculated that it's the spirit of Dr. West, which has finally been freed from wherever it had been imprisoned.

* indicates a character that does not appear in the PC Engine/Turbografx-16 version