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Publisher: Namco Networks America Inc.
Developer: Namco
Year: 2010
Platforms: iPhone/JAVA/BREW/RIM/Windows Mobile
Price: $3.99 iPhone/$6.99 AT&T Mobile

Namco Networks has announced that the classic 1988 arcade, Splatterhouse will launch on over 300 mobile carriers (U.S. and Europe) November 18 just in time for the new console version, launching November 23 for PS3 and Xbox 360. Available for iPhone, JAVA, BREW, RIM and Windows Mobile, the game contains gruesome action from the original horror series as players hack their way through horrific monsters. Players control Rick as he works his way through West Mansion attempting to rescue his girlfriend. Rick can pick up one of six weapons to use against enemies and bosses throughout seven thrilling stages. The iPhone-version includes an exclusive Splatter Rush Mode, where players can stay in one area and attack waves of monsters.

Mobile phone description: The bone chilling horror series come to mobile in Splatterhouse by Namco. Rick's girlfriend Jennifer has been kidnapped and taken to The West Mansion and it's up to Rick to save her. Hack and slash past hordes of undead and evil spirits on the way to rescuing Jennifer. With multiple difficulty levels and different paths to choose from, the excitement never ends!

Navigate your way through the West Mansion. Attack any ghostly enemies that can damage you. Make sure you locate and pick up the weapons placed on various stages. Avoid certain level creatures to avoid losing unnecessary life-points.


There is a Maskless Rick mode in the iOS Splatterhouse which is incredibly difficult. You have one heart to last you through the entire game. See the Screenshots section for a shot of the Maskless Rick mode in action.

Sergio Ferrari sent me some additional info on the iPhone version:

"I'm Sergio Ferrari, the guy that provide the pictures and info for Splatterhouse Fm-Towns version. Now, i can give you some info about the iOS version. Unfortunately, this version is not as good as expected. The graphic it's very close to the original, also the animations are very good. This version it's completely uncensored, all the gore and splatter is present, the boss of the level four is the inverted cross with the decapitated heads (no more evil-looking blu head :D ), at the end of the level you can see the altar and the crucifixion scene painted on the wall (also you can see the shadow of a cross on the floor), and at the end of the final level, the little wooden cross it's also present. Also, Rick wear the original mask (like Jason Voorhees in Friday the 13th part III). The weapon are all present, except for the axe in the church level, which is replaced by a cleaver. The music and sound effects are very well ported, and very close to the original.

In addition to the original version, is also present a survival mode ("Splatter Rush"), in which Rick must faces a lot of monsters coming from left, right, and also, from above. For the maniacs of the records, are also present some achievement. The playing screen have three level of zoom. Options include the possibility to disable sound, change language, turn on the assistance (add a button on screen to make the sliding kick easy), choose difficulty level and select a level in which level start to play (you can choose only the viewed levels).

And now the bad news... The iOS version suffers many flaws:

1) Missing the attract mode.
2) Missing the purple fog with lightning, and the blue orbs that chase Rick.
3) Missing foreground body animations (strange thing, the backgrounds animations are presents).
4) The venom pools puked by the hanging monsters are not animated.
5) Rick can't kick in mid air. If you press the fire button during jump, Rick perform a punch.
6) Missing the intro of each level (the broken door with the preview of the level).
7) In the poltergeist room the light effect is missing.
8) In the forest level the rain effect is missing.
9) In the church level the axe is replaced by a cleaver.
10) In the corridor of the severed hands, the floor is not slippery. But, in the two rooms of mirrors, is present a very nice parallax effect, not present in the arcade or in any other port (try to look into a mirror and let the level scroll automatically to see it).

The controls are a bit difficult, cause the virtual pad it's not so perfect, on the ipad it's extremely difficult to control (to crouch it's very very difficult...).Some room are very difficult, the worms room at the end of level 1 and the corridor full of worms on level 5, are very hard to pass, while the jennifer boss it's extremely easy...

So, for the Splatterhouse fans it's a must-have, for the others, it's better to stay away, or try it first. Hope this informations will be useful. I also include some screen shot taken from the my ipad. Now we just have to wait some few days for Splatterhouse 2010. :)"