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Official tips from 5thman:

  • Read item descriptions in your inventory. You may also try using or equipping an item to discover what it's for.

  • Use health items sparingly; Except for Rick, death is permanent.

  • The Terror Mask can heal Rick in a number of ways. If Rick dies fighting alongside his friends, they can drag him away from the battle so the Mask can revive him.

  • The shotgun is worth the trouble to acquire.

  • Drinking Brandy brings up a character's defense by numbing their ability to feel pain, but it also numbs their intelligence and screws up their reaction time. Don't get one person too drunk or they won't make it through the night.

  • Read Dr. West's journal pages for important clues.

  • Battles are in semi-realtime, so act fast or run away.

  • You can almost always flee a battle, but killing certain monsters can be very beneficial. Some are found carrying helpful items. Others leave potentially deadly remains; chairs, for example, can produce wooden stakes that hinder an enemy's movement.

  • Some of the slower monsters can really work you over if given the chance; take advantage of their sluggishness and wipe 'em out.

  • Snarling monsters are getting super pissed. Kill them before they start flipping out on you.

  • The boss characters are full of nasty surprises.

  • The ending is determined by whether or not you get Jennifer out of the house alive.

    Courtesy of Haniwa Dogu:

  • Certain items work against particular types of enemies better. (Chainsaw and shotgun are good against just about every enemy except spirits, holy amulet kills spirits almost instantly and does a small amount of damage to all other creatures, and demonic charm will inflict a random status ailment on creatures its used on.)

  • Search everywhere, as you never know where you may find helpful items.

  • Try to conserve healing items for the other party members (Jason, Nadine, Jennifer), as the Terror Mask is only capable of healing Rick.

  • You'll need to find the fuel can, as well as find Jennifer and kill the Evil One, before you can escape the mansion.

  • One item can only be used by equipping it to your right hand.

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  • Until Rick gets a more powerful weapon or finds some of his friends, it is advisable to run away from most battles.

  • Many of the monsters can easily cause a "Bleeding" status effect, so you may be using bandages quite a lot. They are fairly common, but they are limited, so if you're running low, save frequently in case any of your characters is suffering from a Bleeding condition.

  • Killing Biggy Man does something more than just getting him to leave you alone; he leaves a rather good weapon behind.

  • The Shotgun may be fairly easy to find in the woods, but ammunition might not be. However, once you get a box of shells and load it, you can use it to your heart's content. As for the location of the shells, here's a hint: Take a good look in a mirror.

  • The thing that the switch in the knight in the foyer activates is actually quite close.

  • Getting stressed out looking for the Guilded Key? A good book just might calm you down...

  • Beware: The door behind the library is a one-way exit from the mansion. If you're trying to dodge Biggy Man, keep this in mind.

  • If Rick does not have any of his friends along with him and he is fighting five enemies or more, RUN! Or, if you have the Holy Amulet, use that to damage enemies. Also, the "Terrorize" skill of the Terror Mask is liable to scare away some enemies and lessen their ranks, but this is less reliable than doing direct damage.

  • There are a few fights that are unescapable that are triggered by walking on certain areas... there's quite a few of them in the Crypt and Cellar areas. Do beware and save before traversing these parts.

  • The Leech ability is invaluable for Rick, especially early in the game. If you can, use Leech instead of healing items to keep his health up.

  • Bleeding and Poison status effects last outside of the battle while the rest are only temporary. However, there are bandages and serums to remedy them, and you could also use a medical kit to abolish these effects, but they are limited in use, so use wisely.

  • You don't have to fight the bug boss in the foyer. In fact, you can avoid him rather easily. You also don't have to fight the corpse boss in the second floor hallway, but it's harder to sidestep him. However, you can also run away from these fights, and there is no reward for beating them.

  • A certain item that starts fires will be a big help for Rick when trying to snag one of the three treasures.

  • The Pistol is a very good weapon for Rick's friends to have, as they cause three hits per use. Also, there are two of them in the mansion.

  • Against the cross boss: The Leech spell will instantly kill any of the six heads and give Rick 50 life points.

  • Against the ghostface boss: The Holy Amulet you just picked up will be very helpful indeed.

  • Against The Evil One: The Holy Amulet is also very helpful for this battle. Also, don't be afraid to use any remaining medical kits to treat anyone who is on fire.