Game Info | Screenshots

Created by: Krauser
Year: 2008
Type: OpenBOR mod


4 playable characters
new moves and specials for every Rick version
6 long stages
23 different enemies + 6 Bosses

Basic controls:

D-Pad / Analog Stick - Move Character
A - Jump
X - Standard Attack
Y - Special Attack

Check out the entire list of special moves for each game here


Review by Rodrigo Shin

I don't have the energy to do another review in the "Joshua" fashion, but I plowed through hell hours ago. So here's what I thought.

Overall, a more pleasant experience altogether. The ammount of HP lost when you use the Special Attack has been lessened, and now it's a little more of an edge over the god-damn juggles you will come across (Metamorl's second form is downright irritating).

There's no longer any BGM switcheroo to be had. The background transition is much better than in the first game, but even so there are spots where they don't flow nice. Specially for the latter levels. After you plow your way through Mother (which is fucking ludicrous. It's not just the heart itself. The entire pillar moves around the screen!) you go out to be surrounded by "infernal fire" in a place that looks exactly like Earth, which is the final arcade stage ripped complete with Hell Chaos at the end. And he can be a cheap motherfucker himself. The stage itself has some pretty cheap stuff too, with fire logs appearing out of nowhere and moving fucking slow. "I want to see the ending where David dies" slow. The fact you can't jump over them just adds insult to injury, and I do think they even come in during the final fight with Hell Chaos.

Speaking of cheapness, there's something else now to add to the staple repertoire of Mutant Rick: a combo sequence that is performed by pressing down, up + attack. Rick'll perform three punches and he's invincible while doing that combo. Motherfuckers spit venom at me, Mother tried to electrify me, none of them worked. I'm figuring the other moves also make you invincible too.

And on the matter of cheapness, I think the learning curve here is better laid out. In the previous game you start out with some cheap bastards and then along the road things get so easy you can clear three stages without losing a life. I picked only one continue again here, but it felt like the baddie distribution was more evenly done this time around.

I don't think there were any cutscenes beyond the opening and ending this time. There's commentary done with each opening stage picture and there's something that while won't surpass BE GARBAGE OF CESPOOL certainly will earn a place in the hearts of Splatterfans: "HURT BEEN HERE".


At some point, too, Rick says he can see "the mouth of hell from here". Wasn't he exactly there at the end of the first game? It's just like part 1, you think you're already in the House when you wake up in the dungeon and then you have to actually fight back in! Stop fucking with my mind!

BTW, Brick, the boss you fight isn't the Death Crystal, it's the Demon Stone itself. Complete with lightning from the Evil One. Here's a boss break-down.

Stage I - Tattsu Verm ("Embrio Creature")
Stage II - Demon Stone ("Crystal Boss")
Stage III - Dead Man Fat from SH2 ("Bellyache")
Stage IV - Servant of the Loathsome Gods ("Hellraiser")
Stage V - Mother ("Heart of Darkness")
Stage VI - Hell Chaos ("Dead Head")

Some stuff I had to comment on my review of the first mod but I forgot: layering problems. Whatever remains of your enemies stays in the playfield. For the most part of Deception, that won't be much. That changes however in the latter part of that game and in here, specially against Metamorl's second form. The problem is that sometimes these remains'll be put IN FRONT of Rick when Rick should be in front of them.

Also, while in the first game this happened a lot more to me, sometimes the enemies will stray too far from you, and it can take right down to a minute or more for them to come back. Here something far more ludicrous happened: a severed hand pit, a trap that knocks anyone down if they touch it, was placed at the rightmost corner of the visible screen, at the time a Hell Guardian appeared. He was sent through the screen and then he couldn't come back because he kept being knocked down by the hands. I had to wait him to die of that, and he has 2 fucking lifebars.

And I see that they really didn't make it easy for the player in the first stage of the first mod. The Deadmen and Top Heavies ARE kind of cheap. They have far more than average range, the Top Heavies naturally from their AC sprites and the Deadmen because they attack with headbutts.

And since we're on talk of customization, shit I had forgot to say from the first part: the Burnt Deadmen sprites are really far too odd. Their attack motion is the first sprite of them being torn in half. Then when you do knock them in the ground they'll explode like a body eater left their bodies and get up whole like they're sheding new skin or shit like that. But it doesn't really work. When they're down too they used the sprite of a headless burnt Deadmen to be down instead of editing it, so it's almost like they regrow their heads too. And on this instalment, the Fire Dead look pretty off. Their shading certainly don't follow the arcade, even if they have more than one animation frame, while the PCE ones are downright static.

Gonna boot up "Back to Light" now.