Game Info | Screenshots

Created by: Krauser
Year: 2008
Type: OpenBOR mod


4 playable characters
new moves and specials for every Rick version
6 long stages
28 different enemies + 6 Bosses

Basic controls:

D-Pad / Analog Stick - Move Character
A - Jump
X - Standard Attack
Y - Special Attack

Check out the entire list of special moves for each game here


Review by Rodrigo Shin

I like Journey Through Hell myself better. BtL brings back some inane background progression... again.

As well I have to wonder why the hell they used so many Master Deads this time around and why they team up with Jokers 80% of the time. I guess it's just in their skulls, because they're Hell's Best Friends (an original documentary done by Rodrigo Shin, coming soon to NBC).

While I appreciate they tried to even come up with a new boss and even sprited Demon Face further, even more boss recycling really sits badly with me. Demon Jennifer, again, only this time there's nothing of the sort like "hey that ain't Jenny". At least it EXPLODES this time around when it's beaten. That always makes everything better. Evil Cross was a little cheap but pretty fun. Grabbing it and headbutting it is awesome. The giant Evil One was a bit cheap as well, what with him fucking throwing lightning in the entire screen half the time. If I wasn't using SH3-Rick's invincible combo (which is CRAZY. He headbutts, kicks and punches and then does like three roundhouse kicks) he'd give me a run for my money, that's for sure.

Demon Face did give me a run for my money, specially because he blocks your view of Rick and a lot of cheap bastards join in the fun - many Blonobs I remember. Finding Demon Face's hit spot is also a bit tough.

As for the ending... I have the impression that, well, THE TERRORISTS WON. For some reason the Mask wants Rick's soul, so it traps him in hell. Then when he goes back to Jennifer and David, we see the Hidden House complete with lightning and then that zoom-out on the Mask laughing (or backwards, don't really remember)... complete with the end BGM sting of Splatterhouse 2 when the spirit from the lake closes on Jennifer. It gave me the impression Rick's living an illusion and the Mask got what it's after. That vagueness about Rick's final fate made me feel like I was watching a David Lynch movie. Only with 200% more demon bashing and entertainment value.

But I have the hunch that a higher difficulty setting perhaps has a different ending. In the intro movie you see the Evil One, SH3 size. And he's not found in the game at all. At least in the difficulty setting I played. Hmm.

If they hadn't dragged out Deception as much as they did, they wouldn't have to reuse backgrounds and bosses in the end result, and I think that it would benefit the trilogy as a whole a lot. But again, it's a nice effort and the game itself provides a nice wealth of fun.