Publisher: MediaKite
Developer: Namco
Year: 2003
Platform: PC

I recently learned of this Japanese PC port of Splatterhouse thanks to Mike Freligh. It's compatible with Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP, according to GameForFun.com. Has anyone out there played this, or better yet, does anyone own it? If you do, and you'd like to supply West Mansion with any additional information at all on this, just contact me here.

7/11/07 - Brick McBurly sent several new scans of the 2004 edition of the game, along with the following information:

"(Here are) photos of the 2004 Japanese PC version of Splatterhouse (the 2003 version has the obi and is jewel boxed, 2004 version has long plastic box).

1) Front of shrinkwrapped 2004-has promo sticker for cell phone on it

2) Back of shrinkwrapped 2004-slightly different than 2003 version

3) Game CD

4) Front of paper documentation

5) Back of paper documentation

The game itself is a picture perfect translation of the arcade game, down to having 1/2 players and using virtual coins for credits (up to 9 credits at a time). Sound is far superior to the FM Towns version, and graphics are a bit better as well. I didn't see any new content in the game."

9/17/07 - Szopieraj recently sent me a boatload of scans for the PC game, which you'll find below.


Cover #1
Cover #2

Courtesy of Szopieraj:

Front Cover
Back Cover
Obi Strip (spinecard)
manual #1
manual #2
manual #3
manual #4
manual #5
manual #6
manual #7
manual #8
manual #9
manual #10
manual #11
manual #12
manual #13
manual #14
manual #15
card back

Courtesy of Brick McBurly:

Front Cover
Back Cover
Instructions (front)
Instructions (back)
online manual

From Brick: "Attached is the zip file with the online manual to the 2004 PC Splatterhouse. I tested it on a computer not hooked to the net, and it displayed everything fine, so it should work for you-just don't take anything out of or rename anything in the IMG file once you unzip it. Here's the translations of the character list-if your system doesn't display kanji, it follows the order of the pictures. First is kana, then romaji followed by English. Anyplace where 'dead' is in English might be better served by using 'zombie'."

リック-Rikku (Rick)

デッドマン-Deddo Man (Dead Man, Zombie)

グリンデッドマン-Gurin Deddo Man (Green Dead Man)

トップヘビー-Toppu Hebii (Top Heavy)

ハンギングデッド-Hangingu Deddo (Hanging Dead)

ノブー-Nobuu (Knob)

カラス-Karasu (Crow or Raven)

イビルドッグ-Ibiru Doggu (Evil Dog)

ウォーターデッド-Uootaa Deddo (Water Dead)

ウォーターハンド-Uootaa Hando (Water Hand)

ミラーリック-Miraa Rikku (Mirror Rick)

ジョーカー-Jyookaa (Joker)

ピクチャーゴースト-Pikuchaa Goosuto (Picture Ghost)

ナイトメア-Naitomeaa (Nightmare)

バット-Batto (Bat)

ウッデイ-Uddei (Woody-maybe because they live under the wooden floorboards?)

マスターデッド-Masutaa Deddo (Master Dead)

リバイバルデッド-Ribaibaru Deddo (Revived Dead)

オバ-Oba (Wish this was in kanji-Oba usually means Aunt or Grandmother, but could also be Little Lady-I think Aunt works best here, since the embryos are 'sisters of mother'. However, 'Oba' is probably just a shortened form of Obake (some of the enemies in S3 use shortened nicknames as well). Obake when used in a general way means ghost, but its original meaning was more like 'transforming evil spirit'-which certainly fits the bill for the embryos.)

エッグオバ-Eggu Oba (Egg Aunt)

ファイヤーデッド-Fuaiyaa Deddo (Fire Dead)

ボディイーター-Bodi Iitaa (Body Eater)

ポルターガイスト-Porutaagaisuto (Poltergeist)

ピギーマン-Pigii Man (Piggy Man)

イビルクロス-Ibiru Kurosu (Evil Cross)

ジェニファー-Jienifuaa (Jennifer)

マザー-Mazaa (Mother)

ヘルカオス-Heru Kaosu (Hell Chaos)