The Diary
by Joey_AKA_LD

Date: 18/11/03

Ok...where to start… I guess I should introduce myself, even if this is just a diary, to sound professional. My name is Joey Keada; I am an archaeologist, and a keen collector of rare treasures from around the world. I have started this diary for my friend Bakura has advised on doing so, so I can record things as I go along. I guess the first thing will be the dig, which will be happening tomorrow not far from where I live. It's rumoured that the grounds used to be home to a big mansion, yet no evidence has been found… yet.

Date: 19/11/03

We have arrived at the site today and have started work with digging. It is an odd area, even though the sun is shining and its lovely weather, the surrounding area seems deserted, and in an odd way, twisted. The trees bent over like crooked creatures, casting odd shadows over the ground. The river itself gives off a fowl stench, so bad that we have to try and hold our breath when we approach its boundary. Odd claw like marks are engraved in some of the trees, like some wild animal as attacked them. Either way, we will carry on the dig.

Date: 20/11/03

Our team today have made the biggest discovery so far. We have discovered a secret room under all the dirt, and have broken through the wall into the room. I believe is there is anything valuable here; it will be in there. We shall search inside the room at the first sign of light from the sun, as many of our colleagues have heard noises in the night, some so badly that they have left for home. Only me and my friend Bakura remain to be honest. We wont run from this opportunity though.

Date: 21/11/03

We have entered the ruins of the room today, dust covered the walls like a skin, the damp smell sickening, and the darkness thick as night itself. We found nothing in the room, nothing but odd inscriptions on the walls, and a red gem like object on the floor. We have begun to get ready to set off for home now, taking the gem and some photos of the inscriptions with us so that it wasn't a wasted journey. Tomorrow I should arrive home, and then I will start work on the inscriptions.

Date: 22/11/03

I have arrived home, yet it seems that the weather at the site, mainly like some kind of watching presence, dark clouds and lack of light, has followed me right back to my house. I can't let the weather stop me from my task for today though. I have put the photos through the computer, and as I write this, it is coming up with a translation. The answers should be there tomorrow.

Date: 23/11/03

These translations are odd, as if the computer was going wrong at first. Maybe it is going wrong, the screen keeps flickering, and I can still hear the noises from the campsite… The translation came out as "Ereh seil eht dercas darhs fo eht krad enots, od ton brutsid sselnu uoy kees a ylrae evarg" What does this mean? Could it be some kind of ancient curse? I'm sure of one thing though, tonight's going to be a very uncomfortable night, as the weather has stayed the same as yesterday…

Date: 24/11/03

I'm sure that I'm not alone in this house, something's in here with me, making these noises. I have also seen odd shadows lurking around, as if the gem attracted them. Some of the shadows seem humanoid, others seem twisted beyond recognition. I haven't had much sleep either, maybe it's all in my mind… I tried to sleep, but heard a strange voice calling out to me; in some odd way it was almost like what the computer, which almost blew up in my face today, came up with. "Eht enots si ENIM!" Was what it came out with. I shall hope the voices aren't there tonight…

Date: 25/11/03

The voice was there again, louder this time, as if shouting at me for some reason. But I have made some groundbreaking news, yet also scary news at the same time. I saw one of the shadows again, and decided to follow it down into the basement. I finally caught up with what the shadow belonged to, and how to describe it I will never know… It was like some kind of human body, headless, yet alive. It had no hands either, and smelled of decay. I'm pretty sure this wasn't a trick of the mind; I was face to face with a real life zombie… I did what any other sane person would do, I ran away from the beast back up the stairs, and found what I could use for a weapon, a broken piece of lumber, left here from when I had the builders in fixing the attic. I now sit alone in my room, the doors wont let me out of the house, and it wants me to stay, to witness this nightmare. Yet I still question if it's all real or not…

Date: 26/11/03

No sleep all night, I know the voice will be there, angry as ever. I know there is something more sinister going on here, it isn't just my mind anymore. How do I know this? I was attacked today by one of the monsters, not one of the zombies like yesterday, but a different creature, one bigger than myself. Its shape was humanoid, yet its face was distorted, and its body was full of muscles. It was agile too for a big creature, and it just chased me everywhere I ran. I had to fight back, so I did. I gave it a few good clubbing blows around its head, until the top of the head, from the top jaw above, kind of melted away, as the creature fell to the ground. I decided to call these kind of creatures Frog Demons, as their jumping ability is like that of the frog. I can't stay scared forever, I have to fight back. One fights good enough for today though…

Date: 27/11/03

I finally made my way to the library in my house, hoping to find out anything about this gem, or what is happening inside my house. As soon as I entered though, books flew off their shelves and lamps were flung around the room, in an attempt to hit me. I managed to get to the doorway, and slammed the door hard on one of the books, which was chasing me. I opened the door slightly and the book fell to the ground, lifeless once more. Its pages flung open as it hit the floor, stopping on a page on about an old artefact called the Dark Stone. The picture looked like that of the gem. It said that it was locked away many years ago to stop the Evil one from getting his powers back. Who was this evil one, and what powers did he have? I picked the book up, and turned the page, a related artefact was described on the next page, one called the Terror mask, a Mask made to look like a human skull. My mind raced as it tried to remember back to an article I read about a mask like that. Then it came to mind, the rumours about the mansion were linked with the mask, and maybe the mansion was real after all.

Date: 28/11/03

I decided to check out the basement, to see where that zombie was heading before I interrupted it. Armed with only a now blood stained piece of broken lumber, I walked down the dark stairs. Having traced back my path to the room where I first met one of the terrors that now lurk inside my house, the room now darker than ever before. I lit up my lighter, the flames seemingly dancing in the darkness. I turned around the room slowly, and my jaw dropped. Somehow, the walls had become like flesh itself. Hanging pieces of meat waved slightly in an unknown draft. I almost vomited from the sight. Then the moans started to happen, the familiar shuffle of the feet, the smell of death itself… The zombies were coming for me. This time, there were more than one, and of different shapes too. There was the ones from before, but now there also was hunched over deformed ones, ones which looked like bird humanoids, and some which looked to be melting, with long ape like arms. No matter how brave I was, I knew I couldn't win, that's why I ran again, yet one of the bird like ones slid along the floor after me, as if doing a baseball slide. I gave it my hardest swing over the head with the lumber, and knocked its head off, and watched it melt into the floor. Something wasn't right about this…

Date: 29/11/03

Today I found something out, something that scares me to the core. The frog creature isn't dead; its body didn't melt away like the zombie did. It's still alive, and probably wants revenge for its head. I now hold the stone close to me; I can't afford to let it fall into the creature's hands. I know a safe way to keep it away from them. In the basement, there is a kind of safe, only accessible by Bakura and me. If I can get it there, they can't get it, and maybe the nightmare will finally end. Ill ascend down to the basement tomorrow…

Date: 30/11/03

Forgive me if I straggle slightly with this… my body is weak from an attack. Ill explain what happened first of all. I started my mission at first sign of light, and made my way through the rooms, killing any zombies along the way. I finally made it to the room, yet I would have a big fight on my hands… The Frog demon creature was there, blood dripping from its fleshy stump of a head. I had to think fast, as the creature charged towards me, a large claw like hand reaching out of where it head had fallen off. I leapt to the side, the claw breaking the lumber, leaving it jagged. I lanced the spike like lumber at the demon, plunging it deep into its body. It fell backwards, squirming, before finally fading, like the zombies. I made it to the safe, opening it quickly before tossing the stone in and locking it. Just as I locked it, a sharp pain hit my back, as I tried to see what it was. I saw a huge like worm thing sticking out of my back, wriggling into my skin. I turned around to face an even bigger worm, this one standing on two legs, laughing at me before running. I tried to follow, but I was too weak. And that's where I am now… Lying on the floor, weak, as the worm feasts on me. I can still feel ti tunnelling, affecting ym brainwaves…


Eht enots thgim eb efas rof won, tub ew llahs teg ti kcab…


Extract taken from a police conference about the incident

Our search team found the above diary, yet there was no sign of Joey or what he claimed inhabited the house. We came to find the house in a bad shape, broken objects everywhere, the only thing undisturbed was a safe, and the contents currently being looked after by Joey's old friend Bakura. We have decided to label Joey MPD, and would like to show our deepest pleads of sorry to his family.