Fan Fiction

Splatterhouse: The Movie
J. Decker

This is the script for a FanFilm my friends and I attempted to make. It sort of fell apart when we realized we didn't have the needed computer resources and when someone ended up moving to Wisconsin, but hopefully it can still bring some enjoyment to all you Splatterhouse fans out there. It was originally intended to be a prequel, explaining the origin of The Mask. But, when I found some literature explaining the origin, I decided it should be a sequel, instead. It actually coincides with the Splatterhouse Movie Poster you can find in the FanArt section. That's why the guy in the mask has long hair, and we all know Rick doesn't. Well, hopefully you will enjoy it. And, muchos gracias to everybody who helped me out with this. I’d mention your names, but I haven’t gotten your permission for it. But, hell, you know who you are.
-- J. Decker,
-- KISSman83@aol.com



JIM - The main character, bassist for the band "Mr. Jeckyl and Dr. Hyde."
RON - The guitar and vocals for the band.
FRANK - Lead guitar for the band.
ANGELA - JIM's girlfriend.
DARKNESS - An Insta-Goth.
SPOOKY - Another Insta-Goth.
ZOMBIES - Zombies.
GRAVEKEEPER - The caretaker for the graveyard.
MASK - The Terror Mask.
EDGAR - A paranormal investigator.



(We open on JIM, RON, and FRANK rehearsing in a garage. ANGELA sits in the corner and watches, obviously bored, but trying to appease 'the guys.' They finish their song, and set down their instruments)

RON: You know what would really help? SOME FRIGGIN' DRUMS!
FRANK: Well, we wouldn't need drums if Jim could keep the rhythym...
JIM: Both of you, shut up. We just need to practice more. Maybe if you guys weren't always hung over...

(They continue to bicker)

ANGELA: Um, guys?

(They don't hear her)


(Still not listening)

ANGELA: (points out of the garage) Insta-Goths.
JIM: Aw, crap! Shut the door!

(RON runs over the the button and presses it frantically. It doesn't work)

RON: Just pull it shut!

(FRANK runs to the door, but it's too late. The Insta-Goths enter)

DARKNESS: What's up, guys?
SPOOKY: Playing music? Is it Evil? We're Evil, you know.
JIM: Go away.
DARKNESS: So, how's the band doing? You gonna be rich soon? I always told people my friend Frank would be rich one day.
FRANK: Get lost.
SPOOKY: Aww, come on. We were gonna invite you guys to the graveyard. We're gonna do an Evil ritual to raise the dead. It's gonna be cool. Evil is good.
RON: What part of f--
DARKNESS: We have beer!
RON, FRANK: Beer?!
RON: Maybe we could use a break...
FRANK: Yeah, a drink would help, I think.
JIM (to himself): ...morons...
ANGELA: I think I'll go, too.
JIM: Alright, I'll come along. I suppose I should make sure you guys don't do anything TOO stupid...

(They all depart for the graveyard)



(We open on the group sitting in a graveyard. It's dusk, the headstones are casting long shadows. RON and FRANK are drinking, SPOOKY and DARKNESS are looking through some notebooks, and JIM and ANGELA are sitting by themselves, talking)

ANGELA: What's wrong, Jim?
JIM: I just don't think that these guys are as serious about the band as I am...
ANGELA: Well, why don't you leave? Start another band with some more serious musicians?
JIM: I can't just leave the guys... We're like brothers. We've been friends since pre-school. It just seems wrong to ditch them after so long.
ANGELA: Well, they really seem to be holding you back... I know you really want to be a musician, but I just don't think that they do, too.
JIM: Well, what do I tell them? Is it like breaking up with someone? Do I tell them it's time we play with someone else?
ANGELA: I don't know, Hon...
JIM: ...

(They sit silent for some time. RON and FRANK continue drinking, the sun continues setting, SPOOKY and DARKNESS continue reading. The sun finally sets, and SPOOKY and DARKNESS start a bonfire)

JIM (noticing the fire): What are these guys up to?
ANGELA (looks over): I don't know. I guess this is their "Evil Ritual."

(SPOOKY and DARKNESS begin to chant in a long-dead language as they dance around the fire. RON looks over, laughs. FRANK gets up and staggers over towards the fire.)

FRANK (slurring): Wha' daya guys think yer doin'?
SPOOKY (casting a glance at DARKNESS): It's the ritual we talked about.
FRANK: Looks like a mosh-pit... Hey, Ron! C'mere!
DARKNESS: The more, the merrier...
RON (walking towards the fire): Wow, man, cool... Fire...

(DARKNESS and SPOOKY look at each other and grin. They both pull knives out of their sleeves and strike RON and FRANK with them. ANGELA screams)

JIM: What in the hell?! (he gets up)
DARKNESS: From the flaming ash of the newly dead, we command the service of the unholy! (he throws RON into the fire)
SPOOKY: From the flaming ash of the newly dead, we command the service of the unholy! (he throws FRANK into the fire)
JIM: Who the f*ck do you think you are! (he reaches the fire, and punches DARKNESS in the jaw)
SPOOKY: It's too late! Our ritual is finished! Soon the undead will rise, and we will destroy you!

(Smoke begins to rise from the fire. A dark cloud forms in the sky. Lightning strikes the fire. RON and FRANK climb to their feet)

JIM: Oh, God... (he staggers backwards)
DARKNESS: They're still alive?!
SPOOKY: No, look! Their eyes! They're ours now!

(Lightning begins to wildly strike headstones. The ground parts, and more ZOMBIES rise from their graves)

DARKNESS: My unholy! I command you, KILL this man!
DARKNESS (points at SPOOKY): Yes... Kill...
(The ZOMBIES crowd around SPOOKY)
SPOOKY: What?! NO! Kill HIM! (points at DARKNESS) You obey me, too! KILL HIM!

(The ZOMBIES crowd around DARKNESS. RON and FRANK continue after JIM, and ANGELA stands in the background, panicked and screaming.)

JIM: What the hell is this? ANGELA! RUN!

(RON and FRANK begin to claw at JIM. The ZOMBIES begin to take SPOOKY and DARKNESS down into a crowd of undead. SPOOKY and DARKNESS scream, and then fall silent. The crowd of ZOMBIES begins to head after JIM. We see SPOOKY and DARKNESS laying on the ground, torn and bloody. Then they rise and stagger towards JIM. ANGELA falls silent, and stares on in total shock and disbelief)


(JIM and the ZOMBIES begin to fight. At first, it seems as though he may win. He kicks and punches, and the ZOMBIES fall to the ground. They form a circle around him and begin to close in on him. We see RON walk back to the fire and grab a burning branch. He swings it at JIM, misses, hits another ZOMBIE and sets it on fire. The flaming ZOMBIE staggers towards JIM, falls on him, knocking him to the ground. He dissappears in the middle of the ZOMBIE crowd, and they close in on him. ANGELA faints. We fade to black)



(We open in a small room. A small lantern casts a dim light over the scene. JIM is laying on a table, and an old man shuffles around the place, muttering to himself. After a short while, JIM awakens and sits up. We only see him from behind)

JIM (woozy, holding his head): Whe... What happened? Angela!
GRAVEKEEPER (turns to JIM): I don't know what happened to your lady friend, but you look like you got into a pretty bad brawl, boy.
JIM (remembering): Oh, God... Ron and Frank...
GRAVEKEEPER (walks the short distance to JIM): You were all I found out there. You kids really shouldn't be tresspassing. Especially not in a graveyard...
JIM: This can't be... I... There were... Zombies...
GRAVEKEEPER (interested): Zombies, you say?
JIM: I must have hit my head...
GRAVEKEEPER (chuckles): There are things in this world and far beyond that a normal man would never expect to lay eyes on, boy... I've tended this graveyard for almost 70 years... (He walks towards a corner, lights another lantern) In all my time, I've seen strange things, but never quite Zombies... I saw a grieving widow cut her own throat and jump into her husband's grave, and I saw a man wake from a coma and climb out of his coffin, but never exactly Zombies... (He walks towards another corner and lights a third lantern)
JIM: Oohh... My head... How badly did I...

(He looks at his arms, his hands, legs. They are torn and bloody, but the wounds look old. His hands go to his face.)

JIM: What in the hell is this?!
GRAVEKEEPER (walks over with a mirror): I don't know, boy. When I found you, you were wearing it.

(GRAVEKEEPER hands the mirror to JIM. He looks into it, and we can see the reflection. A bone-white mask, smeared with blood. JIM drops the mirror, and it breaks on the floor)

GRAVEKEEPER: I tried to take it off of you, but it wouldn't come.
JIM (tries to remove the MASK): Damnit! What in the hell is going on here?! (He jumps off of the table)
GRAVEKEEPER: What're you doin', boy?
JIM (walking towards the door): I'm getting out of here! I need to find Angela, and I need to find out what the hell is going on here.
GRAVEKEEPER: I don't think that's wise, boy...
JIM (opening the door): I really don't give a damn what you think, old man. (He steps out and slams the door)
GRAVEKEEPER (to himself): Damnit... That fool boy... He'll
kill himself before his time... (Fade to black)



(The screen is still black. We hear a man talking on a phone.)

EDGAR: What's that? ... Zombies? ... You're serious? ... You don't really think so, do you? ... Yeah, I'm on it. ... What?! ... No, you can't be serious. ... You don't seriously believe?! ... Yeah. ... Yeah.
... I got it. ... I'll be right there. ... Yeah.

(It's night. We fade in on a man in a black overcoat standing in the graveyard, at the scene of the battle. He has a tape recorder, and he's muttering into it. He jumps into an open grave, looks around, and climbs back out of it. JIM comes into the scene carrying a tree branch)

JIM: Who the hell are you?!
EDGAR: I'm Edgar. I'm a paranormal investigator. I heard about some occurrences here two nights ago, and I've been sent...
JIM: Shut up! (He approaches EDGAR) What do you know about this?
EDGAR: Well, I think I may know something about your Mask...
JIM (lowers the branch): What about it?
EDGAR: It seems to be an artifact known as the Terror Mask. It's an ancient Aztec relic, I believe. If I recall correctly, it was supposedly carved from the bones of their most powerful god. It gives the bearer incredible strength, but they can't remove it until it wants to be removed.
JIM (drops the branch): How the hell did I end up with it?
EDGAR: I don't know that. The last time it surfaced, it was about three hundred miles from here. Perhaps you remember it on the news, around ten years ago? Two college students vanished for about a week, and then reappeared mysteriously. They wouldn't tell anybody what happened. It was assumed that they just went to a motel somewhere, but we're pretty sure it was that Mask.
JIM: We?
EDGAR: My investigation team.
JIM: So, what do you sugest I do?
EDGAR: Come with me, perhaps? We'd all like to get some first-hand research on your Mask.
JIM: And why, exactly, should I trust you?
EDGAR: Why shouldn't you?
JIM: ... Fine.

(Suddenly, the screen flashes red. JIM grabs his head and drops to his knees. He screams in pain, anger, fear... EDGAR walks over to him. JIM throws his hand out, grabs EDGAR's leg, and pulls it out from under him. EDGAR yells as JIM grabs the branch. JIM climbs to his feet, steps on EDGAR's chest)

JIM (struggling to control himself): No! What the hell is happening?
EDGAR (scrambling away): The Mask! My God!
EDGAR (gets to his feet): I... Oh, God...
EDGAR (walks towards JIM, talking into his recorder): This is fascinating! It would seem that the Terror Mask has a will of its own...

(Roaring, JIM spins around with the branch and catches EDGAR in his ribs. The recorder flies from his hand as he falls to the ground. JIM swings the branch down, flooring EDGAR entirely. He discards the branch, grabs EDGAR's hair, and pulls him to his knees)

JIM: Dear God, please NO!
EDGAR (yelling so his recorder can hear): The Mask seems to be able to possess the wearer entirely, and rob him of all free will! If only we could find the...
EDGAR: The Mask... it has a... voice?

(JIM twists EDGAR's neck, snapping it. His body falls to the ground. JIM backs away)

JIM: Oh, my God... You made me... kill...
MASK: FOOL! You can't resist me! I control you!
JIM: What the hell?
MASK: Listen to me! I know what you want... I know what you need... I know where you precious Angela is...
JIM: Where? Tell me where!
MASK (laughs): You need to do me a favor, first. There's a man I have some unfinished business with... You know the story. You may not realize it, but you know...
JIM: The students...
MASK: You assume too much. Yes, it is related to that incident. But I don't want them anymore. I've found a new avatar, they are of no use to me. I suppose I could hunt them down...
JIM: No. I'll do what you want.
MASK: Good. Now, there's somewhere else we need to be. I think your feet know the way...

(Fade to black)



(The screen slowly fades in on an old house. The bottom reads "Three Hundred Miles Away..." JIM approaches)

MASK: Ahh... I can still smell the blood.
JIM: What are we doing here?
MASK: Just waiting for an old friend.
GRAVEKEEPER (from off the screen): I see you've made it, boy. (he enters from the left)
JIM: Old man?
MASK: Doctor...
GRAVEKEEPER: So, you know me, even after all these years? I'm flattered...
JIM: Where's Angela?
MASK: Just wait. We have bigger things to discuss.

(JIM begins to walk towards GRAVEKEEPER. He soon stops in his tracks, and GRAVEKEEPER looks puzzled)

JIM: Where. Is. Angela?
MASK: Idiot!! We don't need her now, we'll find her later!
GRAVEKEEPER: No, no, it's fine. I'll show her to you. Boys!

(Three ZOMBIES enter behind GRAVEKEEPER, carrying ANGELA)

GRAVEKEEPER: Now, then. Here's your precious Angela. Now, give me the mask.
MASK (laughs): You know that nobody can remove me of their own will!

(GRAVEKEEPER produces a black mask, identical to the Terror MASK, and lightning strikes)

GRAVEKEEPER: Yes, I know. But a dead avatar is of no use to you...

(He wistles, and the ZOMBIES bring ANGELA closer. GRAVEKEEPER brings takes her head in one hand, and places the other mask on her face. It begins to rain.)

JIM: What are you doing to her?
MASK: He found it...
JIM: Found what?!
MASK: My brother, so to say.

(The ZOMBIES step away from ANGELA. She stands, and looks at JIM)

ANGELA (laughs): Ah, old friend. I haven't seen you in over a thousand years... It will be good to finish this!
JIM: What are you doing, old man?!
GRAVEKEEPER: From the death of these ancient gods, I can claim their power and domiate the earth!
ANGELA (turns towards GRAVEKEEPER): Doctor West... What makes you think we'd let you live that long?
GRAVEKEEPER: You can't kill me! (He whistles and more ZOMBIEs enter) I released you!
ANGELA (laughs): Ah, West... You humor me. (She approaches GRAVEKEEPER) It almost makes me sad to do this.

(ANGELA grabs GRAVEKEEPER's head in her hands and stares directly into his eyes. He begins to convulse. He screams and blood begins to drip from his mouth. ANGELA lets go, and he falls limp to the ground)

ANGELA: Now, then... (turns to JIM) Time for you.
JIM: Don't do it, Angela!
MASK: She can't hear you.

(ANGELA and the ZOMBIES approach JIM. He starts to fight the ZOMBIES, and ANGELA stands back and watches. After defeating the ZOMBIEs, they stand facing each other)

MASK: What are you doing, you fool?!
JIM: I won't harm Angela!
MASK: Imbecile! She’s not your Angela! She belongs to him now! Just do it!
ANGELA: C'mon, Jimmy! Afraid of a little girl? (she beckons him with her finger)
MASK: If you won't do it, I will!
JIM: NO! (he grabs the mask and tries to pull it off)
MASK: What do you think you're doing?!
JIM: If all Angela wants is to destroy you, then she can HAVE YOU!
ANGELA: You're taking all the fun out of this! (she approaches him)
MASK: You can't do this! I won't let you!

(The screen flashes red again. JIM clutches his head and falls to the ground. He stands again, and takes up a fighting stance)

ANGELA: Now we'll have some fun!

(JIM and ANGELA fight. First JIM gets the advantage, and then ANGELA. JIM knocks her to the ground, and climbs on top of her. He readies one final blow, and then stills his fist)

JIM: I told you, I won't hurt her!

(ANGELA takes the opportunity and throws JIM off of her. He lands on the ground, and lays there. ANGELA begins to approach him)

MASK: You'll destroy us both!

(ANGELA reaches JIM. She picks him up by his head, and stares into his soul, just like with GRAVEKEEPER. JIM and the MASK begin to scream in unison. JIM's body convulses. His hands begin to move for ANGELA's head and her mask. He grabs hold, and begins to pull it off. He stops convulsing, he and the MASK stop screaming, and ANGELA falls limp. Her mask is removed, and JIM tosses it aside)

MASK: You idiot... You could have killed us both!

(JIM attempts to remove his MASK, but to no avail)

MASK: We're not done here. You still need to destroy the other one!
JIM: But... Angela...
MASK: She'll be fine, just DESTROY IT!

(JIM slowly lowers ANGELA to the ground. He walks towards the other mask, kneels down beside it, and takes it in his hands. He strikes it with a head-butt, and drops the pieces to the ground. He then removes his MASK and throws it down alongside the destroyed one. ANGELA stirs, and moans. JIM jumps to his feet and runs to where she lays. Fade to black and run the credits)

Legal Whatnot


I do not own SPLATTERHOUSE. This is merely a piece of FanFiction, and I am making no money off of it. In the event that the legal owners of SPLATTERHOUSE do not approve of this script, notify me at KISSman83@aol.com and I will take the necessary steps to correct the situation. Thank you.