Fan Fiction

The Mansion of Madness
by Brandon Kilgore

Prologue: The canon Splatterhouse storyline officially is Splatterhouse, Splatterhouse 2, then Splatterhouse 3. Though many Splatterhouse fan fictions have given theory to what a plausible Part four and five would look like. Some have talked about the alternate people using the mask in between the games or what happens to the main characters. Yet I was amazed that there seem to be about three versions of an authentic origin on the Terror Mask itself. The first game talks about Dr. West, The second talks about Dr. Mueller, and the third talks about the Evil one. The Splatterhouse idea and name were inspired by a non-fictional storyline with legends i.e.. Upside-down Cross [Satanic], Leviathan [Christian], and Revived Dead [VooDoo]. Many have derived research in the popular culture specifically the time periods of the games [late 80‘s early 90‘s] The first had many elements of the H. P. Lovecraft mythos. The mad Dr. Herbert West, the purple crawling chaos or Cthulhu, and the fact that Rick died in the house but the mask brought him back to life. Splatterhouse 2 utilized many ideas from slasher franchises. The diary of Dr. Mueller has the spell to tear open a realm into the void. The second boss looks like the face of Freddy Krueger. The body eater bursting through the chest of a level one zombie like Alien. Then crawling hands that flip you the finger like in Evil dead. So the third Splatterhouse arc story is a while later when Jennifer and Rick have a child David Taylor. After the visage was destroyed [They seem to go demolishing through a lot of mansions in the game.] A face screamed leaving it at a cliff hanger, it’s safe now... OR IS IT... sort of thing Hellraiser, Pyrokinesis, and Friday the 13th inspired this storyline. Basically I’m trying to include all of the ideas into what could likely make up for the unanswered translations from the game titles. Who is the Jack guy that Mueller writes about in Splatterhouse 2‘s instructions? Why did the Tribe of Native Aztecs get rid of the Mask in the Splatterhouse 2 and 3 Instructions? Where exactly is this University/College that Rick and Jennifer attended in the Splatterhouse title? What the heck does that red jewel in the intro to Splatterhouse 3 tie into?

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Dr. West, The Mansion of Madness

December 1984

Doctor George Mueller was studying Physics at the Florida NASA Cape Canaveral Facility and recently retired and moved into a isolated residence in the woods by a willowy lake in Vermont called Star Lake. It’s here he would have time to finally study his large book collection. There was another mansion by the same lake that a Dr. Herbert West lived in, but not much was known about him except that he was once teaching surgery at the Miskatonic University in Massachusetts and had this wild theory about using a serum to give synthetic blood into victims of murder and revive them.

March 1985

Several graves from the local cemetery are dug up and the corpses are exhumed. Once at the end of every month several mornings people living near by claim to hear screams coming from the mansion of Dr. West. Local police investigate and open a file on Herbert West but find no solid evidence to prosecute him with.

December 1985

Heather Darrk A Paleontologist that recently discovered the thigh bone of a Monolophosaurus; sent it to Mueller as a late retirement gift. She studied it since about April 1985 and They’d been sending pieces of work back and forth since they both reported to The Science Documentary News Channel and worked on partner projects since 1975. It came with a videotape recording of her findings; “it’s the giant lizard like dinosaur from170 million years ago near a cavern in Guilin, China.”

July 1986

Two years into Dr. Mueller’s retirement he decided to attend a conference of Paranormal studies in Long Beach California. He was bored being alone reading books about religious deities and the tales of a Necronomicon. After arriving in California he quickly became friends with a Professor Jack Klaus who was ironically researching Dr. West’s Manor. The same guy that lived just on the other sides of the pine forest where Dr. Mueller lived. After the meeting, Mueller and Klaus stopped at the coffeehouse to discuss the legend of Dr. West. Professor Klaus explained that originally it was built from a cult called Church of Nimbus and became abandoned. “The next owner was a woman named Lindsey Faye” Professor Klaus continued, “She apparently built a dwelling around an abandon cathedral with her husband Henry Faye a soldier.” George Mueller almost spit out his Cinnamon latte, “Yeah there were several mysterious deaths of construction workers as they built it. I remember reading about that in my days at NASA!” Jack Klaus calmly continued, “Correct they were questioned about it by the police and there was no proof to verify any foul play was taking place. They decided that since the couple was nowhere near it at the time it was a simple series of malfunctioning construction equipment.” Klaus took a bite of his strawberry cheese cream bagel, “When it happened again, Henry stated that the land there is cursed! It’s a mysterious and dark world in that house, and wasn’t meant to be tampered with. That‘s all I know anyway” Mueller said, “Yeah, the poor woman claimed she witnessed mutated bodies with large heads that controlled objects telepathically. They put her in Arkham Asylum, she claims, “That’s what caused the grisly death of the last worker and possibly all the other workers it was bunch of non-manned equipment.” Klaus said, “Hmm... I’ve never heard that part before must be a local thing. The doctor who checked them out probably said, “They were suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder but would recover in time or some write off thing like that.” Mueller said, “When his wife was released they decided to move to New Jersey and try to forget about the traumatic experience. But that‘s all I know.” Jack Klaus began to remember the rest of the story, “If memory serves me correctly, I heard the unfinished housing project was then headed by a museum owner from Illinois Quentin Xayavong, after it was finished he apparently was put in an iron maiden that stabbed and pierced him to death. This time National Security Counsel investigated but found no explanation.” Mueller commented, “It’s impossible to commit suicide with an iron maiden though isn‘t it?” Klaus returned the comment, “Well that all depends what you believe in, some believe in mysticism. Some say it was Herbert West but there was no evidence of anyone other than Quentin being in the house.” George Mueller started to stroke his chin, “So I assume Dr. West inherited it from the Quentin X guy?” Professor Klaus shook his head, yes. “Doctor Herbert West was a Paranormal researcher after he quit teaching at the Miskatonic University.” Afterward Jack explained that apparently an unknown accomplice carefully composed all of the information gathered by Dr. West and this Reanimator solution. Dr. Mueller asked Jack if he’d ever met West? and Jack claimed that he wrote to him several times and never got a response. Jack claimed, “I believe the monstrous deaths and yelling were coming from West’s experiments of bringing life back from the dead. Also that Herbert West was the one digging up the cemetery.” Mueller responded, “Well it’s true that West is a hermit and very privet he’s probably not a grave robber.” Jack Klaus said, “The world of Parapsychology knows West’s Mansion as The Splatterhouse.” Before Dr. Mueller left to go back to Vermont they traded off theories and debates about mythological spirits and Jack said, “I and a fellow scientist whom I loved Alyssa Madigan who worked in Mexico City studying the Maximilian empire got separated in the jungles of Cancun.” In 1985 the devastating earthquake buried her in an ancient temple.” Jack stayed observant by her in the hospital but before she died she said, “The Evil one caused it!!” I asked her what she meant. Then she spoke of The Gem of The Abyss... ...stay out of the Mayan Temples!!” Dr. Mueller said his condolences but secretly wondered if there was some connection.

January 1987

Mueller was still in contact with his friend Klaus and Klaus learned a lot from Mueller since he spent most of his time reading the library of books in his home. Yet Mueller was no closer to solving any of the riddles to the origin of Dr. West. He didn’t want to get to close to The Splatterhouse after all what would he say. It’s not like you would just ask Herbert West if he’s creating monsters and reviving dead bodies. He’s probably just a teacher from the university that taught surgery, living in a creepy home. And even if he was trying to resuscitate monsters it wasn’t his fault that the old owners of the house went crazy. Or that the construction workers died. It’s probably an imaginative nightmare like all of the horror stories children tell each other around a campfire at night.

February 1987

George Mueller began to wonder if maybe he’d never know. Then as if on a predestined clock the next day Herbert West came to Mueller’s house. Surprisingly he introduced himself. After inviting him in Mueller asked what West’s intentions were? ...“For this mask” he stated, as West held up a drawing of a cranium whose face had gaping evil red eyes and strange hieroglyphics or Kanji of some type underneath it. West said that he was a man of science and wondered if he could add it to his collection. Mueller asked him if he’d ever heard the name Klaus before and Dr. West said he had been getting letters from him but never answered. Mueller questioned this because he knew him as a nice kid and would probably learn much from each other. Dr. West kept avoiding the issue for some reason. He told George Mueller that the strange looking skull is a sacrificial mask some believe carries dark energy. Mueller said, “I also have been reading about it. Or at least a book of Demonology and Paganism that was evidently connected, I discovered it in a secret room of my basement.” Herbert West asked, “It had a map to Honduras on it. Didn‘t it?” Mueller wide eyed at West’s claim said, “Well indeed it did but how could you know about it?” West said, “I’ll strike you a deal that would handsomely reward you for your work if this relic The Terror Head is collected.”

This eldritch artifact was supposedly used by the Aztec civilization. It was given to the Aztecs ceremoniously from the Mayan people who stole it from the Spanish Invaders who claimed it was the mask of a god Nyarlathotep. The origin of the mask supposedly was from ancient Greek culture where a cult called The Brotherhood of Iconoclasm performed a ritual and summoned the Selenites, alien beings from a portal into an alternate reality Ruled by the God Cthulhu. The alien beings procedurally bestowed what was deemed The Terror Head. Supposedly it was invoked from Hell itself. The Greeks believed it was cursed and was the cause of the blood shed between Rome and Greek wars. Later during the antiquities period, they sold it to Spanish traders in the Mediterranean route. Some Spanish history claims are the mask caused the slaughter of the native Aztecs when Hernan Cortes had it. During the blood spilling at some point a vengeful clan of Aztecs stole the source of his evil The Terror Head. People began using it in sacrificial practice and the like. Whenever carnage and evil was happening in history the mask was there feeding off the evil like some virus. Then it was given to the Mayans possession in the thick rainforest. Their leader said that in a dream the mask explained it was from a place called R’lyeh. There was someone called the last man who couldn’t be killed, The name is lost in history unfortunately but Nyarlathotep embodied his spirit into the mask. Speculation has said the mask was used in rituals where a prisoner was tied down and had their heart cut out with a knife. And that person’s strength was added to the mask. It was worn also during the rituals to the gods when a combatant ascended the Temple of Warriors for self sacrifice. The clues in the book found from the basement in the mansion stated that the mask can tear a portal between the afterlife and the active universe we live in.

West left the paper with the drawing of the mask on the coffee table and let himself out. But before leaving the residence he said something that chilled Mueller to the bone even years later, “Knowledge and wisdom make power in this realm of Earth, but if the books are right, the massacre that the mask caused could explore new civilizations and rule not only Earth but the afterlife.” George Mueller began to feel a sickening feeling in the back of his throat when he started to ask, “So uh Dr. Herbert West. What exactly do you mean?” Dr. West laughed, “Don’t you get it Mueller? The possessor of the Terror Head would become a Galactic superpower.” Mueller quickly faxed Klaus the next day and explained everything to his recollection that Dr. West had said. Klaus wrote back and said it was good to hear from him, he asked if he could meet Dr. West and also mentioned some copied plots in his story. He wrote in the fax to Mueller that a play from 1961 in it, “A Mask makes a young archaeologist believe he is haunted. He starts getting bizarre nightmares. Then after committing possible murder he kills himself and mailed the mask to his psychiatrist Dr. Barnes. Then he too falls victim to the possession of the cursed object.” Also “Selenites are fictional aliens that live in the moon it was written in 1901 by H.G. Wells, The First Men In The Moon. But some of the things in this are actually based off of true Archeology. H. P. Lovecraft was an author that many think Lovecraftian Mythos although called Mythos were not myths at all. Everything occurred just like it was written but happened in an alternate reality”

May 1987

Several lawbreakers were turning up in Massachusetts Miskatonic University Hospital with symptoms of shuddering jarring limbs, drooling ropes of human flesh, some of them had their insides basically liquefied, and the most severe having a green fluid leaking from the ears. Klaus noticed something strange as well, the Star Lake had become contaminated and fish became vicious and treacherous.

June 1987

West agreed to meet with Klaus. They met at the train station in Boston they both were met by Mueller. Mueller told his comrade Jack Klaus that he was convinced by West to go into Mexico City in South America and recover the Terror Head from the Temple of Warriors. Klaus debated it from a moral standpoint stating, “My lover died saying not to enter and the evil one caused the earthquake.” Mueller said, “Jack your like a brother to me but I’ve been tinkering around with some equipment that is so close to finding life after death. Maybe this artifact could be the key to the question of where we are going.” West said, “Jack think about it, I’m sorry about your lost love but your detective senses are there. I know your a smart lad and from a systematic point of view. I‘m sure you want to know what happened to her?” Klaus said, “So you want to fund a mission lead by myself and Dr. Mueller? Find this artifact, And keep this mask as a keepsake?” For days they kept debating back and forth about the project. Jack Klaus was a fellow scientist who worked in Mexico City studying the Maximilian empire and in 1985 the devastating earth quake took his lover. After befriending George Mueller he told Mueller he didn’t want him to share the same fate. Regardless there were more important things going on in The cold war with Russia and politics. Dr. Herbert West told him that he would be handsomely rewarded. Prof. Klaus said that his Journal of Paranormal Phenomena [JOPP] could certainly use the money but the Nyarlathotep spirit was only going to cause trouble. And the Willow and Pines forest near Star Lake by Dr. West’s home were being infected by some odd mitochondria. He indicated that he’d been testing the river connecting to lake and the only medicine that seems to cure it is holy water. He’d gotten the idea of it from reading the record of Henry and Lindsey Faye telling that the land is haunted so he took a vile of the foul river and no lab could cure it. But a minister’s baptism water could hurt it. The whole examination came to a screeching holt when West said, “After all the things you’ve sent me, taking my defense, and me allowing you to test the mitochondria where you and Mueller fish. Your just going to punk out!?!”, he questioned if Klaus was braindead. Klaus said, slamming his fist on the table, “I can’t believe I used to admire your work! If you want to go on vacation in Mexico and conjure up some fictional Scientolgy-Witchcraft-Satanic ghost so be it. But I Professor Jack Klaus for one wash my hands of it!!” After the meeting George Mueller became increasingly paranoid of Dr. West’s true intentions. Dr. Mueller bought a model 1887 Winchester Level-action shotgun for defense.

August 1987

Dr. Mueller left for the temple and in the sacrificial chamber felt very unwelcome. The Jungles of Cancun had been unwelcoming and even the guide who helped with supplies turned back. The temple on the outside was covered in dead plants and there was an empty pool surrounding it. The temple didn’t look very safe but a hail storm had started to make progress all but deleted. He was out of rations and the once sharp machete was getting dull in the thick of the jungle. Eventually inside the temple he found water this made little sense, it was sparkling clear yet had skeletons in it. The skeletons were probably hundreds of years old, meaning this water was stagnant. Then he saw a platform with the mask. When he held the mask the skeletons came to life and some corpses began to rise from the dark chambers with organs exposed. Instinctively he put the mask on and pounded them into dust. He woke up the next morning in the motel on a chair with his face on the desk. He leapt to his feet gasping for breath. Then said out loud, “It must have been just a nightmare?!?” He noticed the restroom had bloody discussing water in the shower and the mask was in the sink drenched with ice cold water, toothpaste, bath soap, shaving cream, and cologne. The only thing he could guess was that he had gotten slimy and muddy covered with his own blood in the temple and washed off in the bathtub. Then took off the filthy mask left it in the sink forgot about it and took care of the morning habits shampooing his hair, shaving, deodorant, brushing teeth, and forgot about the mask in the sink. He dried it off and put it in his suitcase it, looked at the time, then remembered to board his plane so he hailed a taxi and brought it back through the airport and came to his mansion. When he returned home he noticed that the trees around where he lived were all bent and twisted.

December 1987

Dr. Mueller was making Potassium bombs to be stockpiled in the basement since he had become so uneasy with the surrounding environment upon his return. Daytime seemed to have a red haze in the skyline of the lake. Not only that but some creatures that he couldn’t identify were occupying the forest outside the Willow lake. At night the woods seemed to emit off a strange purple light. Every now and then Mueller would test the mask and determined that it indeed was made of a preserved skull, sinew, infant arm and hand bones for a wrapping around the back of the head. He asked for Heather Darkk and Jack Klaus to look at it. Jack helped set up electrical fencing to stun the beasts walking around the forest. Then using formaldehyde and vacuums to trap them in a lab recently added to the mansion thanks to a grant from NASA.

January 1988

Heather said, “That at first glance it appears to the untrained eye as a grinning molded face, but the nose and eyes appeared to be of a distorted monstrous woman like mask the African culture such as Dogon would produce representing someone immoral. Then it gets weirder, the marks on the side of the face were reminiscent from vileness Kabuki theater characters in Japan.” When Jack and George finally came out and asked, “Where the heck do you think it came from?” She finally gave the rest of the puzzle. The teeth appeared to be made of some antimatter. The mandible looks and feels like Terra-Cotta but when a voltage meter is used the opposite reaction occurs. For example an amplitude of negative electricity is transformed into positive, likewise positive electricity is transformed into negative electricity. Antiprotons and Antineutrons only have been theorized as from alternate universes. In her opinion it was like aliens actually took the most criminal, sinful, and villainous features of Earth’s society and turned it into a head and face. Does this mean the Lovecraftian legends were really true?...


May 1988

Frank Rollins a convicted rapist, Rick Showalter a trespassing burglar that broke out of jail, and James Fontaine former prisoner and child molester, were all put on missing persons bulletins in the Boston area. Keith Jones of the CIA investigated and found a cemetery underneath the home of Herbert West with those names in the tombstones. However, West could not be detained since he too has gone missing.

July 1988

Professor Steve Milecofsky was the Metascience and Supernatural Parapsychology teacher of a University in Massachusetts. Jennifer Wills and Rick Taylor both students of Prof. Milecofsky and majoring in the Paranormal department at Miskatonic University. Jennifer Wills was from Boston Rick Taylor was from Oregon. They both were very curious about the House of Dr. West and the mystery behind what they called Splatterhouse. A term project was announced and everyone was given 4months to finish it. There weren’t many people in the class since it was summer but both Rick and Jennifer wanted to graduate within two years of study so it involved taking many extra courses. It was worth the whole semester’s grade. Rick and Jennifer happily volunteered as partners for what they called Researching Splatterhouse’s History.


After befriending George Mueller a girl named Jane Connor Metascience expert on the unnatural Electron Physiology started dating Mueller. She believed that there was another realm of particles that cannot be defined, factors of emotion and geomagnetism. She was researching the diary of a relative Dr. Miller Hutchinson who was an assistant to Thomas Alva Edison. Utilizing quasars of electromagnetic cerium along with Mueller’s knowledge of mysticism they got the materials from the Boston Phenomena Lab Complex and set up an underground chamber to communicate with what they say is an alternate Earth. It worked and according to the receivers of that existence George Meek and Bill O’Neil. George Mueller was calling from the afterlife and had died in 1967. Mueller gave them his Social Security Number and the addresses of top government officials of when he worked for NASA. The next day the alternate Earth people called back and it all checked out. But in the world of Bill O’Neil and George Meek he was dead. Mueller and Jane contacted Jack Klaus. He spent days working on a portal to the other side but decided that there are some things man wasn’t meant to tamper with. Professor Jack Klaus left a Journal of his progress, but told Jane and George that they would need to do this experiment without him.

August 1989

Jack Klaus left for California the next week and picked up a morning newspaper from the airport. He noticed an article from Dr. Mueller’s Terror Mask, at the end of the article it said that his wife Jane was diagnosed with a rare parasitic virus and police believed that she disappeared into the lake and drowned. Also that Dr. Herbert West was suspected of kidnapping Dr. Mueller and possibly was related to the other missing persons from the surrounding area. It also on another page had the title Local University Students Cover Mystery of The Splatter House. On the plane back to California he read down the Splatter House article. He couldn’t help but smirk as it said the Star lake searchers trying to locate West had discovered a vicious octopus surviving where they used to fish. Then a little further into the story it said the students boyfriend/girlfriend Rick and Jennifer wanted to see what became of Dr. Herbert West. He said to himself it’s their funeral...

Location Splatterhouse Jennifer and Rick were two parapsychologists who were studying at the local university when they decided to pursue a project of West Mansion. Dr. West was an evil but brilliant man who was believed to have created some of the worst monsters that ever walked the Earth. The home where the doctor tested his experiments was called the Splatterhouse in the underground. He hadn’t been heard from in years nobody knew what happened, Until now...

Rick couldn’t remember much after he heard Jennifer screaming but did know whatever it was must have been serious. He could tell the blood splashed on the floor was at least partly his. For some reason he knew he wasn’t hurt, quite the opposite actually he was in paramount physical condition. His legs were like tree trunks and his arms felt like pulsating locomotives. The only thing amiss was his face, He could still breath, see, and taste but it wasn’t him doing it. It was some type of deathveil, not much went through his mind first it needed to adjust to this dark power the mask endowed in him. Then his brain slipped into, “Jennifer? She must be somewhere in the house!!”

First he followed the path in front of him. The sounds were unwelcoming reanimated dead walked like lost souls trying to find a place to die. Rick was happy to accommodate sliding into some of the monsters. Then he grabbed a conveniently placed Butcher Knife on the ground and slashed at them. The creeping experiments screamed in pain as Rick broke them down. Some Rick avoided since they were in shackles and although the stench of vomit and slaughtered torsos with no heads was heavy Rick was beginning to give into the blind fury of the Mask. The butcher knife slashed the heads off of alien looking zombies. They screamed as there lifeless body was torn from it’s head. There were some bats flying around but they didn’t seem out of place in this gross dungeon. “The ladder seems to be an escape from this gate of Hell” Rick said aloud as he climbed it.

The next room in the house was unique with hanged corpses and creatures that later would be called Boreworms. Punching and tearing through the room was a synch.

As the quest continued the mask found a discarded 2x4 and was apparently evidence of the home falling apart. Rick felt the mask’s consciousness, without words his strength told him to use it. “Rick Taylor, The correct thing is to kill... ...You know you must to live, it‘s kill or be killed.” Suddenly Rick snapped out of it and logic filled his heart more than dark revenge, “If Doctor West was alive no wonder he hadn’t been heard from in years, this place really is cursed. No one as smart as that would stay in this place.” Rick thought to himself. He now had a wooden slab for a weapon but where to explore next? where is Jennifer? Forget the school project just trying to find an exit was a struggle...

The safest route now seemed to be a basement that was now more of a pool of leaked water. There appeared to be depth charges Rick Dodged all of them but the last. four blob creatures arose from the murky water and he used the 2x4 to mash them into oblivion.

There was a room of spectra possessed objects. The final challenge was a chandelier that hurt bud didn’t incapacitate him.

The mask was becoming more and more dominant as Rick’s hatred for this Splatterhouse grew. He then went outside the mansion and equipped what appeared to be a Ruger Shotgun 8 shells. He was careful to stay above the bridge of Lights. He remembered reading about The bridge of Lights. But before he could reflect on his studies vicious dogs were attacking him as a mysterious crawling purple entity followed. Some of the dogs were distracted feasting on already killed zombies. The chaos continued when one zombie was careless enough to trip into one of the holes in the lighted area but he shot it for good measure. Careful not to fall into the demonic hands that awaited in the crumbling pits of the floor. After the ghostly lights began to fade a familiar sight appeared an acid spitting monster caught Rick off guard he blasted it with a round from the gun. Another demon dropped from the sky this time Rick was ready and winged it with a stone that was on the ground. Finally their onslaught died down which was just as well since by now the gun was out of ammo. But finally a little luck shined down and a Mossburg Shotgun 8 rounds loaded then came a nasty part... ...BiggyMan, it was like a steroid enhanced ghoul who wore a sack over it’s face and it’s obliviously not complete since it’s pain receptors and muscle were visible. Although it might have been skinned alive, it was far from an invalid. It’s nerves seemed to have connected with chain saws.

After that battle Rick knew things were only going to get worse. Originally he believed the “Forbidden Room” was just a myth. Some of these rooms were more terrifying than even the legends parapsychologists spoke of. entrails and skeletons polluted some of them. The first weapon came in the form of spears in the Harpoons lair at least now he had a weapon. The mask subconsciously began to impart it’s knowledge. “The beasts in here were baby aliens that only did two things, suck life from the living and breed off.” Still there were zombies shambling about but the end of the harpoons Rick acquired made short work of them. Eventually he fell down into a slimy lair into a tunnel of bore worms. And it was back to punching and kicking the slimy creatures. The area was gory and disgusting but there was a ladder to climb at the end. Mirrors and First glance in the cathedral looked like the giant Head upon closer inspection it became a cross Rick noticed a Golden Cleaver, “It‘s the Nightmare Cross” The first stratagy was to kill the craniums surrounding it. But they managed to heal themselves he kicked the cross and it backed down as though it was hurt he slid and jumped narrow misses. The same thoughts flashed through his head, “Destroy it Rick! make it bleed!!” The Terror Mask was smiling somehow, “Remember Jennifer!! Remember the suffering... ...Make it scream for mercy!!” Finally with a final blow the evil cross was gone. Rick felt almost in a trance like state when he walked into the next room of the Splatterhouse although his pants were covered with blood, the sacrificial mask was drenched with sweat, his feet were dirty with the crows he’d kicked out of the air, and his fist slightly burned with acidic vomit, it excited him to pick up a wrench and hit the furniture. Something drew him into it paintings and items flew around with an evil presence. he walked up the flight of stairs past the library. This was the “Section of the Poltergeist” Rick shouted through the mask, “YOU POLTERGEIST I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR A REMATCH WITH YOU! I’LL PAY YOU BACK FOR BASHING ME WITH THE CHANDELIER!” Rick was smiling behind the mask tearing through a picture and taking a ladder up through the floor. Eventually meeting the Female Necromancer apparition and killed her with his bare hands he traveled right and the floor collapsed beneath him to a room of hands crawling around and flipping him off. Rick Taylor and the mask were now truly one entity, “DOCTOR WEST!! ...I‘LL FIND YOU AND RIP YOUR SPINE OUT AND FLOSS WITH IT!!” If these hands are the last level of the home then surely this was nearing where Jennifer was being held captive. He stumbled down into a room much like before covered with dead human remains, adult alien creatures that when hit their heads could still attack. They were defeated as well as the jumping creatures that followed. Then the male Necromancer showed up and revived the corpses. Rick was beginning to feel comfortable ripping apart creatures because of the primal anger the mask had unleashed. The mask called out through Rick “This journey ends now show yourself, coward...” After he killed the caped pumpkin monster that was bringing the dead back to life, Rick’s worst fear brought to life by the mask it was Jennifer but different. monster form of Jennifer’s copy. She changed from her beautiful form into a creature. The mutant sprouted claws and slashed at Rick... PART 1 of 3

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