Fan Fiction

Konoshiro's Splatterhouse
by Konoshiro Sakamoto

Chapter 1: Rick and Jennifer

Oh, How, I wish I had the ability to turn back time. I keep telling myself that, but who really beleives in that junk anyway?

I'm Richard Taylor, but you can call me Rick. I'm gonna tell you a story of what I have been through.

It was a dark and stormy night at my college. My girlfriend, Jennifer, had just told me that our teacher had been absent for some time now. About 8 weeks to 2 and a half months. He said he had gone to visit rich relatives by the last name of West. Maybe Adam West or someone, I don't know. I had told Jennifer how I don't like walking through storms, but she had convinced me we should go look.

By the time I had actually left, It stopped raining. I felt a little more secure now. Our Scinece professor told us where West Mansion was, and Jennifer's mind was made up, we have to go apparently.

We started walking towards the house. Jennifer looked at me with her big brown eyes and asked, "Rick, are you okay? You look scared."

I didn't want to tell her, but we were coming to a forest, and it was about to start raining again. In the distance, I swore I saw someting hanging from a tree, Screaming. I shrugged it off and smiled sweetely at her and replied, "No, Jen, I am fine."

She smiled back and said, "You're afraid of the forest aren't you? Don't worry, I am too. Let's stay close."

It started to rain again. We started running so we could get to the house. We ran by that tree where I thought I saw something get hung from. There was a broken rope, and I thought I saw blood.

Jennifer poked at me and said, "I see the mansion! Let's hurry!"

When we got to the mansion, we noticed a window had been broken. We walked in, slowly. It was so weird. There was blood, practically everywhere. There was a dead body on the table, completely filleted. We gulped and walked closer. All of a sudden, I felt sharp pain in my back, and fell. Right before going unconcious, I heard Jennifer scream. It wouldn't have mattered anyway, we probably wouldn't have been able to identify who it was anyway.

As I was unconcious, I felt something strap to my face, and felt huge pulsings course through my body.

I woke up, and was totally horrified. There was blood everywhere! On the ceiling, floor, through bodies were spikes! Injured bleeding fresh corpses, and jail cells with strange, bloody creatures in them! But somehow, I wasn't scared. I looked at my arms, and saw muscles. My shirt's sleeves were torn like tissue. And I looked at a puddle of blood on the ground, and swore there was a mask on. I felt my face, and there was indeed a mask there. I heard a voice say to me, in my mind...

"She was taken, Rick," it said with a sinister voice, "they took her right from under you."

I said, "What? Who's speaking to me?"

"I am Rick. The mask."

"No! That's impossible!"

"I made you stronger, Rick. So you can find your beloved."

"Jennifer? Oh, Jennifer!"

"Yes. Now go!"

"Wait! Am I still in West Mansion?"

"No. You are somewhere outside of there. Kill everything in your path, Rick, it's the only way to save Jennifer."

I decide to agree. It was obvious that what attacked me and kidnapped Jennifer was no human. I felt around my back and found the wound. It wasn't bleeding, and didn't feel like the shape of a knife stab. It felt like claws.

Chapter 2: Exploring

Not the best of days. I'm sure by now the college would have closed down because two students and a professor have gone missing. I just hope they don't come looking after us. They will share the same fate as us.

I wasn't quite sure on what to do. The mask read my mind, and said, "Kill them, Rick. They have Jennifer. Use whatever force nessiscary. It's the only way."

Agreeing to that, I began to walk forward, looking at al the twitching bodies and the carcuses. I found a meat-cleaver on the ground and stared at it, with a strange, red, dripping thing coming this way.

"Pick it up."

I picked up the cleaver and held it. I felt this sudden flash. Like a message of some sort. The monster was nearing.


I swung the cleaver with bth hands right towards the monsters throat. His head came right off, spraying gore.

"Hmhmhm, yes! You are a prodigy Rick! Your anger alone can tear through any thing! More are coming."

They were. At least 3 more were in the disatance. I walked up to one monster and, mid-swing, it stole my weapon and threw it in to the wall.

"Rick, on the floor."

I looked down at the floor. The monster was standing on a metal pipe. I looked at it's disgusting disposition and, without thinking, slammed my fist straight to him. His head was even more hard to look at now. It backed up a little, and I leaned over to get the pipe, and felt some thing sharp jab into my arm.

"Rick, don't let him do that! Hit him again!"

That I did. His head was practically leaking. I leaned over and got the pipe and smashed him in the side, stabbing the cleaver sticking out of the wall, by it's handle, no less, into his stomach, splattering blood and stomach acid onto the wall.

"Simply wonderful Rick! Keep going!"

This looked somewhat like a cave area, but with a book case. I think it is the house, really. I see a ladder off in the distance, with more uglies and leeches.

"Those leeches are called boreworns. They climb inside of it's victims, feasting on it's organs amd brain until it has made you become a monster. Smashing them would be like taking a one-ton weight to a glob of gelatin, despite their apearance."

I spoke up and said, "I see. Well, according to what you've said so far, they will be easy."

"That's the lind of thinking that will save Jennifer."

I continued walking, with a bar in hand, towards the monsters. The mask practically took all of my fears away. If I didn't have the mask, I probably would have fainted at the sight of all of this mess.

Surpringly enough, the boreworm actually jumped to get me. I swung my bar at it, like I was playing baseball, and smashed a large gaping dent in to where it's brain most likely is.

"Rick, that was genious! You should take up baseball."

That made me believe that the mask actually had faith in me. At this point I knew it wasn't evil, just insane.

More monsters were coming my way. I noticed that they were a little rickety, so I stepped back, jumped forward and slid under them, snapping their legs like twigs. I got up and wiped the gore off of my face and beat them a few times to assure they were dead.

"Excellent deductive skill, Rick."

I was the ladder and climbed up it. I thought one boreworm was trouble...

Chapter 3: The nests and the shackles

Upon climbing the ladder, I saw what many think they can only see in a nightmare. Thousands of corpses, cramped in one small wooden room with a window and fireplace. There was a beaten body, hanging from a rope near the window. When I swallowed my vomit, I noticed something was moving through the bodies. It jumped out at me. Without thinking, I swung my fist at it, shattering it's teeth like glass, sending it's limp body to splatter against the wall. It was a boreworm.

"There's more Rick. Brace yourself!"

Two flew out from the left. I stuck my fist out at one, not needing to swing, and the other broke it's teeth on the mask and fell to the ground, allowing me to stomp on it. two flew from the right and another from the left, so I ducked and let two of them take care of eachpther, and got up and punched one as it flew over head. I hen stomped the brain out of the two fighting ones, and sighed.

I felt a wave. I looked at the hanging body and saw the stomach move. a small whole ripped in it, and then a bore worm flew out, biting my arm. It started to rip into my arm with maniacal fervor, and I grabbed it's squriming tail, and ripped him out of my gushing arm. I strung it out, making it unable to breathe, and then I smashed it upon the floor, squishing it's organs from it's body out it's mouth.

I walked through the door, bleeding, through squishy limp bodies. I reached what looked like a dungeon. There were skeletons hanging from shackles and more piked bodies. And, of course, more monsters. I picked up a wrench off of the ground and flung straight into a monster's heart, making it cough up it's blood. Avoiding a trap door and pickimg up another metal bar, I smashed a mosnter into a wall, spewing gore and bone. One monster saw this and ran into another monster, which was bigger and had, of all thimgs, claws.

I remembered my clawed wound, and looked at the claws of the monster, who was busy filleting the monster who bumped him, and felt my wound.

"They are of the same origin, Rick."

I started peeling at the tip of the bar, making it sharp enough to stab through something. I ran up to the monster and stuck out the bar, stabbing it through both monsters. then I picked up the bar and spun it around, so all of the blood would leak out, and smashed the mousters on the ground so hard, I couldn't even recognize them any more. My bar was useless. I continued walking and found a small knife on the ground. I picked it up, and then walked forwards a little.

I thought about how that monster and how it shredded that other monster like cheese. Then I thought of Jennifer. How is she suffering? Is she dead? Or...

I shook it off and was startled by a falling corpse on a rope. I swung my knife strught through it. Stomach acid spilled on the floor. I thought ahead, and looked at a hole on the ceiling. I threw the kife in there, and stomach acid spilled on the floor, as well as a burning monster. Ignoring this, I walk around and saw a ladder going down about two floors. What on earth could await me down there...?