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Submission Guidelines


I felt the need to add these guidelines because the endless amounts of frustration I have had to endure in trying to make some of the stories that we have recieved here at West Manison readable and presentable on the site. We do appreciate your submissions, but I do not have the time to be your editor. If, in the future, any fan fiction submitted to West Mansion does not conform with these guidelines, it will be returned and all necessary corrections will have to be made before WM will post it.
-- Len

Complete your story - Sounds obvious, but it isn't. Before submitting, please be aware that we do not edit anything, we code them for posting. Any grammatical or spelling errors will appear as they are sent to us. Please make sure you are satisfied with your story before it is sent to us.

Add any headers you think necessary - Spoiler alerts, your e-mail address, copyright information, "free distribution" notice, dedications, etc. should be included inthe story file.

Save your story as text -Plain Text may be called "Plain Text", "ASCII (DOS) Text", or "ANSII (Windows) Text", depending on what operating system or word processing software you are using. Please save your story in plain text while you are writing it. We have found that converting a story from your Word Processor default to text after the story has been written can cause formatting problems. Many formatting codes do live through the conversion, but not all. We simply do not have the time (nor the myriad WP programs necessary to convert every format type) to convert and clean up the codes that don't survive on every story. So again, please be sure that your story is in Plain Text when you send it to us. The reason for this is simple... plain text is the one format that all computer systems can read.

Give your story the correct margins - Be aware that in order for the textof your story to fit within the width of a standard screen, you need to have no more than 65 characters per line and a hard return at the end of each of these lines. (This means you press the Enter key at the end of each line of text.) You may find it easier if you start your story by setting your right margin to ".5" and your left margin to "3.5." Yes, this makes the story look thin, but it will look really nice on the site! (This is most easily accomplished by using the "End" and "Return" keys after your story is finished.)

Add your e-mail address - Indicate if you do not want your name to be used as a hotlink for direct e-mail from this page. Indicate if you would rather remain anonymous. The default is that people will be able to e-mail you in regards to your work. If you have a URL for a homepage, you can also include this as well/instead.

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