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What's New

10/23/02 - Andrés has sent the final batch of screen grabs from the Metal Slug art gallery that he's going to for the time being. #s 47 - 63 can be found in the Artwork section.

10/21/02 - Andrés has contributed even more screen grabs from the Metal Slug art gallery! The new ones, #s 27 - 46, can be found in the Artwork section. I also corrected an error in the Metal Slug: 1st Mission section regarding the ability to play as the final boss of the game, and I've added links to walkthroughs for all the games, which officially makes the Walkthroughs section open.

10/17/02 - Andrés has contributed a whole bunch of screen grabs from the Metal Slug art gallery! Find them in the Artwork section.

10/15/02 - There's a new picture of Fio in the Artwork section, courtesy of Andrés Borghi.

10/6/02 - I've added artwork and cover pictures of the U.S. & Japanese PlayStation versions of Metal Slug and Metal Slug X from my personal collection (scanning services courtesy of Patrick Morris).

10/1/02 - V-Alis has come through again with a bunch of new info for the Trivia section!

9/16/02 - I've received all sorts of new stuff from V-Alis - scans for the Saturn version of Metal Slug (cover scans and artwork) and scans of the Metal Slug 2 original soundtrack (cover scans and artwork). Find them in their respective Games sections and in the Artwork section.

9/11/02 - I've added the stories for both Metal Slug 3 and Metal Slug 4 (the latter from the official site), the front and back covers for the Sony PlayStation version of Metal Slug (from "The Best" series), tips and codes for several of the games, a link to a Flash game based on Metal Slug in the Miscellaneous section, three Metal Slug related links (all of which can be found in the Links section), and 26 new pictures from the Saturn Metal Slug's art gallery to the Artwork section. *whew*

9/6/02 - Moved the site to its new address, added new Metal Slug X artwork to the Artwork section, added a banner to the Links section and a link to a review I wrote of the PlayStation game in the Metal Slug section, and also added lots of new screenshots for Metal Slug, Metal Slug 2, Metal Slug 3 and Metal Slug 4.

Currently I need the following for the site: walkthroughs, scans of the Saturn game (which I may be getting soon), scans of the English Neo Geo carts and boxes (except Metal Slug X), stories from the instruction manuals and just about anything else that exists that's MS related. I will be scanning the box and manual art for all of the PlayStation releases, so that's taken care of. As always, email me at if you have anything you'd like to contribute.

9/5/02 - Beta version 1.1 of the site brought online. All game sections are functional, with screenshots of every game as well as some additional media, there is some artwork in the Artwork section, and the Links section is pretty filled out, but other than that not much else is up and running.